Its my favorite part of the day.

    We talk on the phone.

   I feel less alone.

     I finally get to play.

     I finally get to have fun.

     I never want it to be done.

   Its past 10.  I know soon, the answer to

   the question of you'll call when.

   We talk under the moon and the stars.

  We dont apart seem so far.

   Sometimes I call you.  It's true.

   Either way, I am less blue.


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Ruth Lovejoy's picture

this sounds like something I'd write of more recent times that's for sure. Don't know who you are writing about but either way I can relate to it.Any call day or night around here when I'm stuck in because of no gas to go anywhere or weather or whatever is welcome. To hear a familiar voice makes time less long till I can next be with friends,my captain, my church or anything familiar and welcoming. I'm also thankful for all my email friends too. Check mail quite often when I'm here alone. Counting days when that situation will change I get a job and can eventually get back to my old stomping grounds...