Monthly Archive for July 2006

Title Type Pen Name Comments Categories Date
Let's sleep in Poem coldaugust love Jul 1st
Utopia Poem coldaugust Jul 1st
B-more The murky harbor water Poem coldaugust Jul 1st
The reflections of a hurting culture Poem coldaugust Jul 1st
P.O.P.I.P Poem coldaugust Jul 1st
Chosen Poem coldaugust Jul 1st
Unspoken Poem coldaugust Jul 1st
Molten Wax I (Wick-Litt'n Two) Poem eyesofsociety Jul 1st
Oh, Luna how I Love thee (Long version) Poem icewolf7 1 Awakening Jul 1st
To truly believe Poem icewolf7 religion Jul 1st
Run, run all the way home little piggy. Poem icewolf7 Abstract Jul 1st
Cascades Poem jaela Jul 1st
Moonrise Poem jaela 1 Jul 1st
A Brand New Love Poem jwc82490 love Jul 1st
When Will You Be Mine Poem lavender_mystique jealousy Jul 1st
KISS ME, KILL ME Poem palewingedpoetess Jul 1st
Orgasm Poem phil_carcione Jul 1st
Between the Eternities Poem phil_carcione Jul 1st
lost Poem pikurpoison Unrequited Love Jul 1st
Dishwasher Poem strangelittleboy Jul 1st
Wheat And Wine Poem strangelittleboy Jul 1st
A Creature ; The Moment Poem tonfa_wielder Abstract Jul 1st
war cries Poem twisted_whisperer Jul 1st
First Poem twisted_whisperer Jul 1st
Stop&Look Poem twisted_whisperer Jul 1st
Fault Poem wishful_thinking Jul 1st
Bastard Children Poem yourefaraway 1 Jul 1st
A Winter's Commute Poem yourefaraway Jul 1st
Thoughts Poem yourefaraway Jul 1st
Camping Poem yourefaraway Jul 1st
Bystander Poem yourefaraway Jul 1st
Housefires Poem yourefaraway Jul 1st
Resonating Poem yourefaraway 2 Jul 1st
No One Needs To Know Poem 41tulips Jul 2nd
Nescience Poem arindhol Space & Time Jul 2nd
WHAT'S NOT TO LOVE Poem TeagueLChesed Jul 2nd
Feeding That Need Poem blueeyes Jul 2nd
happy Shame Day '06.133A,m Poem catherine Jul 2nd
Explosion of Stars (Explicit Content) Poem crimsonqueen Sexual Jul 2nd
Gone Poem fat_sweaty_bob Jul 2nd
I betcha think this song is about you Poem fat_sweaty_bob Jul 2nd
Friends for life Poem fighter4life friendship Jul 2nd
Something change that night Poem geneconner2008 Jul 2nd
This is symbols of America Poem geneconner2008 Jul 2nd
Sunday 12:20 A.M. Poem heirius 1 Jul 2nd
Itchy Eyes Poem heirius 1 Jul 2nd
LOVE TIED TO TIME Poem kittymonkey Jul 2nd
Allison Chains Poem icifan Jul 2nd
Interesting Poem mysterypoet choices Jul 2nd
Get To Know Me Poem mysterypoet Other Jul 2nd
Dead End Poem mysterypoet Acceptance Jul 2nd
Gone, Yet Still A Pain Poem mysterypoet Anger NonViolent Jul 2nd
Up All Night Poem mysterypoet Unrequited Love Jul 2nd
Fairytale Poem mysterypoet Jul 2nd
Wishes Poem DarkStatic Suicide Jul 2nd
You ask me? What I want this year? a song Poem ozzypoemgirl 1 Jul 2nd
LOVE AND FOOD Poem palewingedpoetess Jul 2nd
UPON THE GOOS'ED FLESH Poem palewingedpoetess Jul 2nd
THE BEAUTIFUL HEART'S CAPACITY Poem palewingedpoetess Jul 2nd
A NOT SO SIMPLE GRIEF Poem palewingedpoetess Jul 2nd
EYELESS JAGANNATH Poem profrksingh Spirituality Jul 2nd
Dead Looks Good On You... Poem shesmybabybear 1 Jul 2nd
Rest In Peace Andrew Poem somefatguy Jul 2nd
الأسطورة Poem tariqasrawi Jul 2nd
Politics And Religion Poem trumpet7 inspiration Jul 2nd
7-1-06 Poem gummifroggie Poetry/Writing Jul 2nd
Gone Poem gummifroggie death Jul 2nd
Fake Poem gummifroggie Jul 2nd
__To different girl__ Poem alihekal Jul 3rd
On the Blood of the Stars Poem Juliet8 Jul 3rd
Martha and Mary Poem blumentopf 1 Jul 3rd
Close to You Poem columb 1 Jul 3rd
A Beautiful Heart Poem columb 2 Jul 3rd
DXM 2 Poem ethezube 2 Abstract Jul 3rd
after eden Poem faeriehuman Jul 3rd
Move On Poem forgeteden 2 Jul 3rd
My Marrionette Heart Poem forgeteden 2 Jul 3rd
Cold Poem forgeteden 1 Jul 3rd
For six years Poem geneconner2008 Jul 3rd
Toboggan Poem jgupta Jul 3rd
Independence Day Poem juliothegreat Jul 3rd
The Sequence of a Meltdown Poem juliothegreat Jul 3rd
Not an Obsession Poem jwc82490 love Jul 3rd
LOVE'S NIGHT RIVER Poem kittymonkey Jul 3rd
Let's Make-Luv Poem kxcell Sexual Jul 3rd
Mental Orgasm Poem kxcell Lust Jul 3rd
Untitled -- 7.3.2006 Poem nighthawk21 Jul 3rd
Untitled -- 7.3.2006 Poem nighthawk21 Jul 3rd
Humid Poem ozzypoemgirl Jul 3rd
Emotional moments Poem ozzypoemgirl 1 Jul 3rd
BEYOND GOOD Poem palewingedpoetess Jul 3rd
PERMISSION AND REQUEST Poem palewingedpoetess Jul 3rd
HOLLOW SPIRITS Poem palewingedpoetess Jul 3rd
JANUARY JOURNEY Poem palewingedpoetess Jul 3rd
THE SENSUOUS SPELL OF R. ASHWELL Poem palewingedpoetess Jul 3rd
COMFORTABLE SHAME Poem palewingedpoetess Jul 3rd
APATHY Poem palewingedpoetess Jul 3rd
THE STRANGEST STRINGS Poem palewingedpoetess Jul 3rd
THE RECLAIMMENT OF REASON Poem palewingedpoetess Jul 3rd
* Soothing Words Of Love * Poem poetvg 1 Jul 3rd
For Raine Poem semeron Jul 3rd
pills Poem shesmybabybear Jul 3rd
Crying after sex Poem shesmybabybear 2 Jul 3rd
he was the world Poem sugargrl1815 1 Jul 3rd
Black Flies and White Walls Poem thekirby Jul 3rd
MAYBE THERE'S A REASON Poem trivking64 death Jul 3rd
Long Ago Poem 41tulips Jul 4th
Sultry Poem 41tulips Jul 4th
I Fell For You Poem 41tulips Jul 4th
Lucifer Poem dblackthorne 1 Angels Jul 4th
What Are You Gonna Do? Poem exthias1983 Other Jul 4th
whisper Poem faeriehuman Jul 4th
Do you ever Poem geneconner2008 Jul 4th
Need to know Poem geneconner2008 Jul 4th
Changes Poem geneconner2008 Jul 4th
We are American Poem geneconner2008 Tributes/Odes Jul 4th
غلاف مجموعتي القصصية.. عنقود الكهرمان Poem gulizaranwar Abstract Jul 4th
Does Pain Have A Time Limit? Poem heirius 1 Jul 4th
One More Kiss Poem jwc82490 love Jul 4th
GREEN PEACE Poem kiwi Nature/Environment Jul 4th
DAWN'S MUSIC. Poem kiwi Nature/Environment Jul 4th
On An Old Pizza Box Poem lovelymissrai Jul 4th
`Neglect` Poem mack619 Abuse Jul 4th
Sorry you & your friend had a fallen out! Poem ozzypoemgirl Jul 4th
4th of july again Poem pikurpoison Lost love Jul 4th
the original happy 4th Poem pikurpoison Jul 4th
one Poem pikurpoison Jul 4th
PAINED Poem pikurpoison Jul 4th
MY LOVE Poem Solitary_Dreamer love Jul 4th
ANCESTRAL IRELAND Poem Solitary_Dreamer 1 Other Jul 4th
God’s Word Speaks Poem trumpet7 inspiration Jul 4th
In Terms Of Poem wishful_thinking Jul 4th
what is there to lose? Poem asherivers 1 History/Past Jul 5th
LET GO AND LET GOD Poem TeagueLChesed Jul 5th
Weapons of Mass Oil Production Poem dakotadarkhorse Political Jul 5th
Lover's Education 6-27 Poem dancewmoonlight Jul 5th
Path of Life 7-4 Poem dancewmoonlight Jul 5th
Blackfoot Buffalo Poem eyesofsociety Jul 5th
Vanilla Dreams Poem greenmeadow 1 Jul 5th
Would You? Poem jackie_lyn 1 Jul 5th
Goals Poem jwc82490 love Jul 5th
Photo Ops Poem kyoksil Jul 5th
Libog Poem kyoksil Jul 5th
Tulok Poem kyoksil Jul 5th
Motel Gillage Poem kyoksil Jul 5th
Asusena Poem kyoksil Jul 5th
Ang dapat? Poem kyoksil 1 Jul 5th
Inabuso Poem kyoksil Jul 5th
Diarrhea Poem kyoksil Jul 5th
Moving On Poem ladybug_172001 Breaking Up Jul 5th
ONE MORE TIME, ONCE AGAIN Poem ladydp2000 Life/Living Jul 5th
IT WASN'T Poem ladydp2000 Abstract Jul 5th
HOLOCAUST Poem ladydp2000 Space & Time Jul 5th
WITHOUT YOU Poem ladydp2000 love Jul 5th
Marcle baby Zoë Poem ozzypoemgirl Short Story Jul 5th
Half Full? Poem phil_carcione Jul 5th
Phallic Fantasies Poem phil_carcione 1 Jul 5th
SUDDEN SCREECH Poem profrksingh Haiku Jul 5th
Happy 4th of July Poem significance_of_2 Acceptance Jul 5th
PASSING PHASE Poem trivking64 Existential Jul 5th
Only Your Worst Day Poem wishful_thinking Jul 5th
عفريت نافذتي Poem yaramo Jul 5th
The Obituary Poem amywilkie Betrayal Jul 6th
Secret Dreams Poem timbiondollo Jul 6th
Stifle Poem timbiondollo Jul 6th
Substance Poem timbiondollo 1 Jul 6th
Spawn of Broken Faith Poem timbiondollo Jul 6th
Break Out Poem timbiondollo Jul 6th
Chaos of Perception Poem timbiondollo Jul 6th
Genocidal Chemical Desire Poem timbiondollo Jul 6th
My Heart Lies To Me Poem timbiondollo 1 Jul 6th
What Is A Promise? Poem Megsamoo00 Breaking Up Jul 6th
Fighting for Peace Poem dakotadarkhorse 1 Political Jul 6th
Pessimistic Poem forgeteden 1 Jul 6th
From a Moth to a Butterfly Poem forgeteden 2 Jul 6th
A Blank Slate Sky Poem forgeteden 1 Jul 6th
Liwayway Ng Umaga Poem greenmeadow Hope Jul 6th
poem_137_Lose_Him Poem h1s4k0 Bittersweet Jul 6th
poem_139_Now_I_See Poem h1s4k0 sadness Jul 6th
poem_138_Getting_Through Poem h1s4k0 Breaking Up Jul 6th
poem_144_Relish Poem h1s4k0 Lost love Jul 6th
poem_143_Too_Much_Faith Poem h1s4k0 Faith Jul 6th
poem_142_Miss_Him Poem h1s4k0 Memories Jul 6th
poem_140_Unsure Poem h1s4k0 Jul 6th
poem_141_Cant_Forget Poem h1s4k0 sadness Jul 6th
Thanks Mom For Who We Are Poem hhickson Tributes/Odes Jul 6th
WHY are you Still With Him Poem hhickson Collaboration Jul 6th
Angel's Tears Poem hhickson 1 love Jul 6th
Evenin' Time Poem hhickson love Jul 6th
For Judy and Harlan Poem hhickson Tributes/Odes Jul 6th
Linda has a Secret Poem hhickson Collaboration Jul 6th
Why are you Still With Me Poem hhickson Collaboration Jul 6th
For Mudder's Day Poem hhickson Comedy/Humor Jul 6th
Last Kiss Poem hhickson Commentary Jul 6th
Price of Freedom Poem hhickson Military/Patriotism Jul 6th
Linda Shares Her Secret Poem hhickson Collaboration Jul 6th
Paul and V Poem hhickson Lost love Jul 6th
THE SAVAGE HEART Poem kittymonkey 1 Jul 6th
DOVE OF DAWN Poem kittymonkey Jul 6th
SO BEAUTIFUL BEYOND SAYING Poem kittymonkey Jul 6th
Flying High Poem laghorses 1 Jul 6th
sisterhood Poem laghorses Jul 6th
Questions Poem laghorses Jul 6th
The circle Poem laghorses Jul 6th
A Fresh start Poem laghorses 2 Jul 6th
Lost Poem laghorses 1 Jul 6th
Just too hard Poem laghorses 1 Jul 6th
You and me Poem laghorses Jul 6th
Cry Poem laghorses 4 Jul 6th
Independence day! Poem ozzypoemgirl 1 Jul 6th
Clean me of you Poem ruth_x_less love Jul 6th
Because we are untouchable. Poem ruth_x_less Protest Jul 6th
I don't know. Poem thecrazypalekid Jul 6th
Farewell to the Heavens Poem Juliet8 Jul 7th
Give love strength Poem brownelizard Jul 7th
A truth Poem brownelizard Jul 7th
*Breathe Danger* Poem crimsonangel Jul 7th
Peace Police Poem dakotadarkhorse Hope Jul 7th
St. Paul's Curse Poem davidwalters Articles Jul 7th
When I break free Poem fighter4life Existence Jul 7th
Him Poem forgeteden 2 Jul 7th
Awakening of Fear Poem foxgloves 1 Dark Jul 7th
The Rain Poem foxgloves 1 Weather/Environment Jul 7th
Our Mark Poem foxgloves 1 Weather/Environment Jul 7th
Break it Fast. Poem foxgloves 1 Anger NonViolent Jul 7th
I'm Sorry. Poem foxgloves 1 sadness Jul 7th
Moments Ago. Poem foxgloves 1 Sexual Jul 7th
Night Dance Poem foxgloves 1 inspiration Jul 7th
Sweet Sleep Poem foxgloves 1 Other Jul 7th
The Encounter Poem foxgloves 2 Sexual Jul 7th
I Am An Amazon Poem foxgloves 1 Feminism Jul 7th
I Envy Your Bath Poem foxgloves 1 Sexual Jul 7th
Sacrifice. Poem foxgloves 1 Pain/Sorrow Jul 7th
Into The Night Poem foxgloves 1 Nature/Environment Jul 7th
Not Enough. Poem foxgloves 1 Self-doubt Jul 7th
To Make You Proud Poem foxgloves 1 Acceptance Jul 7th
Ungrateful Man. Poem foxgloves 1 Weather/Environment Jul 7th
To Learn Poem foxgloves 1 Awakening Jul 7th
Broken Well Poem foxgloves 1 Spirituality Jul 7th
The End..? Poem foxgloves 1 Stress Jul 7th
You Are Like Opium. Poem foxgloves 2 Sexual Jul 7th
Danger to Gays Poem foxgloves 3 Danger Jul 7th
Tree's Last Song Poem foxgloves 1 Nature/Environment Jul 7th
I Am Thine Poem foxgloves 1 Sexual Jul 7th
The Lady In Moon Poem foxgloves 1 Nature/Environment Jul 7th
It's My Fault Poem foxgloves 1 Pain/Sorrow Jul 7th
Fairytale Poem foxgloves 2 Fantasies Jul 7th