blind love


When I say the magic word, 

all of this can end. 


After the news I heard today, 

I know exactly where we stand. 


You won't even see it coming, 

It'll be a quick blow to the head. 


Was all this pain really worth it,

when you tried to lay in her bed? 


Even though I hate the bitch,

I'm glad she stood her ground. 


I wish I could have seen your face

when she "sadly" turned you down. 


Now everyone is talking 

you're the joke of the town


Where are you going to turn

now that no one is around?


None of this is my fault,

but I should have seen the signs.


Should have looked a little closer,

should have read between the lines. 


I thought we were in love

when I looked into your eyes.


But now I know it's true,

that even love is blind. 


i love you....wip since 7/4/09 continuing to present...

i love you for who you are
the you who is in love with me
the you only for me to see
i love you,
for what you want us to be
you i love can we be we?
i love you,
for exactly who you turned out to be
the you who YOU revealed to me
you i will love eternally
whose touch can show exponentially
that you love me.

i love you,  i love you
our love is all that will ever matter
reciprocate so my heart doesn't shatter
silence the chatter
just by making the pain scatter
mend these hearts so frayed and tattered

I love you for the truths that you always speak pushing me toward my peak as i leak my deepest emotions and my knees get weak

i love you, i love me, i love you....
can we be we until we don't breathe?
and when we are old can not see,
we'll think and speak of times when we loved endlessly
my beloved thee, you feelin me?
i feel you too and your love is oooooooooooh....

i love you til the world is invisible
til all my emptiness is full
and whatever comes from you i'll do to prove my love for you is true

I love you, for who YOU ARE,
not for who you try to be,
but for who unravel and reveal yourself to be to me,
I LOVE you,
the you who is in love with me,
who only has a heart to be loving me eternally
so gracefully and passionately
knowing our love is meant to be as you share your heart with me...

i love you so much my hands are open and i already let go of the contents as i was hopin you'd be sent to fill my empty space for real and be the 1 i feel can heal the hole that was created by this intense desire to retire from playing with fire seeking that thing i require from you.

I love you my every shout whispers it loud; iluvu 3words with enough clout to erase all doubt

can you see what i'm sayin, do you know what i mean? when you want what you want, there's no in betweens. you get what you ask for, when you give you recieve, never second guess if you truly believe

i had to take stock of a few things that had me perplexed about me before i could ok us being we...
baby these issues inside had my mind
completely lost from my truest design
it's not right to walk around blind,
being unkind, unable to unwind and
unfairly inclined to hit below the belt when it's not time to melt

I love you though you see past me

Don't think clearly and

don't hear me

When our eyes meet 

You don't miss a beat

Loving me like a treat

Cuz that's what happens when true love greets...

It syncs

i love you to the point that i am incurable
to the point that being without you would be terminal
i love and baby i just can' not seem to let it go

it's just you the way you express with your sweet caress
loving me differently from the rest, no pressure, no stress
inspiring my very best  i am blessed
when i lay in your chest  to rest

heartbeat gluing me into to you
sounds of the world are inaudible
don't you know, it's you i love
and it was ordained from up above

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i am not only loving you, but in LOVE with YOU alone... do you know who i am, like i know you with my heart? as my eyes are closed i feel you and love you always in many ways i feel your gaze when you are not looking at me...

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