Frater meus


In my darkest time, you were there holding the light,

Claiming my body from the void, giving me a reason to fight,

Igniting fire to a twisted wic, burnt out and lacking flint,

Revealing a different side, shepherding me though my plight,

Bringing me into your circle, morphing me into my final shape,

Enclosing warmth and comfort, a feeling I could not escape,

Each day rebuilding a torn soul, stocking my engines with coal,

Sealing every crack and rip, restoring every bruise and scrape,

Your daughter was taken prematurely, leaving a gaping hole,

An unwarranted act, a crime; a precious life He stole,

Fighting with pain and grief, confused about the holy thief,

You laid her down to sleep, praying the Lord her soul to keep,

In your heart she will remain, softening the pain,

Reassuring that for now and forever, an angel guides your way.




Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this for my best friend who lost his daughter. I just wanted to let him know how much he mean't to me and comfort him.

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I do so hope your friend had

I do so hope your friend had the opportunity to read this. I imagine a tesr in his eye.

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My friend

He did end up reading it and was very thankful for it. I could tell it made an impact.