heart break


I will dangle from a thread,

Before I let go of you;

You will have to pick me off,

Say, "fuck off",

And flick me away.


Make sure I'm long in the distance;

See that it's dark,



Do not care.

Just walk away;

Leave me to stumble 



My way to the light.


When I call your name,

Please be silent.

Do not call out to me,

Even if it's kind of you to guide me.

Maybe I'll get lost,

Or someone will find me along the way,

And take a left,

When I ask to go right;


So, when I get to where I need to be,

Maybe you will be nothing to me.

That is the only way to get rid of me

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The power of the mind is no joke.
The thoughts I think,
Become my cloak.

My mind consumes me...
I feel so lost.
I'm fighting, truly.
Normal life is the cost.

The regret I feel,
I can't explain...
My layers, I peel.
I can't hide the pain.

The things I wished for,
I take them back.
Knees to floor
Guidance, I lack.

My heart is sunk deep,
"Oh, how much I want him!"
But his feelings for me seem to sleep...

He won't pay me attention,
What do I do?
With myself, I feel tension.
To myself,
I just need to stay true.

I prayed to God.
I begged his power,
"Please Lord, it's my heart he awed.
Let this boy take me, even if he devours...
I don't care how he treats me!
My resistance, he scours.

Please allow him to tear me apart.
I'm willing to deal, if this shall be a mistake.
All I'm asking is our love to turn into art...
But I am fine, even it shall end in heart break!

God please,
Let him show me something new.
I swear, this will put me at ease.
Put this first, all the other prayers in queue."

To Him, I spoke.
I patiently waited.
My chances awoke,
The perfect picture God painted.

I asked and he delivered,
My God, he is so good!
All my worries slivered,
As I knew they would.

The boy, he's finally admiring me!
To see me, he keeps begging.
"Tonight at 8, baby?"
Those words, they just keep ringing.

The time we spent was magical...
Passion in our eyes, I bloomed.
His hands, his touch, so radical.
Lust in me illumed.
The way he held me made me fanatical.
We exchanged sweet kisses, while I crooned.

This one night,
Keeps me awake.
Real love, it might...
As the warmth inside me bakes...
Then, my heart flutters with fright.

But now things turned for the worse,
He doesn't even respond!
I thought this was a blessing,
But he's clearly become my curse.
I was for sure, we made our bond.
My eyes start to burst.
"What did I do wrong?"

I prayed and sang and fought,
"Give me my one true desire!"
God, to you, I sought.
Now, this ended up in fire.

Now I beg.
"Please God,
For I know not what I've done
You did your part to please me,
But can the tape of my life be respun?

I know I said I could do this...
But I found I really can't.
Please, don't be ruthless.
This one last wish, will you grant?

Lord, give me strength,
While I try to come back to life,
Because time has real length,
And I know, with myself, I will have strife.

I should've listened to you,
For you knew my fate.
But my curiosity just grew,
Now, I'll be sure keep it inside the crate.

Father you know best.
Bring me back to peace,
As I will try to rest.
The pain will soon cease.


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Today's the day I died inside
Love hurts like hell, so I'll just hide!
If it cant find me, will I be burnt
I can't stand my heart being hurt.
All I ask. Is for, love that's real
Someone who feels, as I feel
Someone who won't cheat or lie
Someone who cares, if I live or die
Not someone, who plays stupid games
Not someone, who is; so vain
Now it seems I've lost all hope
I'm set adrift, in a leaking boat
The one I love, doesn't care
She keeps vanishing, in thin air
Left alone, with only my thoughts
She took all the rest of what I've got
Except the pain, of being used
Let's not forget, being abused
So today murder has happened here
She killed my heart, without guilt or fear.
Let my epitate read, I won't be missed
Let it also say... "Love don't exist".
Take heed my friends, I speak no lie
Inside my chest, my heart has died!!!


Paul (Chrywizard) Posney©10/23/16

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Do you want...

Do you want..

Do you want me to tell you I miss you?

Do you want

Do you want me to say my heart is in pieces?

Do you want

Do you want me to tell you its hard to breathe?

Do you want

Do you want me to tell you I will never forget you?

I won't


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Not so Perfect

It seems like yesterday,

When she looked so perfect.

Now it’s over, and the feeling has faded.

She was a hypnotist, in disguise.

I couldn’t see through,

Her cloudy eyes.

A relationship she built,

On a foundation, of lies.

Ripped out my heart,

And made me feel like I was the reason why.

The reason,

It ended.

The reason,

We failed,

The reason that, there is an

 Existing pain from the love that I felt.

I can’t help but cry as she leaves.

I should be angry,

But I have no fight left in me.


And torn,

By a broken heart.

I guess she’s not so perfect,

After all.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

second half to she is perfection

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Need a Dust Pan


Days are long

Dragging on painfully

Like a belt striking your thighs.


Nights are torture

Filled with darkness and demons

Like a movie playing your fears on repeat.


Thoughts are raven black

Thick as smoke

And billows in like fog.


Heart so broken

She needs a broom and dust pan.

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leting go

There is no end to this pain I feel,

I know its you who is at fault.

But still I kneel.

For all the days I cried for you

For all the lonely nights

For all those apologies that I gave you after each fight

It was always me, I cant build this any more

You let me drown while you swam ashore

Loving you is a part of me

Letting go is a need

We are two ends of a rope

Destined never to meet.

I pack my bags and walk out the door.

If you had called out my name I would have stayed for more.

More heartbreak

More insults

More pain.

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Another man off to war

nother man off to war
Another woman's heart is tore
He said that he would fight for you
How you wish those words were true.
Waiting day and night for him
Hoping he'd come back again
And like a nightmare come to pass
You get a letter from the mass
A soldier that died in action
Your heart falls of a park attraction
Bent and broken on the floor
You don't know what to do no more
The man you loved till death do part
Has left you with a broken heart

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Also writen in 2012 while dating a military man

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I'm Sorry


I was once your baby girl.

Little and innocent,

You were ready to give me

the whole world.


But then I changed 

from kid to teen,

and I wasn't the same 

as I was once before.


I hurt myself because 

it makes me feel better,

putting the hurt on my skin

instead of inside my heart.


I'm sorry i've become

the kind of daughter you

don't want, never wanted.


I'm not innocent anymore,

I'm not your baby girl anymore....

I'm nothing good anymore..


I'm Sorry.



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