Monthly Archive for October 2013

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What Is Poem Desperado trueness Oct 1st
The sorry game Poem SSmoothie 2 The sorry game Oct 1st
Ineptitudinal longing Poem SSmoothie 3 Oct 1st
Rational people Poem Marand92 Oct 1st
Wishes don't come true Poem SSmoothie Oct 1st
Drag. Poem SSmoothie 9 Oct 1st
In Your Eyes Poem snakie_marie #love #relationship Oct 1st
Fading Poem AngelofDarkness consumed by the darkness Oct 1st
Darkness Poem AngelofDarkness 2 Oct 1st
The Ford Mustang of my grandfather Poem Paulamaro95 #grandfather #prosepoem #family #car #trips #memories, mustang, poem, prose Oct 1st
Finding Me Poem AngelofDarkness Oct 1st
Awaited Poem AngelofDarkness Oct 1st
When I'm Gone Poem robincj Oct 1st
The Love of My Life Poem AngelofDarkness 2 Oct 1st
Time Will Come Poem AngelofDarkness 2 Oct 1st
Happiness Prohibition Poem KBretsch 3 depressed, sadness Oct 1st
Heraldry's Source Poem allets 2 Oct 1st
2:36 a.m. Poem allets Oct 1st
Bite Me Politic Poem allets Oct 1st
Shame Forces The Eyes To Lower Poem allets 2 Oct 1st
A Dreamers Real World Poem LittleLennonGurl Oct 1st
Haemorrhages Poem bishu 2 Oct 1st
Gray Days Poem allets 6 Oct 1st
Aggregation Poem allets 2 Oct 1st
Happy October (May It Be One To Remember) Poem LittleLennonGurl Oct 1st
My ode to Roseanne Barr Poem DaztheDruid #truth #illuminati #peace Oct 1st
A Message To The Government Poem LittleLennonGurl Oct 1st
Teach Not Conformity (Embrace Individuality) Poem LittleLennonGurl Oct 1st
UNCONDEMABLE. Poem rosalind Humanity Oct 1st
Birds on the Nest Poem snakie_marie 1 #family #trouble #struggle #hardships #forgiveness Oct 1st
Then and Now Poem SH95 3 Thoughts feelings inside destructive heaven modern life anger headache Oct 1st
YOU...ME...WE... Poem tk2003 1 Oct 1st
Math Poem LovingLovelace Oct 1st
God's tears Poem fighter4life Oct 1st
from limbs of willow tree Poem 9inety 2 Oct 1st
Venus Poem wheneveriturnaround 2 Oct 1st
CHARISMATIC ANGEL Poem Layem 2 love Oct 1st
Relapse Poem SoulKritiC Addiction Oct 1st
AUTUMN Poem danielacesta Oct 1st
AUTUMN ARRIVES Poem danielacesta Oct 1st
Shatter My Heart Poem swaymelikethesea 3 ignorance, Indifference, love, relationships, sadness Oct 1st
Bastard Vanity Poem Sivus honesty, hypocrisy, Reflection, truth Oct 1st
Listening Ear Poem Anonymous Oct 1st
Make Affray (& Love Less) Poem Sivus 1 dating, girl, love, woman, women Oct 1st
You're My Flower Poem Anonymous Oct 1st
Homes For Butterflies Poem Anonymous Oct 1st
Life Poem Anonymous Oct 1st
loving life Poem Anonymous Oct 1st
My lasting pain Poem Christian #pain #sadness #sorrow #forgotten Oct 1st
Eating Spooks Poem MajesticDravon growth, past, Strength Oct 1st
Got you on repeat Poem qt_poet Oct 1st
My Lost Souls Poem MajesticDravon Journal, lost, POETRY Oct 1st
Hunny's Hands Poem MajesticDravon hands, love, work Oct 1st
An endless struggle Poem Christian 1 # heart # love # passion # pain # listen # freedome Oct 1st
My best friend Poem Christian 2 #friendship #poem #friends Oct 1st
A Guide Home Poem MajesticDravon Dark, HOME, lost, walking Oct 1st
A beautifull night Poem Christian 1 winter chill Oct 1st
Outlaw Poem MajesticDravon Oct 1st
Quote by William Shakespeare Poem Anonymous Oct 1st
Don't Be A Copy Poem Anonymous Oct 1st
With You, I am Blessed Poem MajesticDravon art, love, POETRY Oct 1st
Quote By Summer Brackham Poem Anonymous Oct 1st
Quote By Cynthia Occelli Poem Anonymous Oct 1st
The Greater Me Poem MajesticDravon Oct 1st
Forever and Always Poem MajesticDravon 2 love Oct 1st
A Poet's Birth Poem MajesticDravon POETRY, Writing Oct 1st
Checkmate Poem MajesticDravon Oct 1st
Intoxicating Poem MajesticDravon 2 Oct 1st
Chasing Spooks Poem MajesticDravon Oct 1st
I Saw You Cry Poem allymarie Oct 1st
THE FAIRY TALE DRIVE Prose joy Oct 1st
what i want! Poem gabz going to do it anyway, my choice, my life, what the fuck ever Oct 2nd
Pearls of life Poem SSmoothie Oct 2nd
You know who you are Poem scrooge # addiction # love # passion # relationship #ex's Oct 2nd
Passion Poem scrooge #Passion #body #art #love #beauty Oct 2nd
It is what it is Poem scrooge 1 #life #acceptance #evil #struggle #right #wrong #reflection Oct 2nd
Between me and you Poem scrooge # addiction # love # passion # relationship # struggles Oct 2nd
Letter to the Streets Poem scrooge 1 #life #drugs #streets #words Oct 2nd
Jam packed Poem SSmoothie 2 Oct 2nd
As I Pass Into The Night Poem Jackson Oct 2nd
Oasis Poem SSmoothie 5 Oct 2nd
The first love is the love of my life. Poem IsidaDerrvishhasani FIRST LOVE Oct 2nd
New Poem AJaidov Fear, heart break, heartbreak, Life., loss, love, new, relationship Oct 2nd
The first love is the love of my life. Poem IsidaDerrvishhasani FIRST LOVE Oct 2nd
dear god... it hurts Poem DeathlyAngel 1 Oct 2nd
Defense Mechanism Poem RoC 11 Oct 2nd
October Weather Poem ADAPT Oct 2nd
Needless Desires Poem bishu Oct 2nd
4/29/13 Poem Glim Oct 2nd
Dewdrops Poem bishu 4 Oct 2nd
Binds Us Poem AngelofDarkness Oct 2nd
Blue Roses Poem AngelofDarkness 8 Oct 2nd
Long Live October Poem LittleLennonGurl Oct 2nd
Put Yourself In Someone Elses Shoes Poem LittleLennonGurl Oct 2nd
As a child Poem danielacesta Oct 2nd
Break The Mold Of Conformity Poem LittleLennonGurl Oct 2nd
My second ode to Russell Brand entitled Rolls Royce parts Poem DaztheDruid Oct 2nd
You Are The Dreamer (The Dreamer Is You) Poem LittleLennonGurl Oct 2nd
If Truly She Had Loved Me Poem new_wave_franky Broken heart. Lost love. Oct 2nd
Let Your True Self Shine Poem LittleLennonGurl Oct 2nd
Dear Government.... Poem LittleLennonGurl Oct 2nd
Awaken Yourself From Contoversy Poem LittleLennonGurl Oct 2nd
I See Myself.. Poem LittleLennonGurl Oct 2nd
See Me Poem LittleLennonGurl Oct 2nd
Can You Hear Me Now? Poem LittleLennonGurl Oct 2nd
Crash into Nothing Poem Pierrepoint Oct 2nd
Frater meus Poem Urban 2 #love #family #brother Oct 2nd
Dream On Poem LittleLennonGurl Oct 2nd
Alexander Poem LittleLennonGurl Oct 2nd
The Beautiful Alexander Poem LittleLennonGurl Oct 2nd
THE SHUTDOWN Poem joy government Oct 2nd
When I will not be Here… Poem KingofWords 9 #love#relationships#missinghim# Oct 2nd
Cathartic Liberation Poem Anonymous hidsight, positive affirmation, positivity, realisation, realization, self awareness Oct 2nd
Pressure on the Wound Poem Anonymous 1 # addiction #recovery #life, emotional, emotional pain, Honesty and increased self awareness, hurting, Pain, recovery, self awareness, self belief Oct 2nd
logos spermatikos Poem 9inety 1 Oct 2nd
THE BEST KING OF ALL Poem Izu 2 best, king Oct 2nd
Time On A Dare Poem allets 4 Oct 2nd
Through Flesh-colored Glasses (It's only just begun) Poem CerpinTaxt 1 Oct 2nd
Voice Yourself Poem Anonymous 3 Oct 2nd
Fear not Poem nighthawk21 Oct 2nd
Comfort In God’s Sufficiency Poem trumpet7 Oct 2nd
Commemorating commiserations Poem SSmoothie 1 Oct 3rd
The Pits Poem nightlight1220 6 cherries, Life, pits Oct 3rd
SALUTE Poem Crazybastrd5152 1 gifted Oct 3rd
HEAVEN SENT & HELL BOUND Poem Crazybastrd5152 1 risks insanity dreams mind fear Oct 3rd
Here Follows Some Verses Upon the Dropping of a Cheeto Poem itsthesmallthings Oct 3rd
Obsession Poem xio1818 1 Oct 3rd
Love plan Poem xio1818 Oct 3rd
Trapped Poem Desperado Trapped in a stereo type Oct 3rd
Fountain Poem bishu Oct 3rd
Beas Poem bishu 6 Oct 3rd
Driver Poem bishu 2 Oct 3rd
My Grandmother’s cooking and baking Poem BiggBoss 1 Oct 3rd
In The Shadows Poem LittleLennonGurl Oct 3rd
Hey Poem snakie_marie #love #secret #sad #broken heart #unloved Oct 3rd
speak Poem katie47404 1 Oct 3rd
Drowned Poem bishu Oct 3rd
Severed Poem bishu Oct 3rd
Which Side (Will You Be On) Poem LittleLennonGurl Oct 3rd
THE FALL Poem joy THE FALL Oct 3rd
Tantalizingly Tangy Poem Anonymous 2 Oct 3rd
the first page of my fathers memoirs Poem DaztheDruid Oct 3rd
Flippin' Change Poem Anonymous Oct 3rd
Life's Seasons Of Change Poem Anonymous 2 Oct 3rd
You're A Blessing‏ Poem Anonymous Oct 3rd
Opportunities Pending Poem Anonymous Oct 3rd
Process: Writing It Down Poem allets 4 Oct 3rd
Fears. Poem sweetwater 2 Oct 3rd
Slipping Poem SH95 Emotions anger sadness depression feelings down need cheering up happiness Oct 3rd
Life As A Bottle Sip Poem allets 8 Oct 3rd
When you went away Poem IsidaDerrvishhasani #death Oct 3rd
My grandmother's farm Poem gabriela Oct 3rd
Teenage Scream Poem ramonathompsont Oct 3rd
Love as We are Poem MajesticDravon Oct 3rd
No More Poem MajesticDravon Oct 3rd
Stormy Night Poem MajesticDravon Oct 3rd
Cleansing Rain Poem MajesticDravon Oct 3rd
"Oh, Sweet Thelema" Poem grantrizmo2002 Addiction, death, drug abuse, overdose Oct 3rd
Majestic to Havoc Poem MajesticDravon Oct 3rd
Tired of Seconds Poem MajesticDravon Oct 3rd
Don't Need Much Poem MajesticDravon 2 Oct 3rd
Reflections ii and iii Poem MajesticDravon Oct 3rd
Couch with Issues Poem MajesticDravon 5 Oct 3rd
Howl-o-ween Poem MajesticDravon Oct 3rd
Child's Tears Poem MajesticDravon Oct 3rd
Cherish the Love Poem MajesticDravon Oct 3rd
The Fixer Poem MajesticDravon Oct 3rd
Into Anger Poem MajesticDravon 4 Oct 3rd
Tasting Light Poem MajesticDravon Oct 3rd
Blue Kisses Poem MajesticDravon 2 Oct 3rd
I Don't Know Poem metaphorist Oct 3rd
The Irony Poem metaphorist 2 Oct 3rd
Life Sushi Poem nightlight1220 6 Acceptance, Life, raw truths, truth Oct 3rd
Counting blessings amongst the crows Poem SSmoothie 2 Counting blessings amongst the crows Oct 3rd
Agra, I guess Poem Morningglory 3 Oct 4th
Lurid Canticle Poem Envy 1 Oct 4th
Dreams Of The Night Sky Poem Jackson 2 Oct 4th
paralyzed Poem xio1818 Oct 4th
A Blind mans dream Poem ADAPT Oct 4th
The Magic Of Life Poem LittleLennonGurl Oct 4th
Chronicles Of A Fallen Love Poem Colorme_Aquarius #love #sadness #passion #depression #rhyme Oct 4th
Journey Poem bishu 2 Oct 4th
Put Yourself In The Peoples Shoes (Then Tell Me What You Are Going To Do) Poem LittleLennonGurl Oct 4th
Moments Poem bishu 4 Oct 4th
Why Are We So Blind Poem LittleLennonGurl Oct 4th
Who's To Say For Certain? Poem new_wave_franky question Oct 4th
Power To The People Poem LittleLennonGurl Oct 4th
Humankind Poem CairoPoet afify, arabic, benazouz, cairo, farag, kerala, kuwait, Language, photography, photopoetry, poem, poet, Poetic, POETRY, songs Oct 4th
You Don't Want to Know Poem RoC 5 Oct 4th
Let's Go Sox Poem LittleLennonGurl Oct 4th
My ode to Elbow Poem DaztheDruid Oct 4th
MY ODE TO FAT CATS Poem DaztheDruid 2 fat, fat cat, money, Spirituality Oct 4th
USA Tribute Poem Anonymous Oct 4th
Free Artists Poem Anonymous Oct 4th
Mother Earth Bountiful Poem DaztheDruid 1 bounty, fruit, gaia, trees Oct 4th
Shades of October Poem LadyRaine Oct 4th
Beauty Of Friendship Poem Anonymous Oct 4th
Promotion Poem Diamond_Wills_N... 2 Oct 4th
Starstruck Poem nightlight1220 5 unbelievable Oct 4th
Falling Apples Poem vatchejames Oct 4th
Too Much Fat Is Killing Me Poem ramonathompsont Oct 4th
My light gets dimmer everyday, Your just an aquaintence. Poem schmuckjones 1 Oct 4th
Mind post 1 Poem Anonymous Oct 4th
Hounds Poem Unseen.warfare Oct 4th
“I have the sea inside of me”. Poem 9inety Oct 4th
What if? Poem MajesticDravon Oct 4th
You Better Not Give That Baby My Name Poem ramonathompsont Oct 4th
Fire in the Soul i Poem MajesticDravon Oct 4th
Idling Spirit Poem MajesticDravon Oct 4th
Yabba Dabba Doo Poem schmuckjones 1 Oct 4th
Poetry's Variations Poem Anonymous 2 Oct 4th
Three Hearts Poem MajesticDravon Oct 4th
Lip-ring Poem learn_to_be_lonely Oct 4th
Lovely Poem learn_to_be_lonely Oct 4th
Evergreen Poem learn_to_be_lonely Oct 4th
Ducky Poem learn_to_be_lonely Oct 4th
Ode to Bunnies Poem learn_to_be_lonely Oct 4th
Spin the Bottle Poem learn_to_be_lonely Oct 4th
Shimmer Poem learn_to_be_lonely Oct 4th
A Place of Comfort to Rest My Head Poem learn_to_be_lonely Oct 4th
Ashes Poem learn_to_be_lonely Oct 4th
My Father's Horse Poem anapaula 1 Oct 4th
The Poet Poem learn_to_be_lonely Oct 4th
Abort That Baby Poem ramonathompsont Oct 4th
For Only You Poem Hgaut810 Oct 4th
All I Got Poem Hgaut810 Oct 4th
Yes I am Poem hurtandlost Oct 4th
hold it in Poem hurtandlost Oct 4th
Prose Poem Poem alejandraabreu21 #mom #sneackers #nike #running Oct 4th
You're the First Dawn Poem Eyesinfocus Oct 5th
Decades Poem schmuckjones Oct 5th
Perfectionist Poem metaphorist Oct 5th
Life and Death Poem metaphorist Oct 5th
Snapshots Poem metaphorist Oct 5th
Fentanyl Poem thrzasmack Oct 5th
Love in God Poem CairoPoet Oct 5th
Humankind Poem CairoPoet humankind Oct 5th
One Stroke Poem INKSTAIN 6 One Stroke Oct 5th
Spare Poem CairoPoet Oct 5th
Who Loves You Poem thrzasmack Oct 5th
New Year Poem bishu Oct 5th
Screensaver Poem bishu Oct 5th
Spectrum Poem Tetra_nova Oct 5th
Reflections Poem bishu Oct 5th
Shine On Poem LittleLennonGurl Oct 5th
Good Sportsmanship Poem Anonymous Oct 5th
THE WEDDING Poem joy family, weddings Oct 5th
Thank You Ms. Mother Nature Poem Anonymous Oct 5th
Poetry Tribute To God‏ Poem Anonymous Oct 5th