The Process of Writing It Down

Vintage Words


I lift my fingers & this art is held

and happens. I wrench from the head

a way to make the page full, and edit

this working with virtual ink to let

the reader weep or think or sigh.

Eventually, these hands simply walk

into a room and declare.


Then I write it down and show you

the motion of the mind and the physical

born of empathy that flows from the synaptic

knots to enter the world.


Just a thought. Poetry. More than notion,

a way of weaving fabric made of letters,

fashioning runways for feet to tap out tempos

alive in ticking brain cells, firing like

grenades to bring stollen fire to a cold world.









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Letters in motion Poetry redefined in grandeur Respectetd Mm

Letters in motion Poetry redefined in grandeur Respectetd Mm



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Letters In Motion

Poetry in Motion was a song from the fifties, early 60's - cant' remember who sang it. I think he was describing his poodle skirt wearing flame. Thanks for stopping by. Always, always welcome, pen pal a mine! ~Lady A~

Lady A


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Your thought grenades are

Your thought grenades are always impressive dear lady A.

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As Are . . .

your comments. Always received with a warm heart filled with encouragement - I thank you for that. Explosively yours in writing, ~allets~

Lady A