Untitled -- 5.1.2005

Self analyzed at every expression

Every kiss is a lesson I question

Wondering why it comes to me

Temptations never set me free

Pray hard, write out this brand

New living plan, Adhere to it and

Live high, reach down as my Lord

Does with love, connect to His cord

Surely I’ll rise above

On my knees

Praising Him, remind myself who is he?

Thanking Him the One who came to set me free

Revamped, renewed, my Lord who  

Shows me so many new

Gifts in this life he has stored away in my soul

Released through the trials and surrender of control

So Lord I bow unto you

I have no doubts you’ll see me through

Worship Christ, the only way

To fulfill this life’s quest

Ascend the ladder nearer to Thee

Stronger temptations I am blind to see

Innocence regained through obedience

Reflective selection surrounds me as friends

Pamper my spirit Lord I am yours

Rejoicing in you and stepping through doors

Opened by you just to show me

All of the blessings you want me to see

Taking me out of the path you denied

To enter me into this unbelievable new life  

of gold paved streets and happiness undying

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honey811's picture

I really liked this piece and I can so relate to the words here. Love it.