Cost of Tolerance

Cost of Tolerance

Tolerance serves you joy
and such tolerance
blooms the family ties,
however every tolerance
has its own expiry date.

Too much of anything
good for nothing,
noble-men might not
keep his nose in every go,
yet the nose is of indifference.

Noble-men's silence
be a boon or a bane,
the lessor of the (sin/tolerance) occupancy
the more you are in good books
the more the (sin/tolerance) occupancy
the loss of fame
yet, these skews
make the life.

No, to the tolerance no life
yes, to the tolerance 
off course the life
recounting had had joys.

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through the storm?








through the storm?




until the day ends
as if we're ever friends


did I ever ask your



a way to speak
everything's so quick



where are you gonna
take me?—








Author's Notes/Comments: 

LEGAL DISCLAIMER:  This is a work of fiction

thing theory

thing theory




all are just these props

our heartbeats untranslated


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Reedited 06.23.2023 (Notes/Comments box entry was reedited for misspelled/mistyped/misconstructed words, incl. one in the hashtags (a misconstructed word "ultural..");01.02.2023 [22:25]


I momentarily added only three hashtags (upon glancing and reviewing some older poems while posting newer entries, despite already having similarly grouped hashtags, eg. cultural variation.  They are the following:  cultural variances, cultural transformation, cultural variance.

To Paddle One's Canoe Over Still Waters (A Poem About Fictitious Love Stories)

To Paddle One's Canoe Over Still Waters



Seeming storylines are child's play

Appearing to you like 'tis

something funny


Out of our little trembling political


If only stars are the silent majority


They must twinkle—endlessly, without a noise


No matter how far we are,


The light year spanned space-time

to have brought

me to you


—wondering, now, if vice versa is





In a sense of delight that had made

young lovers swoon

'Tis a mother's loving caress to a



A perfect love of Astrological


And forever they will

choose to share lovingkindness



—to each other & for others.

As well.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Reedited on 11.23.2019 (I have supplanted the {minor misspelling of "light year"} but this time, I think I have added a period as its resulting emendation, due to a possible lack of it which was previously left unnoticed).



This is a repost from my Twitter platform & which has been edited for a very minor misspelling of "light year".  I have corrected the two-word noun.  For anything else that I might have edited (e.g., I might have also missed), that could only be involving a tweaking of the form (e.g., which might have been changed/affected by my copying & pasting method of the verses; either that or other copyediting stuff like by changing fonts/font sizes).  Thank you for checking it out.

Shatter My Heart

down you go
spinning down
this contaminated pool
of ignorance
and soaring through
a cloud of naivity
or perhaps indifference.


your carelessness
is contagious.
soon enough
you will see
once i too stop trying.


deliberate or not
whether it is something that you thought
or haven't yet caught
your actions
or lack thereof
shatter my heart.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem is something I wrote a while ago but never published. I had a group of "good" friends, who began to make me feel left out, not cared about, and forgotten. It's short and simple- if they don't care to make an effort to be my friend any longer, then I will do the same.

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It was a hot day, I think,
as I watched the spider eat the fly.
Someone else may have turned away,
or killed the spider and set the fly free.
But not me.
I watched as the spider ate the fly.
As I ate myself.