A Beautiful Heart

An English rose by no other name.

Her blossom a wonderful refrain.

Her heart filled with compassion and soul.

As she gives out her love to make Lilly whole.

Her father named her Jayne, for he knew he would gain.

A gifted child, blessed from her birth, given to this world... to ease it's pain.

She has travelled the world to and fro.

My Jayne is the one, to have a go.

Her humour has the touch of spontaneity and glee.

One cannot help but laugh; as if you were at a ...jamboree.

Her luscious  lips that pout with a soft sensual gleam.

One can only imagine.... kissing those lips and making steam.o)))

The contour of her face, would leave the Mona Lisa in disgrace.

The Lord has bestowed upon her an amazing grace.

One is captivated by her charm and etiquette.

As in her childhood days in Paris... playing croquette

Her attitude governs her altitude as she flies high in the sky.

Like God's angels, flying without wings... in the by n by.

She has a studious nature, digesting book after book.

I'm so glad she knows how to cook. :o)))

Her figure is voluptuous, luscious and sweet.

To hold her close is such a treat.

Her mind can be stubborn at times, once it's made up!

To change it... would be like winning the Cup!

If Jayne's father could see her now, he would be so proud.

For she is a princess and the toast of the crowd.

Her heart is filled with loving kindness, respect and charm.

Like an Alabaster perfume permeating the room, in a fragrant balm.

Jayne's heart so pure and clear... a crystal lake, transparent, serene, and sprinkled with golden rain.

To know her heart, has been "born anew", my princess a Queen she reigns.

Her innocence and transparency for all to gaze.

Never did put Jayne in a phase.

Her beautiful heart to fall in-love.

Been sent by an Angel, from above.

Her beautiful mind, so rich in knowledge.

Passed her exams, with distinction at college.

Her beautiful soul, so rich with love.

Can only be felt from her Dove... her "true love".

A Beautiful heart ~ A Beautiful mind ~ A Beautiful soul


Author's Notes/Comments: 

For my precious beautiful Jaynie with Love Kisses

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Jayne Angel
As I read through this poem, I feel myself blushing “Smile“ You have placed me on such a high pedestal, but as I stand on this Pedestal I find myself looking deeply into your eyes…..

With Love
Your Jaynie Kisses 2006-07-05 04:18:55

columb's picture

Five years ago we met

Hi Jayne, I've been trying to contact you by phone with no luck; then I remembered you had made a comment on my poetry page. I'm not sure if this email will reach you , since it was five years ago, and you've probably changed your email address. I sent a card to your P.O. Box just the other day, not sure if that will reach you either, but I'll keep trying. The card did reach a PO box, whom a gentlemen phoned me to say he didn't know you and was it his mother I wanted to talk to?..lol

If you get this email Jayne please write me Mc_Columbo@hotmail.com

Hope to talk to you some day soon.

Love Shazzy..:)) xxx