Fighting for Peace

A Scar is Born

...There's nothing more perplexing and peculiar in this world than fighting each other in an attempt to eventually reach peace,

Always failing to realize that war only promises to make the animosity and bloodshed amplify and increase...

Can we pretend that this is just all just a game?

Paint the red, white, and blue target on my chest and accurately aim,

Stitch the cumulus clouds together and bring everlasting rain,

Earn a first place ballot into Hell's hall of fame.

Shaking hands with a stranger while holding a knife behind our badly bruised and beaten backs,

Stabbing each other as soon as we turn the other cheek; launching countless cheap surprise attacks,

Hopelessly running our rugged relay race and passing on the baton of blame on our toxic tragedy track,

Setting our future on fire so we can illuminate our dark path once the sky showcases its deepest shade of black.

...Fighting for peace can be compared to something as contradicting as an Atheist praying for permission to enter through Heaven's heavy door,

The ignorant never realize that marching on in circles will only lead us back to the problems we dealt with once before...

Can we hit the reset button and start again at square one?

Sinning with a superficial smile as we shoot out the shimmering sun,

Put down your bloodstained Bible and grab the Holy gun,

The violence and fatality have barely even begun.

Desperately searching for signs of serenity among the wreckage and debris,

Trying to open up locks on the doors of freedom when we possess the wrong key,

The mannequin media continues to portray a pseudo image on the tainted TV,

Sell our shattered souls to Satan and wretchedly witness the Devil go on a sempiternal shopping spree.

...Fighting for peace makes as much sense as having sex while somehow attempting to still remain a virgin,

With America wounded and in critical condition, the country continues to go into battle unarmed and without the aid of a surgeon...

Can we call a "truce" and just pretend everything is fine?

Making amends with the innocent enemy while marching upon the hidden land mine,

Silencing our ears to Surrenders' contaminated cries and ignoring the "no trespassing" sign,

Parading down the unwelcoming streets of suicide and crossing the forbidden, invisible line.

Redemption is out of our reach and salvation is out of sight,

Setting up a bivouac on the bloodstained boulevard while witnessing the world spontaneously ignite,

The hawks have congregated and are prepared to take off for their malevolent flight,

Striving for tranquility but still screaming the corrupted commands to conquer and fight.

...Fighting for peace draws many true parallels to something as preposterous as jumping out of an airborne airplane without wearing a parachute,

America has been treading on this poisonous path for so long...perhaps it's time she considered navigating an alternate route...

Can we press rewind and correct all the atrocious mistakes of the past?

Pick up the missing pieces of the puzzle and put it back together at last,

Raise the white freedom flag high in the hawk infested sky atop the rusty mast,

To hope and our heartstrings we will hold fast as another bomb falls...causing a blissful and beautiful blood blast.

When the wounded collapse to their final breaths on the frigid battlefield,

Throw in the toxic towel and cower behind your safety shied,

Let the dominos properly fall in line as we use our wits to observe and yield,

Over time the delicate wings of a dove have gracefully healed.

...There's nothing more outlandish and eccentric than believing that fighting will ultimately result in the hatred and tension to cease,

The blind never take the time to open up their eyes and realize that war is not the path to peace...

We're spreading our legs to remain innocent; we're paying such a luxurious price just to be labeled "free",

Fighting for peace does not make the slightest sense, but the world fails to agree with me.

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I totally love this so much!Its really is.