Close to You

You are closer then a breath away, like the dawn of a new day.

You feel my touch upon your skin, makes you feel a rush within.

You call my name in your embrace, makes my heart speed and race.

You fill my senses to over flowing, I never know if I'm coming or going.

You bridal my love deep in your heart, such passion could never break us apart.

You light up my soul, with fragrant delights as we enter the twilight of the night.

You make my heart sing tonight, with  loves rhythm dancing for my soul's delight.

You lift my body to soar in thermal passions, to rest upon  

your bosom, nuzzling. guzzling and  muzzling .

You dream of wanting the day to stand still, when I'm in your loving arms, what a thrill.

You motion your lips with your fingertips, your eyes that smoulder and sigh, enchants me closer to my love, given to me from above.

You move in sultry ways, swinging your hips with a hop and a skip; my eyes are glued and oh subdued, wetting my lips as I gaze at her hips.

You are so cute, sexy and tastefully dressed, I can honestly say; better then all the rest.

You are articulate, refined and perfect to a tee, you like your Latte sweet as with your tea.

You smile and laugh when I make a gaff, giggling and wiggling what a laff ~lmao.

You are more precious then diamonds, pearls and gold-lace, a woman of virtue, esteem and God's grace

You draw close to me and I draw close to thee, what joy we have in being free!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written for my night time Princess :0)

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Jayne Angel
I love everything about this poem. I love the power you have given it,
You really have captured that special meaning of our beautiful evenings

Thankyou Columb.

With love and many more feelings
Your Night-time Princess Jaynie 2006-07-05 04:20:52