I'm Sorry

I'm sorry for having so much baggage

and intruding on your path in life.

I'm sorry to belittle you

by calling your mother your "other wife".

I'm sorry for hurting your feelings

by letting you know how lonely I am.

I'm sorry for ignoring you

to go cry in the shower again.

I'm sorry for sounding so needy

by wanting to spend so much time with you.

I'm sorry for calling you a hypocrite

by saying "do as I say, and not as I do".

I'm sorry for smiling in the company of others

and making you feel so useless to me.

I'm sorry for keeping you so long,

knowing I should set you free.

I'm sorry for saying everything is fine

when we both know that's a lie.

I'm sorry for loving you more than anyone,

so I'm sorry to say goodbye.

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