working man's hands

short poems

working man's hands

(monday; august 23, 2010; 2 am; property of Created Nonsense Entertainment)

how is it that you inspire me so much

with a passionate and gentle touch

working man's hands so soft and rough

insatiable. i can never get enough

our connection is a major plus

i can't find anything wrong with us

your super powers have got me thrilled

i'm in awe of all the things you build

you said you knew you could have me

long before i began pursuing

i'm drawn to you in every way

i never thought there would come a day

i take care of your every need

by spoiling you beyond belief

having a woman wasn't your plan

nor was i looking for a man

finding each other just sort of happened

now i have no desire to let it end

together, we flow and make a good team

i never want to wake up from this dream

Author's Notes/Comments: 

(monday; august 23, 2010; 2 am; about my bofriend fritz

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