It's been so long

Since I've seen your starlit face

I shed an ocean of tears as I stare at your picture

Your silhouette in the sunset sky I begin to trace

I'm a million miles in the middle of nowhere

I couldn't be further from home

The horizon and my hibernating heart are so empty

I've never in my life felt this lost and alone

You're just out of my reach

But I'm forever in your mind and heart

Even when we're worlds away and the sky is showcasing its deepest shade of gray

In our precious dreams we will never drift apart

We both look up to the same shimmering sky

We become one in this utopia like weather

When we simultaneously stare at that tiny twinkle at the tip of the handle in the Little Dipper

We romantically reunite and our souls are intertwined back together

Time stands still

As we share this splendid view

In this brief, blissful moment

I feel as if I'm standing right beside you

So whenever we're separated and feeling lost and lonely

No matter how close or far

All we need to do is look up at the dazzling night sky

And smile as we stare at our special little star

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