Monthly Archive for May 2005

Title Type Pen Name Comments Categories Date
Sweet Moment Poem afakasi 1 Lost love May 1st
My Star Poem amy_howard 1 friendship May 1st
The End Poem amy_howard 1 Acceptance May 1st
Fragmented Hate Poem brokenfairy May 1st
Wishing Poem brokenfairy May 1st
To My Shadow Poem conartiste 1 Hidden Love May 1st
Give Me Sleep or Give Me A Nightstand Poem dasweetyjd 1 May 1st
Babyfaced Monkeys Poem dasweetyjd May 1st
Jot notes 5 Poem deethepoet May 1st
Stillness on the Battlefield (A Cold Day In Hell II) Poem enuminous War May 1st
Song for Parting Poem faeriehuman 1 Acceptance May 1st
To tell or not to tell Poem fighter4life 2 love May 1st
Shall I say I love you? Poem jackie_lyn 1 love May 1st
Confide In Me (Changing Weather) Poem joelcarter_86 Change/Transition May 1st
Bent Wills Poem lillep Abstract May 1st
The Pain is Gone, I say Poem makiman84 Depression May 1st
"Promises" Poem Nediot May 1st
"HOW could I???" Poem Nediot May 1st
"YOU!" Poem Nediot May 1st
"Compared to be!" Poem Nediot May 1st
The heart beats true Poem maybethistime Unrequited Love May 1st
I lie Awake Poem munchkin May 1st
Need/Want Poem munchkin May 1st
Reality Poem mysterypoet May 1st
One Heart Beat Poem mysterypoet May 1st
All I Can Ask For Poem mysterypoet May 1st
Breaking Poem mysterypoet Dark Love May 1st
Papa's Knee Poem mysterypoet May 1st
Papa's Girl Poem mysterypoet May 1st
الروح تواقة إليك Poem Nibras May 1st
4 Poem Nibras May 1st
في مثل هذا النبض Poem Nibras May 1st
Awake but not Poem nighthawk21 May 1st
So alive Poem nighthawk21 May 1st
Lost in the croud Poem nighthawk21 May 1st
Courage Poem DarkStatic Abstract May 1st
To My Good Friend david Poem ozzypoemgirl friendship May 1st
May Day Poem pamschwetz 2 May 1st
Anything Poem poetictragedy000 May 1st
* Dragon Of The Seven Chambers * Poem poetvg 1 May 1st
My endless closet Poem rairai May 1st
Punk Rock Feeling Poem rairai May 1st
Other Side Poem spf May 1st
Heart filled wings Poem taken_angel122804 1 Lost love May 1st
I hate you Poem clutchforbalance Hate May 1st
Betrayed Poem clutchforbalance 1 Betrayal May 1st
First Love Poem clutchforbalance Breaking Up May 1st
Stolen Summer Poem wisdomscry 1 Acceptance May 1st
The Thief and the Coward Poem wisdomscry Sensualality May 1st
Violated Poem wisdomscry Protest May 1st
Naked truth Poem wisdomscry 1 Acceptance May 1st
take your foot out Poem wisdomscry Other May 1st
Free Indeed Poem wisdomscry May 1st
The Prayer Within Poem word_man 1 May 1st
My Lavender Poem animus 1 May 2nd
Song to my Daughter Poem b1whocares 1 family May 2nd
Only Acting Poem BackstageMaverick 1 May 2nd
From Better to Worse 5-1 Poem dancewmoonlight May 2nd
Execution (the Follow-through) Poem ethezube 1 May 2nd
X is Gone Poem ethezube May 2nd
You Poem evilone love May 2nd
Human Waste Poem haylz May 2nd
Dream ... Dream ... Dream Poem humanpulse 2 May 2nd
Best Friend Poem jgupta 1 May 2nd
Breaking free Poem liltigg10 May 2nd
Using Me Poem lostinnocence Abuse May 2nd
Untitled -- 5.2.2005 Poem maddiejace May 2nd
"NEVER AGAIN!" Poem Nediot May 2nd
"My first love!" Poem Nediot May 2nd
"Comming true!" Poem Nediot May 2nd
"Even more!" Poem Nediot 1 May 2nd
If... Poem munchkin May 2nd
حيث ا ل م ش ت ا ق 5 Poem Nibras May 2nd
5 Poem Nibras May 2nd
This is how it is Poem nighthawk21 May 2nd
a A poem for somebody that signed my poetry guest book! Poem ozzypoemgirl 1 Other May 2nd
The Art of Poetry Poem pamschwetz 1 May 2nd
Fantasize Fantasies Poem pamschwetz 1 May 2nd
Never Clever Poem pamschwetz 1 May 2nd
The Haunting Past (That You're Part Of) Poem poetictragedy000 May 2nd
Body Language Poem poetictragedy000 May 2nd
You and Your Love Poem poetictragedy000 May 2nd
Why Poem poetictragedy000 1 May 2nd
What Would You Say If... Poem poetictragedy000 May 2nd
Only You Poem seipher0890 Revolution May 2nd
Untitled -- 5.1.2005 Poem significance_of_2 1 Fate/Destiny May 2nd
a story backwards Poem somefatguy 3 May 2nd
Just The Beginning Poem spf May 2nd
Lady Killer Poem starlite May 2nd
Nearly Not Breathing Poem wishful_thinking May 2nd
(rp char) Black Velvet Poem angelicgothfurry May 3rd
TA PHOTO Poem aziz Angels May 3rd
No More Poem BackstageMaverick May 3rd
No Lies Poem BackstageMaverick 1 May 3rd
Broken Poem BackstageMaverick 1 May 3rd
to jon Poem blissfully_yours May 3rd
to jon: part two Poem blissfully_yours May 3rd
Despair Poem blueeyes Pain/Sorrow May 3rd
True Love Poem blueeyes 1 love May 3rd
Tormented Soul Poem blueeyes 1 Pain/Sorrow May 3rd
Love (According to the Bible) Poem brokenfairy 1 May 3rd
They Say, You Say: All Lies. Poem cherry_blossom 2 May 3rd
Ex-love Poem dolphinscry13 1 Acceptance May 3rd
Jack The Ripper Poem ers 3 May 3rd
shatter Poem fallenangel0507 May 3rd
I have disappeared Poem fighter4life 3 Being Loved May 3rd
Click of the Switch Poem Irockpoker May 3rd
Last chance to prove my love Poem follow_the_knyht May 3rd
See Poem follow_the_knyht 2 May 3rd
Proven Poem follow_the_knyht May 3rd
"A Life Like Your Own" Poem jade_moon 1 May 3rd
"Could It Be You?" Poem jade_moon 1 May 3rd
life is too scary for me to live ................... Poem jazzy91 May 3rd
On My Own Poem jecantz 1 May 3rd
Endless Medley Poem jgupta May 3rd
Confused about wrong and right Poem lilone_is_on_fi... May 3rd
Fallen from Grace Poem silentdreamer1988 Fear May 3rd
Shadow of Death Poem silentdreamer1988 death May 3rd
End of Hope Poem silentdreamer1988 Hope May 3rd
"WHY???" Poem Nediot 1 May 3rd
"Without You!" Poem Nediot 1 May 3rd
"it's NOT!" Poem Nediot May 3rd
قالت له 1 Poem Nibras 1 May 3rd
قالت له 2 Poem Nibras May 3rd
little whispers called suicide... Poem niltak May 3rd
Battle with me I’ll battle with you! Poem ozzypoemgirl Book Review NonPoetry May 3rd
Words I hear. Poem ozzypoemgirl Word Play May 3rd
I Love The Way Poem rachum May 3rd
My Sacred Name Poem singmoriah May 3rd
Whore Poem spf May 3rd
My Head is in My Hands Poem strumbles06 May 3rd
رتوش Poem tariqasrawi May 3rd
غربةُ وطن Poem tariqasrawi May 3rd
SNOW BLOSSOMS Poem teresa_r 1 May 3rd
Astral Projection Poem tula Bizarre May 3rd
An Illness Poem tula Depression May 3rd
Tattered Design Poem tula choices May 3rd
The Sun Is Less Likely To Be Bored Poem tula Satire May 3rd
Goodnight Poem tula Insomnia/Restless May 3rd
I Killed A Bird Today Poem tula Abstract May 3rd
Dead Birds (not from the 2005 movie) Poem tula 1 Angels May 3rd
Cold Hands Poem tula Apathy May 3rd
Finding Propriety Poem tula choices May 3rd
Welcome To The World Poem tula Acceptance May 3rd
What Do You Feel? Poem tula Bizarre May 3rd
For God's Entertainment Poem tula Satire May 3rd
Submersible Lies Poem tula Commentary May 3rd
Trail of Tears Poem williamjroneyiii May 3rd
Bad knight Poem wisdomscry Breaking Up May 3rd
Plastic Parade Poem Blackbird8916 1 May 3rd
Trust Poem asherivers May 4th
Want Poem BackstageMaverick May 4th
Neither Do I Poem BackstageMaverick May 4th
3 two 1 Poem blissfully_yours May 4th
Runaway Brides Poem blumentopf May 4th
The Princess And Her Dark Knight Poem crimsoncrow 1 Collaboration May 4th
The Tyranny of Pardons Poem davidwalters Articles May 4th
Nightmare part III 5-4-05 Poem Deathscompanion8 1 May 4th
The calm before the storm 5-2-05 Poem Deathscompanion8 1 May 4th
on a mountain Poem dolphin 1 May 4th
Angels among us Poem geneconner2008 love May 4th
Puddle Poem gweny1313 Depression May 4th
Wrenching Poem gweny1313 May 4th
Tears Poem gweny1313 May 4th
Forgive Me Poem gweny1313 death May 4th
someone stop me Poem jacey May 4th
About a girl .......... Poem jazzy91 1 bisexual love May 4th
Rainbows and flowers Poem jazzy91 1 May 4th
not worth it Poem jessy88 May 4th
'05 The Darker Side of Him Poem Joel 2 May 4th
MY NIGHTMARE Poem kiwi Comedy/Humor May 4th
Untitled -- 5.4.2005 Poem nighthawk21 1 May 4th
A Life Unearned Poem DarkStatic Abstract May 4th
The Lonely Mind Poem DarkStatic Loneliness May 4th
Entitled Poem DarkStatic War May 4th
Spasms Poem ozzypoemgirl Insomnia/Restless May 4th
Zombie Poem phaloola 2 May 4th
So Lucky Poem poeterri 4 Irony May 4th
Untitled -- 5.4.2005 Poem sojaded Individuality May 4th
ALWAYS AND FOREVER Poem starlover2103 May 4th
Potion Poem superdownlifer 1 love May 4th
ABOUT GOD Poem tony_starks religion May 4th
Labor For Eternity Poem trumpet7 inspiration May 4th
Be, No, Leave Me Poem wishful_thinking May 4th
Time Poem 41tulips 1 May 5th
Completely Done -N- Over With Poem BackstageMaverick May 5th
Falling Tears Poem brokenfairy May 5th
He'll Give Me My Wings Poem brokenfairy 1 May 5th
Thank You For Being Here Right Now Poem brokenfairy May 5th
How Pretty Am I? Poem brokenfairy 2 May 5th
To Matty - My Star Poem brokenfairy May 5th
MORNING Poem chris 1 love May 5th
NOTHING TO STOP IT Poem chris love May 5th
useless Poem converseallstar Depression May 5th
*Run Away* Poem crimsonangel Devotion May 5th
*Don't Wander* Poem crimsonangel Culture/Society May 5th
*Save Me* Poem crimsonangel Dark May 5th
A Little Nobody Like Me Poem draca May 5th
Mirage Poem dyingpoetkr Awakening May 5th
Contend Poem dyingpoetkr May 5th
Doubt Poem dyingpoetkr 1 May 5th
Get Over You Poem dyingpoetkr 1 confusion May 5th
I Once Knew Poem dyingpoetkr 1 Lost love May 5th
I Wait Poem dyingpoetkr 1 May 5th
Like All The Others Poem dyingpoetkr 1 Lost love May 5th
Children Poem dyingpoetkr regret May 5th
Words go dry Poem fighter4life 1 love May 5th
And I'd Tell You Why Poem Aloris friendship May 5th
Hey You. Reach For The Sky. Poem Aloris 1 friendship May 5th
Bounce, Up, Sideways! Poem Aloris Happiness May 5th
Paradox of Dreams Poem Aloris 1 dreams May 5th
Investigation Poem geministar 1 Haiku May 5th
Someone Has An Appetite For Soul Food Poem geministar 1 Life/Living May 5th
That's Love For Your Ass. Poem geministar 2 Bittersweet May 5th
The Soil Beneath Poem ilzdomain death May 5th
my Desk Poem ilzdomain death May 5th
True Reality Poem ilzdomain Life/Living May 5th
One Minute Poem ilzdomain 1 death May 5th
Just write something Poem ilzdomain Abstract May 5th
Weiß Mitternacht Poem jgupta May 5th
Annonce Poem jgupta Awakening May 5th
Christmas Poem lotius Abstract May 5th
Chat Poem lotius Loneliness May 5th
Pond Poem lotius Abstract May 5th
This Shit Ain't Funny Poem lotius Abstract May 5th
Through The Eyes of The World Poem lotius Abstract May 5th
This is My Why Poem lotius Abstract May 5th
The Same Poem lotius Abstract May 5th
Real Poem lotius May 5th
Untitled -- 3.14.2003 Poem lotius May 5th
Whatever Poem lotius Abstract May 5th
Overflow Poem lotius Abstract May 5th
Get Outta My Head Poem lotius Abstract May 5th
Flow Poem lotius Abstract May 5th
Spill Poem lotius Abstract May 5th
Something to Say Poem lotius Abstract May 5th
Time Poem lotius 1 Abstract May 5th
Obsession debris in the stream Poem lotius Abstract May 5th
Haiku Assortment 1 Poem lotius Abstract May 5th
Around 12-14-2004 1:49am Poem lotius Abstract May 5th
Savannah 12-27-2004 Poem lotius Abuse May 5th
Cross The Line Poem maddiejace Sexual May 5th
"Whispers" Poem Nediot 2 May 5th
"a winner!" Poem Nediot May 5th
"Take me" Poem Nediot May 5th
"Incomplete" Poem Nediot 1 May 5th
"tough dreaming!" Poem Nediot 1 May 5th
"would it beat?" Poem Nediot May 5th
"لمن أشكو؟" Poem Nediot 1 May 5th