Who's To Say For Certain?

Who's to say for certain...we're to be here come tomorrow,

when we can't say for certain...that through time we'll end the sorrow?

And who could come to say here...all we've spoken's ode to pain,

when we can't state so clearly...what we long here to explain?


Who's to say for certain...all's at ease within the light,

when lost beneath the stars here...we still cry out to the night?

Just place me back in meadows...when I dreamt in blissful ways,

quite sure I'd soon awaken...where her echoed music plays.


Oh, who's to say for certain...time won't disregard my part,

when only kept in waiting...seem the songs within my heart?

Well captured by this silence...'til the truth here rings for free.

Still yet to say for certain...'cause it couldn't fall in key.


"I'd but only tried to see."

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