love at first sight

Two Hearts


Angel eyes,
James Dean smile,
and a Marcos Not A Hero shirt
He was scouring the room when he found me first
Shy guy type,
crooked spine,
My heart compressed and prepared for the worst
The second he stepped in to my world,
I found my tongue struggling for some words

"I'm a bad conversation,"
I'd say, gripping harder on my first Chardonnay
"How else can you be a conversation?"
he'd flash a smile, flicking the last of his Marlboro Lights


And right there and there,
two souls collided into a glorious explosion,
sliding to the grip of the claws of the night
on the way to the familiar road
of sins, misery, and scenic memories


After two nights of flying ballistics
and crippling thoughts once abandoned,
Two hearts soon mixed
into a sparkling August poison
A blue bourgeois Libra
And a yellow-bleeding Leo
A pair of delicate, diamond hearts
Defying fate, seeking Cupid's darts
Rising from the dead,
Rising from ash
Rising for the words once left unsaid


The thrill of it all is eating me whole 
I feel the shaking ground and the cold air blows
Omens, cautions, and warnings 
Red lights above us all blaring
A whirlwind romance, friends say,
is bound for doom and eventual fade
But his words are enough to hold on to
Words that make my demons fade into view
along with my bad past as I start anew
Away from the dark clouds 
that have crippled me.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A poem about a whirlwind romance.

Eyes Of Blue

My heart gave a sudden sigh for those eyes of blue
more beautiful than the deep blue skies
It was  love at first sight for this old fool

And how I loved her shiny  blonde hair
 just like her eyes her hair shined like the sun
she looked absolutely beautiful I had to stare

But then  I stole a peek in her bathroom medicine chest

proof of blue tinted contacts and bottled blonde hair
  I now wonder if  her large bosoms are padding at best

                                                    John Gabriel ©

Love at First Sight

People say that ‘love at first sight’ truly happens,

I never had faith in it,

Until I met her one daylight,

My world changed within seconds.


So mysterious the feeling was,

I kept looking at her,

Didn’t bother what the thoughts of others were,

I was in my new world, new chase.


I fell in love with her for sure,

If it’s a disease then her eyes knew the cure. 

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Souls Colliding

Let me tell you about the time I met this woman

there we were, 

my eyes on her, 

her eyes on me,

and lets be real for a moment, 

I was in no way naive,

I could tell from just one look,

that if she came any closer,

I would be just a page in her journal,

and she would be the only character,

in every chapter of my book.

So no; I wasn't fooled,

I knew it was a face first dive,

into a concrete pool,

but the whole way down I was grinning,

because whether or not she was aware of it,

I'd rather take a fall, 

than regret never jumping in at all.


Anyways lets get back to the moment,

I dont know what it was,

and I'm not much for reincarnation,

but I swear, 

that first time I saw her standing there

felt like the thousandth,

something about the way she looked directly back at me,

without turning,

mixed with the smokey light in the bar

and caused the hazel edges of her irises,

seem to catch on fire,

The whole room except this girl dimmed out of focus,

for a few heartbeats,

to me, time stopped completely,

and I dont just mean it stopped moving forward,

I mean It stopped existing,

It was like I knew her always,

the best way I can describe it,

is like finding something,

that you never knew went missing

well I found it, 

I felt it in my bones,

I knew in those first few moments,

regardless of how this ended,

something deep in me had changed,



From what have you materialized, oh sweet angel of love
No bird in the sky could match your grace, not even a dove.
In the distance, the aura of your beauty seizes my heart
I could search the globe and find no comparable art.

How will I speak to thee that has turned my world upside down?
In the midst of you, even a God would feel as a clown.
Before the sweet sound of your voice ever touched my ears
I knew yours was of an angel, and would shatter my fears.

If the conversation were dry, your beauty would persist
But to my delight, your vibrations leave me breathless.
Your intellect is unquestionable, and your way is intoxicating
Refreshing, like a cool winter wind one would experience ice skating.

Bubbling in my heart, a love that has lain dormant spreads through my being
Aphrodite herself would be jealous, afraid to confirm what she’s seen.
How can one capture your heart in the way you’ve stolen mine?
I would walk to the ends of the earth for it, disregarding time.

With no effort on your part, I feel I have fallen into a cloud of bliss
I ask the lord almighty, what have I done to deserve this?
Oh to feel your lips pressed against mine, would heaven be reached
I would feel unable to move, like a whale that’s been beached.

The ease of your manner leaves me uneasy of my own
My insecurities can only be vanquished through poem.
Of one thing I’m sure, you, I could never mistreat
But how could I be the prince you long to meet?

I am just I, no more, no less
To be in your presence, oh I feel I am blessed.
If love harkens, surely no greater example could be
Of a love that has stirred my soul to the essence of me.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Love at First Sight

i love you....wip since 7/4/09 continuing to present...

i love you for who you are
the you who is in love with me
the you only for me to see
i love you,
for what you want us to be
you i love can we be we?
i love you,
for exactly who you turned out to be
the you who YOU revealed to me
you i will love eternally
whose touch can show exponentially
that you love me.

i love you,  i love you
our love is all that will ever matter
reciprocate so my heart doesn't shatter
silence the chatter
just by making the pain scatter
mend these hearts so frayed and tattered

I love you for the truths that you always speak pushing me toward my peak as i leak my deepest emotions and my knees get weak

i love you, i love me, i love you....
can we be we until we don't breathe?
and when we are old can not see,
we'll think and speak of times when we loved endlessly
my beloved thee, you feelin me?
i feel you too and your love is oooooooooooh....

i love you til the world is invisible
til all my emptiness is full
and whatever comes from you i'll do to prove my love for you is true

I love you, for who YOU ARE,
not for who you try to be,
but for who unravel and reveal yourself to be to me,
I LOVE you,
the you who is in love with me,
who only has a heart to be loving me eternally
so gracefully and passionately
knowing our love is meant to be as you share your heart with me...

i love you so much my hands are open and i already let go of the contents as i was hopin you'd be sent to fill my empty space for real and be the 1 i feel can heal the hole that was created by this intense desire to retire from playing with fire seeking that thing i require from you.

I love you my every shout whispers it loud; iluvu 3words with enough clout to erase all doubt

can you see what i'm sayin, do you know what i mean? when you want what you want, there's no in betweens. you get what you ask for, when you give you recieve, never second guess if you truly believe

i had to take stock of a few things that had me perplexed about me before i could ok us being we...
baby these issues inside had my mind
completely lost from my truest design
it's not right to walk around blind,
being unkind, unable to unwind and
unfairly inclined to hit below the belt when it's not time to melt

I love you though you see past me

Don't think clearly and

don't hear me

When our eyes meet 

You don't miss a beat

Loving me like a treat

Cuz that's what happens when true love greets...

It syncs

i love you to the point that i am incurable
to the point that being without you would be terminal
i love and baby i just can' not seem to let it go

it's just you the way you express with your sweet caress
loving me differently from the rest, no pressure, no stress
inspiring my very best  i am blessed
when i lay in your chest  to rest

heartbeat gluing me into to you
sounds of the world are inaudible
don't you know, it's you i love
and it was ordained from up above

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i am not only loving you, but in LOVE with YOU alone... do you know who i am, like i know you with my heart? as my eyes are closed i feel you and love you always in many ways i feel your gaze when you are not looking at me...

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