My ode to Elbow


Hello Elbow, how do you do?

Had to write a poem to you

just had you in a meditation

its about your spiritual foundation


big changes coming soon

that will effect both me and you

if you just rely on 5 senses

life, your really not going to get it

this explains much better than me

Ascension coming definitely


Are your ears ringing now?

Or do you feel different somehow?

Things that you can really do

to help progress if you want to

all artists are ego driven

must be elbowed for ones soul to glisten


and I also write lyrics too

wonder if I could write for you

not that I know you well

or even any of your personnel

meant to see you at Glastonbury

missed you cos was muddy


I have attached a song I wrote

about us being treated like dopes

by those who promote war

come on dudes, must know the score

senseless wars just for profit

when will those people stop it?


Please check my other works out

my dancing words without doubt

your welcome to any of them

all channelled from heaven

though there is no hell

were all god too, cant you tell?


I normally work at Glastonbury

though things really changing for me

i'm now working full time

no materialism, just the divine

and they told me to write to you

so that's exactly what I do


As i'm guided all the time

so amazing our higher minds

and I got some access codes

for meditations you should know

and I really am happy to help

to minimize any personal hell


cos I wouldn’t be guided to you

if you weren’t keen on the truth

or be good people deep down

or the owner of a permanent frown

so a big hello from me

Daz, Druid, master of the unseen


Metatrons Ascension Guide


A song entitled 'Wars a Racket'


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