Peace Police

A Scar is Born

...The doves are sick of dodging the flying bullets and suffocating in the sky under the suicidal shades of gray,

The peace police are patrolling the world and will arrest anyone or anything that attempts to disturb the tranquility today...

Our badges shine with salvation and are free of bullet holes and blood stains,

Our vehicles are white Volkswagen Buses with red and blue lights burning bright.

We patrol the suburban streets, searching for sinful soldiers to shackle and chastise in chains,

Making sure that the heartless won't harm another helpless human tonight.

Take the bullets out of our guns and replace them with seraphic flowers,

Pull the tainted trigger and we'll shoot the world with peace and love.

The terrorists can try to bring tragedy and turmoil to our televisions or the Twin Towers,

But we will continue to fly towards freedom on the dependable wings of a dove.

...An ignorant army of brainwashed robots fail to hear the silent sound of surrender, but they clearly listen to their leaders' corrupted commands without even questioning "why",

The peace police have heard the dove's delicate cry and are now on a determined mission to hunt every hawk hibernating in the chaotic sky...

Our green uniforms are untarnished and are proudly worn all the time,

Our sirens scream the sound of salvation and keep the livid leaders and officials at bay.

We wander the crowded streets, writing up justified tickets to killers who, in their own minds, never committed a crime,

Assuring that the merciless won't murder more innocent enemies today.

Take the hand grenades out of our hands and trade them in for baseballs,

Grab yourself a golden glove and we'll play a friendly game of catch.

The government can try to shelter and seclude society by erecting more barbed-wire fences and wicked walls,

But when they realize that we were the same individuals who tore down that unbreakable barrier in Berlin, the mannequins will have met their match.

...A polluted planet packed with a plethora of disposable people painfully pray while parading on their impure path as Satan pledges that the poisonous placebos will provide a promising cure,

The peace police can read between the lines and decipher the leader's lies and now have a strong-minded mission to make society safer and more secure...

Our motto is proudly displayed over our hearts and reads, "Freedom shouldn't have to come with an unfair fee",

We don't carry handcuffs or weapons of mass destruction...we just carefully hold the precious key that can set your enslaved soul free.

...We may have earned our fair share of victories, but the war is still far from being won,

The peace police can and will not rest in peace until every bomb is eradicated and the world can once again enjoy the warmth and safety of the sun...

Our freedom flag that we fly so high replaces the rain clouds in the sky and is as white and pure as a virtuous dove,

The peace police will load their rifles with rainbows of redemption and shoot society with everlasting sunshine and love.

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