The Other Woman?

My happiness and my sadness

seem completely entangled

in one big messy emotion.

My love for you extends beyond

the depths of any ocean.

Our love is neverending.


The best gift I was given in life.

Yet now I'm understanding

the love you have for "your wife".

Never can I replace your love for her.

Yet you've treated me as

the brightest star in the heavens.

The only star in this sky.

My heart dearly yearns

to fight for you.

But my soul keeps asking "why?"

Why must I battle

for a title I already own?

Why when we're together

I'm feeling as if I'm alone?

She calls you, so you flee.

As if her outcries mean the end.

The end of all life.

As if you MUST race over

to attend to this "wife".

Leaving me for her.

Leaving me alone once more in the shadows

to ask the question.

Should I really need to ask for her blessing?

Should I sit here in this silence,

while respecting your love for her?

While my heart has time to recover?

Atleast before you marry me,

Baby, please divorce your mother.  

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Self explanatory.... Some of you woman out there may know what I'm talkin bout. =}

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