Monthly Archive for April 2010

Title Type Pen Name Comments Categories Date
Protect Yourself Poem phil_carcione 3 Sonnets Apr 1st
All things are possible Poem christianpoetry... Apr 1st
Lord I lift my prayer Poem christianpoetry... Apr 1st
LONG TIME AGO Poem heatherburns35 Apr 1st
God I feel like you Poem christianpoetry... Apr 1st
mental suicide Poem angelous 1 Suicide Apr 1st
fire and ice wip Poem significance_of_2 Apr 1st
SWEET CHANGELING # Poem palewingedpoetess Apr 1st
A Peep Into My Shoebox Poem vilmazab 1 Apr 1st
Tell me you love me Poem LosingMyself Apr 1st
unlike the liked,blessed and cursed Poem angelous Hate Apr 1st
Approval of Men Poem trumpet7 inspiration Apr 1st
All things are possible Poem geneconner2008 Apr 1st
fire chilled with ice Poem angelous Apr 1st
God I feel like you Poem geneconner2008 Apr 1st
God I feel like you Poem geneconner2008 Apr 1st
Step Into The Light Poem mandy4650 1 Hope Apr 2nd
The Man Poem soulive2213 Apr 2nd
Always Forgive And Never Forget Poem mandy4650 Life/Living Apr 2nd
Faith in the Plan Poem phil_carcione 1 Sonnets Apr 2nd
WHEN MUCH IS GIVEN Poem heatherburns35 1 when much is given Apr 2nd
ONCE HE BEGGED Poem heatherburns35 1 Apr 2nd
REBUILDING Poem heatherburns35 1 storms Apr 2nd
A New Season Poem 41tulips Apr 2nd
The Knights who protect the faires Poem jlf249 Apr 2nd
Lord I feel like Poem christianpoetry... Apr 2nd
Lord I have wondered Poem christianpoetry... Apr 2nd
YOUNG POETS Poem heatherburns35 1 Apr 2nd
Lord I feel like Poem geneconner2008 Apr 2nd
I'm Afraid To Say This To You Poem 41tulips 1 Apr 2nd
Sometime I feel Poem geneconner2008 Apr 2nd
Lord I have wondered Poem geneconner2008 Apr 2nd
i want to forget u, forever Poem blondelf regret Apr 2nd
I See the Dream Poem soulive2213 Apr 2nd
Sometime I feel Poem christianpoetry... Apr 2nd
"Dissolved" Poem The1TrueMojo Apr 3rd
Haikus Poem cr_barnes 1 Abstract Apr 3rd
Passing Through Poem cr_barnes Apr 3rd
""Broken Smile"" Poem darklion Loneliness Apr 3rd
I Saw Mom Today Poem justshan1983 family Apr 3rd
SOMEWHERE IN FANTASYLAND Poem heatherburns35 1 Fantasy/Magic Apr 3rd
"Waxed Brass" Poem The1TrueMojo Apr 3rd
Words Poem lovebeinginlov3 choices Apr 3rd
"High Four" Poem The1TrueMojo 2 Apr 3rd
All Through Him Poem trumpet7 inspiration Apr 3rd
PASSING STORM Poem heatherburns35 2 life's storm Apr 3rd
Its Ugly Hand Poem phil_carcione Sonnets Apr 3rd
Princess (for Ivy) Poem ScorpioDominant Parenthood Apr 3rd
MY HAND FOR ETERNITY Poem passionate_poet love Apr 3rd
While i Choke Poem natedog2 Apr 3rd
My Heart Is Ready Poem 41tulips Apr 3rd
My Heart Perished Too Poem 41tulips 1 Apr 3rd
Stoner Poem Sivus 2 Addiction Apr 4th
Behind Her Smile Poem Avantgarde 2 Apr 4th
All My Needs Poem trumpet7 inspiration Apr 4th
`The death of a Hero` Poem mack619 Apr 4th
OBSESSION OF THE SHALLOW Poem palewingedpoetess 1 Apr 4th
Super Bounce Poem Sivus Sexual Apr 4th
Female Poem Sivus Existence Apr 4th
Sinful Lust Poem Avantgarde 1 Apr 4th
"Ошибся я, ошиблась ты " Poem princealexander Poetry/Writing Apr 5th
Pantoum #1 Poem dreamofchasingangel Apr 5th
Forever Yours Poem lovebeinginlov3 2 Being Loved Apr 5th
MIDNIGHT PHONE CALL Poem chris 2 Abstract Apr 5th
SQUIRREL Poem chris 1 Nature/Environment Apr 5th
SPRING Poem chris 1 Nature/Environment Apr 5th
WONDERING HEARTS Poem heatherburns35 2 storms Apr 5th
Pantoum: The Unknown Poem dreamofchasingangel Apr 5th
Pantoum: Wings 2 Fly 2 Heaven Poem dreamofchasingangel Apr 5th
A Couple Haiku's for Pixie Begely Poem dreamofchasingangel Haiku Apr 5th
Many Years Ago Poem dreamofchasingangel Apr 5th
WAITIN ON THE TRAIN Poem chris 1 Abstract Apr 5th
NEBRASKA Poem chris 1 Nature/Environment Apr 5th
it's what I wanted Poem jpike 1 Apr 5th
Pluto Poem Avantgarde Apr 5th
MEALS ON WHEELS Poem chris 1 Abstract Apr 5th
Withered Old Painting Poem phil_carcione Sonnets Apr 5th
Bottom Line Christianity Poem metaphorist 3 Apr 5th
SUPERMARKET TURPENTINE Poem palewingedpoetess Apr 5th
On the Road of Life Poem metaphorist Apr 5th
Hell Escape Plan Poem metaphorist 1 Apr 5th
Godless Clown Poem Letty467 Memories Apr 5th
We Will Remember.. Poem vilmazab 1 Apr 5th
LOVE Poem teresa_r 2 Apr 5th
Letter To My Lover Poem goldendiamond1 Apr 5th
Sea of Peace Poem Avantgarde 2 Apr 5th
GIRL Poem chris 1 Song Lyrics Apr 5th
Circled Words Poem Avantgarde 1 Apr 5th
I'LL REMEMBER YOU Poem heatherburns35 3 Apr 5th
GENTLE CRITIQUE # Poem palewingedpoetess 1 Apr 6th
Seige of my heart Poem doktoravalanche Apr 6th
THE WINDS OF TIME Poem heatherburns35 2 trees Apr 6th
One Day... Poem SoccerBaby430 Angels, death, Grief and lose, Hope, Life and faith Apr 6th
Morning's Shoulder Poem enuminous Fate/Destiny Apr 6th
Untitled -- 4.6.2010 Poem jpike Apr 6th
New England Rains Poem phil_carcione 1 Sonnets Apr 6th
Green Glutton Poem Sivus 1 Abstract Apr 6th
REPAIRING ME AT LONG LAST Poem palewingedpoetess Apr 6th
The Brutal Truth Poem Avantgarde Apr 6th
Why Grandma Why Poem sami1992 2 Decisions Apr 7th
"Falling out of Love" Poem desert_rose Abstract Apr 7th
I wish I could still love you Poem running_with_rabbits Apr 7th
Nightmar's Dream Poem Asheron 2 Apr 7th
নাঈমা'র মেহেদী সন্ধ্যা Poem shawon1982 Apr 7th
What About Me Poem KingGeorge religion Apr 7th
একান্ত আপন Poem shawon1982 Apr 7th
You Want Get Away Poem KingGeorge religion Apr 7th
Images of the Past Poem phil_carcione 1 Apr 7th
poem_261_Our_Rainy_World Poem h1s4k0 1 Apr 7th
I AM GOING TO KEEP DREAMING Poem teresa_r Apr 7th
Burnt Offering Poem Avantgarde Apr 7th
I Was Bored, So I Wrote These Haiku's Poem dreamofchasingangel Apr 7th
Dig Poem jgupta Abstract Apr 7th
Worry in your Heart Poem phil_carcione Apr 8th
I Love You, But Not Today Poem lonelylove love Apr 8th
Covered In Lies Poem sojaded Breaking Up Apr 8th
Leaving Soon Poem shearerjon 1 Apr 8th
i love you....wip since 7/4/09 continuing to present... Poem significance_of_2 blind love, deep love, i love you, Intensity, love, love at first sight, Soulmates, stupid for love Apr 8th
Our Garden Poem shearerjon 2 Apr 8th
Cuando sea grande Poem amores Apr 8th
Vexed Poem sojaded 1 confusion Apr 8th
curved by its intention Poem 9inety Apr 8th
Certainties: Wading Poem Starward Tanka Apr 8th
Tempting... Poem necro-zydrate 1 Apr 8th
Always Be My Valentine Poem seatellite Apr 8th
The Other Woman? Poem lovebeinginlov3 Bizarre Apr 9th
True Love Poem vilmazab 1 Apr 9th
I dont know how you do it.... Poem katyo3 Apr 9th
BUTTERFLY Poem ladydp2000 Nature/Environment Apr 9th
MaundyThirsty Poem charlax7 Abstract Apr 9th
Inner Child Poem phil_carcione Apr 9th
HIDE AND SEEK Poem ladydp2000 Children Apr 9th
Skeleton Rock & Roll Poem doktoravalanche Apr 9th
Why did you have to go? Poem fat_sweaty_bob Apr 9th
Face in My Mind Poem cuplix Apr 9th
Love Shaped Words Poem Avantgarde Apr 9th
Mom Poem fat_sweaty_bob Apr 9th
It's been a while... Poem fat_sweaty_bob Comedy/Humor Apr 9th
If I Wasn't Screaming I Was Silent Poem Jayne Apr 9th
I told you that I love you Poem geneconner2008 Apr 9th
Ignoring Creation’s Witness Poem trumpet7 inspiration Apr 9th
THE WHITE UNICORN Poem heavensunrise Abstract Apr 10th
Afraid Bullets Poem Avantgarde Apr 10th
Lost Poem Avantgarde Apr 10th
its so fast Poem juliothegreat Apr 10th
TWO SUMMMER DAYS LONG (SONG) Poem palewingedpoetess Apr 10th
Love Played Me Like A Fool Poem Silver__lining Apr 10th
No More Destination Poem Silver__lining Apr 10th
More words from me Poem twisted_whisperer Apr 11th
EMOTIONAL MYOPIA ** Poem palewingedpoetess Apr 11th
Get Up Poem exkaijadesatiro Apr 11th
Your still miffed?! Poem fat_sweaty_bob Apr 11th
The Broken Road Poem blueeyes Apr 11th
Unique Poem deepblue Apr 11th
Dreaming Song Poem timbiondollo Apr 11th
bloody rage Poem angelous 1 Revenge Apr 11th
Here Lies America Poem icifan Apr 11th
Making Love Poem MrEternity 1 Sexual Apr 11th
Trapped Poem lovelymissrai Depression Apr 11th
look at me Poem elle_graw 1 Apr 11th
A Quiet Swagger Poem deepblue 2 Apr 11th
Elevation Poem deepblue 2 Apr 11th
Momma, Momma, Momma Poem twincities Apr 11th
Umbilical Cords Poem icifan Apr 11th
Blood for Being Poem icifan Apr 11th
I'm Sorry Poem lovebeinginlov3 Breaking Up Apr 11th
THE ADORABLE APHRODITE Poem emmenay Apr 11th
SILENT HEARTACHE Poem lovebeinginlov3 Loneliness Apr 11th
Seasonal Chores Poem phil_carcione Apr 11th
Rockland Poem icifan Apr 11th
I will not apologize Poem fighter4life lesbian love Apr 12th
Ever After Poem Aloris Lost love Apr 12th
THE DATING GAME Poem chris 1 Abstract Apr 12th
Pantoum: Geisha Poem dreamofchasingangel 1 Apr 12th
DON'T DIE Poem chris 1 Apr 12th
"You and Me" Poem tybose love Apr 12th
Listen to silence Poem tanyatee Apr 12th
changes Poem juliothegreat Apr 12th
Jeannie's Tears, Jeannie's Flowers Poem dreamofchasingangel love Apr 12th
How to Grieve Poem phil_carcione 1 Apr 12th
To Close My Eyes Poem MatthewWayne 3 Betrayal Apr 12th
Glass and Jade Poem timbiondollo 1 Apr 12th
At Mount Ebal Poem Starward Abuse Apr 12th
A - A = X Revised Poem running_with_rabbits Apr 12th
Untitled Poem abevelle Faith Apr 13th
MIDNIGHT CRY Poem profrksingh 1 Angst Apr 13th
Migraine Poem abevelle 1 sadness Apr 13th
Pseudo Poem abevelle Lust Apr 13th
Devilutions I: Carnal Metamorphosis Poem dblackthorne Sin Apr 13th
Not Only For Me Poem trumpet7 inspiration Apr 13th
Cyber-Postman Poem abevelle long distance Apr 13th
Sleeping Eyes Poem timbiondollo Apr 13th
Snow Fall Poem forever_his Weather/Environment Apr 13th
Destiny Poem timbiondollo Apr 13th
Strong like storms Poem grahf Apr 13th
Untitled -- 4.13.2010 Poem ChandaBurton love Apr 13th
A Colorful Curse Poem abevelle jealousy Apr 13th
Facing Pages Poem phil_carcione Sonnets Apr 13th
Untitled -- 4.12.2010 Poem ket Abuse Apr 13th
Abandoned Poem cam 2 Betrayal Apr 13th
Long for No More Goodbyes Poem Silver__lining Apr 13th
Nothing but a Dream Poem Silver__lining Apr 13th
Seduction Poem abevelle Lust Apr 13th
"Unknown Seasons" Poem tybose Apr 13th
RAIN Poem ladydp2000 Nature/Environment Apr 14th
No point in crying Poem fat_sweaty_bob Apr 14th
Lost Loves Poem h9515 Apr 14th
CLOUDS Poem ladydp2000 Nature/Environment Apr 14th
"Turn Around" Poem tybose Apr 14th
Thought Poem h9515 Apr 14th
SOMETIMES Poem teresa_r Apr 14th
WELCOME TO MY WORLD Poem heatherburns35 5 Apr 14th
—Love Will Not Carry You Poem tula love Apr 14th
Epigram On A Lover's Playful Whisper Poem Starward Being Loved Apr 14th
HIDE AND SEEK Poem ladydp2000 Culture/Society Apr 14th
Make Your Dreams Come True Poem IntoTheDawn dreams Apr 14th
Pages from a novel, ripping Poem chubbsmahone Apr 14th
Frame Poem RainerBukowski Abstract Apr 14th
Untitled -- 4.14.2010 Poem charlax7 Articles Apr 14th
نامي يا حلوة ي صغيره Poem nasheed Apr 14th
No More Heroes Poem strangelittleboy Apr 14th
MaundyThirsty Poem charlax7 Bizarre Apr 14th
RudeApriledOne Poem charlax7 Culture/Society Apr 14th
hussle free Poem ozzypoemgirl Apr 14th
onetoo Poem charlax7 Articles Apr 14th
For Diz Poem Letty467 inspiration Apr 14th
The Bear Trap That Missed Poem strangelittleboy Apr 14th
Creeping Poem Letty467 1 Insomnia/Restless Apr 14th
SIXsecretSIXLouverSIX Poem charlax7 Articles Apr 14th
HIGHfive Poem charlax7 Articles Apr 14th
Rain Poem phil_carcione Apr 14th
Blue Rook Spring Poem Letty467 Change/Transition Apr 14th
I'M TIRED Poem chris Abstract Apr 15th
MIDNIGHT FREIGHT TRAIN Poem chris 1 Abstract Apr 15th
WAITING FOR YOUR CALL Poem chris 1 Abstract Apr 15th
Love will follow you home Poem meso 1 Apr 15th
"iVe HeArD" Poem cookie18 love Apr 15th
A COLD'S COMING Poem chris 1 Abstract Apr 15th
LiFe iS A TrAiN! Poem cookie18 Life/Living Apr 15th
-->MY SiDe Poem cookie18 Strength/Courage Apr 15th
My Way Poem vilmazab 2 Apr 15th
""One Lonely Summer Night"" Poem darklion 1 love Apr 15th
""A Simple Song"" Poem darklion 1 love Apr 15th
"MY FeAr" Poem cookie18 Fear Apr 15th
Certainties: Common Scents Poem Starward Tanka Apr 15th
A Note to Find Me in Facebook Poem jgupta 1 Apr 15th
فـارِد قُلُـــــــــوعي Poem nasheed Apr 15th
تشك تشك توت -فيديو Poem nasheed Children Apr 15th
أبحث عن شمس الحرية Poem nasheed Apr 15th