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Rogers, Ohio

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Video Games, Reading, Computers, Brutal Music

I am an 18 Year old who just graduated High School, and is jumping into College in just about a month. I have a vendetta against humanity, and I express it in the least violent way that I could find: poetry. If you don't appreciate my violent and oppressive insight on the human mind, body, soul, corruption, greed, and general disgustingness, then please do not read what I have to write. I'm not going to sift through comments and critiques by God Fearing people that say I'm going to hell, nor am I going to put up with someone saying I have to quit being so morbid. It is my outlook upon how humanity has progressed and its my decision that I wish humanity would end. Would I do anything to end a human life? No. That's just wrong. Is it fun to write about a corrupted man being brutally slaughtered? Hell yeah.

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My belly button? It's just there. It has no importance, no significance. A useless imperfection on the human body.

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You Can't Spell Slaughter Without Laughter.


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