Where The Ohio Weds The Mississippi-Missouri

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Where The Ohio Weds The Mississippi-Missouri 

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Above works hard the tug boat
It churns and puffs and floats
and ruffles and foams the coats
of these two great saints.

Below the longawaited mating
of two giants..
profoundly peaceful
only here and there
eddies of ecstasy
betray the great confluence
as branch braids into trunk.

Mississippi-Missouri had surrendered to
his desire for a wife..
knowing not that the Ohio
was waiting for
in the corridors of time..

not fireworks but waterweaving
in this most sacred silence

-saiom shriver-





(to C Connerton, her love,  and all residents of Cairo Illinois)


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I want to speak one more Language
That everybody can easily speak
Same as our food or as beverage
If not, it means, we are weak

I wish I could deal with people
In everywhere, whatever they are
I hope I can once be able
To become a friend to those are aware

Serious or peaceful situations
Should not affect our hearts
The poverty or luxury nations
Are only our world' parts