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tampa, FL

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travel, poetry/freeverse, language, classic, indi & foreign film, music genres, performing arts, philosophy/ existentialism, anime/ manga, subcultures, goth/latin dancing, cooking, foreign food, foreign fashion, vintage, androgyny, thrifting, medical imaging, mythology, esotericism, mysticism/ numerology/tarot, eastern medicine/ herbology, theology, martial arts

I am the Page of Wands, the numerological Number 5, an evergrowing collage of subcultures. Metathesiomania snares me. At a large scale, if a movement of mine were to become predictable, a bit of me would die.

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''For it seems indeed as if, in order to be himself, a man must first be expertly informed about what the others are, and thereby learn to know what he himself is--in order then to be that. However, if he walks into the snare of this optical illusion, he never reaches the point of being himself.'' - Soren Kierkegaard


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