My grandmother's farm

My grandmother has a farm, when I was 8 years old she started to build it, it started as one square of cement, then one bedroom, two bedrooms, the living room, the bathroom, the kitchen etc. with the time it was getting bigger and bigger until it became a beautiful summer house with a beautiful garden that surrounded and a big play yard, she put a lot of swings, a trampoline and slides for us, her grandchildren’s. It was all her idea, her design, she decided where to put every little detail, she covered the outside walls with rocks by herself with her own hands, and she also did a well and a fountain of rocks. She planted many trees and flowers around the house. Then the animals arrived, she bought horses, cows, chickens, goats, birds, and two dogs to protect the farm, she loves to spend time with her animals, she is always singing to her birds. She taught me how to plant carrots, peppers, onions, sunflowers, trees and other things. Then years later she decided to build a pool this decision made me so happy, it was beautiful and big, perfect for the hot summer days in my town.

I grew along with this farm and it has grown as much as I.

Fourteen years later this farm is the most beautiful and peaceful place for me to spend my days when I am visiting my hometown, and she is the best person to spend my vacations days with, we are always looking around and searching what else we could add to the house, every day is getting greener and more beautiful. This farm is the best thing my grandmother could own and build, because it keeps her very busy and makes her feel useful and happy, but the most important thing is that this farm brings all her family together since she started building it fourteen years ago, every Sunday, the whole family comes together to eat and spend the day around with the animals, swimming in the pool and all the little kids playing on the trampoline, the slides and the swings, we reunited at that place even when the farm wasn’t finished. Now is not possible to imagine her without her farm, the farm is the most important thing she owns, I think this possession is what keeps my grandmother alive.

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