Monthly Archive for October 2005

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*~ رجل سيبقى .. حبيبي دائماً ~* Poem 3abak_alyasamine Oct 1st
Crush Poem 41tulips Oct 1st
!!! يادوحة الانس !!! Poem asaihati Oct 1st
Will Be Fine Poem banekisses_sadi... Oct 1st
The Cinema Of You Poem banekisses_sadi... Oct 1st
Untitled Poem banekisses_sadi... Oct 1st
Sarcasm to Cover The Broken Poem banekisses_sadi... Oct 1st
Save A Life Poem beautifulgashof... Oct 1st
Done With You Poem beautifulgashof... Oct 1st
Didn't Bring me Down Poem brokenalive Oct 1st
Him. Poem brokenfairy Oct 1st
we accpet that?.seppyoc/05/frsa/133am Poem catherine Oct 1st
Gone Forever Poem ccasey987 Lost love Oct 1st
JUST ANOTHER DAY Poem chris 1 Abstract Oct 1st
My Love 9-30-05 Poem dancewmoonlight Oct 1st
Deception Poem deethepoet Oct 1st
writing something new Poem jpike 1 Oct 1st
You don't own a cat Poem jpike 1 Oct 1st
Untitled -- 10.1.2005 Poem kinky_dominatrix Oct 1st
unfinished. wonderland ( for amanda) Poem kinky_dominatrix Oct 1st
Boy bawang at cornbits Poem kyoksil Parenthood Oct 1st
To return to flight Poem kyoksil Strength/Courage Oct 1st
If I Could Poem lovelymissrai Oct 1st
Dad, You're All I Have Left Poem lovelymissrai Oct 1st
Don't Break My Heart Poem lovelymissrai Oct 1st
I Think I Know Poem lovelymissrai Oct 1st
I am this kind of guy.... Poem organik 3 love Oct 1st
Torn apart at the seems... Poem organik Drugs Oct 1st
This isn’t good for you Poem ozzypoemgirl 1 Song Lyrics Oct 1st
THE AFFECT OF LOVE Poem palewingedpoetess Oct 1st
CASTING MISFORTUNE A LINE Poem palewingedpoetess Oct 1st
You Never Know Poem pamschwetz 4 Oct 1st
I Gotta Poem pamschwetz 1 Oct 1st
After everything Poem phantomsheart Oct 1st
what is...? Poem phantomsheart 2 Oct 1st
My True Love's Eyes Poem sandman4088 Hope Oct 1st
[song] Another Red Sign Poem tonfa_wielder 2 sadness Oct 1st
Darkness In Dark Times Poem trumpet7 inspiration Oct 1st
Sacrafice Poem xpossessedsoulx Hidden Love Oct 1st
Don't Know What To Do Poem 41tulips Oct 2nd
The Family Tree Poem aspiringangel 2 Bittersweet Oct 2nd
Tasha Poem BackstageMaverick 1 Oct 2nd
My Best Friend Poem brokenfairy Oct 2nd
My Best Mate Two Poem brokenfairy Oct 2nd
Spinning 10-2 Poem dancewmoonlight 1 Oct 2nd
Crystal Soul Poem dhicks01 Oct 2nd
Wish I was gone Poem follow_the_knyht Oct 2nd
Time Poem juliothegreat Oct 2nd
Waiting for Charles Whitney Poem juliothegreat Oct 2nd
Untitled -- 10.1.2005 Poem kinky_dominatrix Oct 2nd
Untitled -- 10.1.2005 Poem kinky_dominatrix Oct 2nd
Untitled -- 10.1.2005 Poem kinky_dominatrix Oct 2nd
What have you done to me? Poem naushin84 Anger NonViolent Oct 2nd
To that stranger!! Poem naushin84 1 Oct 2nd
untrusting Poem no_ordinary_chick Oct 2nd
* Irwyn * Poem poetvg Oct 2nd
Elevation... A beginning or downfall (Subway Submission Part 3) Poem qt_poet Fate/Destiny Oct 2nd
TO GOD...WHERE I FOUND Poem rafolj_07 Oct 2nd
Untitled -- 10.2.2005 Poem significance_of_2 Oct 2nd
For the lovers.. Poem silvermoon Abstract Oct 2nd
15 This breath freedom I live Poem thatdeadguy Acceptance Oct 2nd
Husband Wanted Poem tin_foil_tiaras Oct 2nd
God's Creation Poem trumpet7 inspiration Oct 2nd
This Magic Moment Poem word_man 1 Oct 2nd
!!! كل عام وانت يا غاليتي بخير !!! Poem asaihati 2 Oct 3rd
Somber Sounds of September Poem babblin 1 Nature/Environment Oct 3rd
Calling Poem babblin 1 Abstract Oct 3rd
Child's Thoughts Poem babblin 1 Oct 3rd
22 Tanka: 'I don't know anything...' Poem beiyin Change/Transition Oct 3rd
Miss You, WRN/2/octy/sunny/05/1100p Poem catherine Oct 3rd
I PRAY TO GOD Poem chris Sports Oct 3rd
WHY ASK WHY Poem chris 2 Lost love Oct 3rd
The Curiousity Killing This Cat Poem dasweetyjd Oct 3rd
The Shelves Poem dasweetyjd Oct 3rd
Haiku: Rosebuds Poem dasweetyjd Oct 3rd
A falling star Poem honey811 1 Oct 3rd
"Finally" Poem jade_moon Oct 3rd
interior soulseeker Poem jasinraymond Fate/Destiny Oct 3rd
Trudeln Poem jgupta Celebrations Oct 3rd
It's Never Like That Poem joelcarter_86 Oct 3rd
Fade Away Poem johnnythm_777 Oct 3rd
Fuck Everything! Poem lovelymissrai Oct 3rd
في معاني الصيام Poem mabdeljalil Abuse Oct 3rd
pretty man Poem T3kT3hGrrl Song Lyrics Oct 3rd
My mouse Poem ozzypoemgirl Comedy/Humor Oct 3rd
SEDUCTION OF FAVORS Poem palewingedpoetess Oct 3rd
FLUSTERED FLIPPANCY Poem palewingedpoetess Oct 3rd
A DIM SHADE OF BLUE Poem palewingedpoetess Oct 3rd
Hmm! Poem peacebrotha522 Escapism Oct 3rd
The Redemption Poem robbo Oct 3rd
The Past #14 Poem Sivus love Oct 3rd
dreams are real Poem thatdeadguy Oct 3rd
Doesn't Matter Poem clutchforbalance Oct 3rd
Gone Poem clutchforbalance Oct 3rd
Hope's Wings Poem clutchforbalance Oct 3rd
Love and Roses Poem clutchforbalance 1 Oct 3rd
Remedy turned deadly Poem clutchforbalance 1 Oct 3rd
Wake me up Poem clutchforbalance Oct 3rd
Feelings resurrected Poem clutchforbalance Oct 3rd
Hatred's Offspring Poem clutchforbalance Oct 3rd
Invisible Temptations Poem clutchforbalance Oct 3rd
Nostalgic Dreams Poem clutchforbalance Oct 3rd
Second Chances Poem clutchforbalance 1 Oct 3rd
freeze.frame Poem voighdt Oct 3rd
random.access.10.3 Poem voighdt Abstract Oct 3rd
Locked Away Poem winny 1 Depression Oct 3rd
Everything refers to YOU! Poem xx_drunk_off_yo... Oct 3rd
Waiting Forever Poem yardesspoetess Oct 3rd
!!! يا ضي القمر !!! Poem asaihati Oct 4th
Detour Poem BackstageMaverick 1 Oct 4th
Impossible Salvation Poem BackstageMaverick Oct 4th
When the Bombs Have All Burst Poem bobby_2825 Oct 4th
The Shell Poem dasweetyjd Oct 4th
October Air Poem deathflavoredgum 2 Oct 4th
Insatiable--Is that the word? Poem Aloris Oct 4th
Insomnia Poem frost_of_the_soul 1 Dark Oct 4th
Massage Therapy Poem geministar 1 Oct 4th
Land of the Heartless f/RaEboniks Poem geministar Collaboration Oct 4th
lucky Poem geneconner2008 Oct 4th
Desecration of the Modern Man Poem hatter Oct 4th
Back To The Way We Were Poem hhickson Oct 4th
Sean Goes to Confession Poem hhickson Collaboration Oct 4th
Budlight Rules for Redneck Track and Field Poem hhickson Comedy/Humor Oct 4th
The Blue Angles In Flight Poem honey811 1 Oct 4th
True Love Poem imager Oct 4th
Because of You Poem imager Oct 4th
This Guy Poem imager Oct 4th
Trust Me Poem imager Oct 4th
My Life Poem imager Oct 4th
No Regrets Poem imager 1 Oct 4th
Keeping Options Open Poem imager Oct 4th
Opening my Eyes to Your World Poem jessadawn Oct 4th
BUT STILL....I CANNOT SLEEP Poem jessibabigrl Insomnia/Restless Oct 4th
Beauty In The Breakdown? Poem johnnythm_777 Oct 4th
I'll be here Poem katyo3 Oct 4th
Sisikat at lulubog ang araw Poem kyoksil Hope Oct 4th
Eris came to start war Poem kyoksil Pain/Sorrow Oct 4th
Umiindak na lang Poem kyoksil Hope Oct 4th
Tomorrow's a different day Poem kyoksil Hope Oct 4th
Sa pagbabalik Poem kyoksil Parenthood Oct 4th
How can I forget Poem kyoksil family Oct 4th
VALINOR Poem ladydp2000 Fantasy/Magic Oct 4th
ABSENT BRENT Poem ladydp2000 Children Oct 4th
THE BOYS GET IN TROUBLE AGAIN Poem ladydp2000 Short Story Oct 4th
LIFE'S UPS AND DOWNS Poem ladydp2000 inspiration Oct 4th
MY HEART IS YOURS Poem ladydp2000 Fantasy/Magic Oct 4th
"I Cry!" Poem Nediot 2 Oct 4th
حكي فاضي Poem Nediot Oct 4th
"Sailing" Poem Nediot Oct 4th
my floppy drive went dead Poem ozzypoemgirl Comedy/Humor Oct 4th
A Rhyming Tale Long Ado Poem AlexC friendship Oct 4th
The Ruins of Alanis Poem strumbles06 Oct 4th
Awakening Poem strumbles06 Oct 4th
Healing Poem _jennita_ 1 Oct 4th
Mirror Syndrome Poem _jennita_ 1 Oct 4th
A Boy Poem babblin 3 Oct 5th
Do I Love You? Poem Megsamoo00 1 Being Loved Oct 5th
E.R. Poem deathflavoredgum 1 Oct 5th
Hologram Poem deathflavoredgum Oct 5th
fix myself Poem fallenangel0507 Oct 5th
New life Poem fighter4life 1 In Memory Oct 5th
Breath of life Poem fighter4life 1 religion Oct 5th
Futile, Fragile, Frank. Poem Aloris Oct 5th
"Chains & Shackles" Poem jade_moon Oct 5th
FLOATING ON AIR...... Poem jessibabigrl 1 Escapism Oct 5th
Why I Write Poem katyo3 Oct 5th
H.U.G. Poem kiss_yo_luck Escapism Oct 5th
The Guilty Poem kiss_yo_luck Political Oct 5th
We're Growing Apart... Poem friendship Oct 5th
I Love You Poem lovelymissrai Oct 5th
You're All I Got Poem lovelymissrai Oct 5th
The Very Begining Poem lovelymissrai Oct 5th
I Pinch Myself to See if it's Real Poem lovelymissrai Oct 5th
You Make Me Happy Poem lovelymissrai Oct 5th
إلى روح شهيدة الشرف والحب والحرية: هدى أبو عسلي Poem mabdeljalil Abuse Oct 5th
Social Asphyxia Poem icifan 1 Oct 5th
Something new Poem phantomsheart 1 Oct 5th
I never Poem rashmiitz Oct 5th
Haunted Poem raspberry_tears Angst Oct 5th
Abyss of Despair Poem raspberry_tears 1 Self-doubt Oct 5th
He Never Knew Poem raspberry_tears Breaking Up Oct 5th
Things Change Poem raspberry_tears Acceptance Oct 5th
Why? Poem raspberry_tears family Oct 5th
The Answer Poem robbo Oct 5th
De-Bug Poem spf Oct 5th
All Apologies Poem spf Oct 5th
Sex Card Poem _jennita_ 1 Oct 5th
!!! طرقت الباب !!! Poem asaihati Oct 6th
Fragment Poem BackstageMaverick Oct 6th
White cares Poem brownelizard Oct 6th
Pink Poem brownelizard Oct 6th
Wish You Were Here Poem cherry_blossom 1 Oct 6th
Wings Poem cherry_blossom 1 Oct 6th
In Protest Against Adulthood Poem dasweetyjd Oct 6th
Real Me Poem draca 1 Oct 6th
A Bug's Life Poem dreayeya Oct 6th
perpetually trapped Poem followinlove Abstract Oct 6th
Phases Poem followinlove Culture/Society Oct 6th
Will this feeling Poem geneconner2008 Oct 6th
Just A Day Behind Poem gottgehirn Oct 6th
Again Mrs Sen Strike Poem jgupta Oct 6th
Trying hard na manunulat Poem kyoksil Oct 6th
The phoenix Poem kyoksil 1 Hope Oct 6th
Kung pinangalanan kaya kita Poem kyoksil Parenthood Oct 6th
Today you're turning one Poem kyoksil Children Oct 6th
You are someone yet to come Poem kyoksil Children Oct 6th
Baby Talk Poem kyoksil Children Oct 6th
My mommy's deal Poem kyoksil Parenthood Oct 6th
Something for you Poem kyoksil family Oct 6th
The old hag Poem kyoksil Parenthood Oct 6th
Accused Poem kyoksil Pain/Sorrow Oct 6th
MOTHER IN LAW Poem kyoksil Acrostic Oct 6th
Wala nang musika Poem kyoksil death Oct 6th
Biktima Poem kyoksil Pain/Sorrow Oct 6th
Eba Poem kyoksil Oct 6th
Dahilan ng buhay Poem kyoksil Oct 6th
Broken Dreams Poem silentdreamer1988 Loneliness Oct 6th
The emptiness (eats me alive) Poem silentdreamer1988 Depression Oct 6th
"IF~1" Poem Nediot Oct 6th
"Rescue me~2" Poem Nediot 1 Oct 6th
Perfection Poem morganonymous 1 obsession Oct 6th
I couldn’t do nothing right. Poem ozzypoemgirl Anger NonViolent Oct 6th
I don’t kiss and tell a rap beat Poem ozzypoemgirl 1 Oct 6th
I'm Gone...Really Gone Poem pamschwetz 1 Oct 6th
I'm Lost Poem pamschwetz 1 Oct 6th
* Amanpal * Poem poetvg 1 Oct 6th
Eternity Poem sing4u Lost love Oct 6th
the grudge Poem sumit_kumar331 Anger Violent Oct 6th
David’s Psalms Poem trumpet7 inspiration Oct 6th
Digimon Poem victoire 1 Other Oct 6th
Suicide(Part 7) Poem victoire 1 Suicide Oct 6th
will i ever get to go where i'm going? Poem voighdt Acceptance Oct 6th
Same Thing Over and Over Poem Whitney Oct 6th
Maybe You're It Poem Whitney Oct 6th
Ian Poem _jennita_ Oct 6th
One Regret Poem _jennita_ Oct 6th
Running Out Of Air Poem _jennita_ Oct 6th
Who is she? Poem babblin 3 Oct 7th
PLEASE DON'T MAKE ME CRY Poem chris love Oct 7th
Serenity Found Poem cjhickman68 Other Oct 7th
Roses Poem dasweetyjd 2 Oct 7th
Silver Screens Poem dasweetyjd Oct 7th
JPC 3.8.05 Poem deepblue 2 Oct 7th
Angel's Requiem Poem Aloris 1 Angels Oct 7th
Once. Poem gunfire Oct 7th
Untitled -- 10.7.2005 Poem gunfire Oct 7th
Due' Le Quartz Poem LadyAryn 1 Oct 7th
On My Mind Poem jelli_jam26 1 Oct 7th
Daddy Do Good Poem jelli_jam26 Oct 7th