When the Circle Ends

Before my life began, I was merely a wanderer that didn't know where to go or what to do,

But now my eyes have opened and my path has been laid out, because soulmate...now I have you.

When I first saw your exquisite face, your beauty and smiles were permanently engraved in my once vacant mind,

Now I don't want to spend my time with anyone else, because baby...you are one of a kind.

I looked straight into two vivid eyes and saw my future, and then I took two steps back and saw perfection in its most splendid form,

I stand atop the pinnacle of true bliss and shout "I love you" louder than the most deafening thunderstorm.

Falling asleep in your heavenly arms as my heart peacefully mends,

My love stops for you at the same time when the circle ends.

Before our love began, I was always alone and searching for a safe place to hide,

But now I can die a happy man, because hunny...you are permanently by my side.

When I first kissed your soft lips, my heart started beating again and my soul freely flew,

Now I no longer have to dream at night, because baby...thanks to you, my dreams have come true.

I stared straight into two vibrant eyes and saw forever, then I took two steps in reverse and witnessed perfection in its most splendid shade,

I am so fortunate that our paths have intertwined; my love for you will never fade.

Holding your hand and gazing beyond the horizon as our souls gently ascend,

My love for you will terminate at the same place where infinity comes to an end.

My feelings for you will never be erased, my open arms will only extend,

I'll always be there for you, because the circle never comes to an end.

...I looked straight into two beautiful eyes and saw eternity,

Then I took two steps back and saw you...

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