You, We Me

This was the second DIG monthly meet, in the new location of Kreuezberg at Restaurant Maharani.

Frau Burgundy Woolf was determined to share her Indian trip photos and experiences.

I, a bit late to arrive find her struggle with the lap top in an effort to project the snaps on screen through the beamer.

This gives me an opportunity to catch up a tete-e-tete with other members.

Unable to manage Frau Woolf decides to hold the laptop high and proceed minus the big screen.

Like kids we sit all eyes, ears, eager and alert.

She begins with a lot of anecdotes, some of the stories give a feel like a sudden surge of melt butter.

Some for sure were waste paper -

A change of attitude perhaps I thought, far from usual grapes are sour, presentation.

Earlier she had failed for reasons unkown to present the submerged... (readers are allowed to think as to what the submerged could be)

However, with  high laptop and moral support from another mate, it clicked this time, and we were for her...

This that and group photos, her own too - in smart clothes.

Rajasthan and so and so, Agra posed her problems.

'The souvenier sellers surrounded her and that was sick bother' she said.

'Hmm' I thought in my mind, now it is snaking to discreetion.

Did I hear something at a distance, a howl or a whine of the jackal, or was it a sinister whistle of the kitchen cooker churning out a poisonous meal? Crawling for an upheavel to burst open the lid!

Quick decision to mind, 'no I shall not order to eat'

This mental affair took place while Frau Burgundy Woolf was on her speech.

"These days too many fox roam the city ecks, (maybe attracted to the wastebins cunningly covered) fly across the streets like a dart emerging from the rehabilated forests that dot residential patches.

Once had witnessed such a dart speed past our car nose, cutting through the night."

Soon she was in New Delhi, sorry pardon me, no she had already zig zagged through Chadni Chowk to Old Delhi -

Yes, you have guessed correct, it was with great interest she landed in Jamma Masjid.

Now, came the actual, the very highest peak of travel, climb the JM minaret, in glee.

She went further to explain about a similar visit,  earlier, some twenty years backto top of the same minaret???

At that time her clothes were T-Shirt and jeans, and up she hopped stairs with grace, matching a hare.

'Oh! How very interesting ...'

This time too she expected to do the same leap to the top once again - but lo alas

She continued with her vocal drive.

Said that this time the Imam came with strict rules; visitors must adorn an overall, cover head to toe as a sign (as if) to upkeep moral. Very much in accordance to the rules of the mosque -

My mind strayed to a monastry in Greece where the Christian Orthodox Church barred all female visitors in trousers. However, women need not despair, rent a skirt at the gate, permission indoors, granted!  

Now, now what's the big DIG deal, nothing but the very instigation of communal feel... is it?

Ma'am Woolf "Live and let live" enables, sustains. Searching for pastures to utilize manufactured weapons, stagnates!

Endless needs an exploration, funding the same is expensive. Why waste in arms, twist the manufacturing for astronomy and space...

Why not use all mettle, metal, brain and brawn to settle decadant ugly instinct "I am better you are useless" that race.

22.09.2009 21.36 Uhr

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