Weapons of Mass Oil Production

A Scar is Born

...Searching through the scapegoats, desperately attempting to discover diabolic devices of destruction,

Failing to realize that we only have ourselves to blame, for we are the true owners of these weapons of mass oil production...

Soldiers sacrifice their souls so the callous citizens of their heartless home country can live in peace,

Filling our gas tanks with the toxic tears that the wounded shed as we wretchedly witness the price per gallon rapidly increase.

The eyes of America possess pupils in the shape of dollar signs, proving that even freedom has a hefty fee,

We're winning the war on oil, but only because we're fighting ourselves...the real enemy.

We enter the innocent adversary's precious land marching on with gun in hand,

Sinking in the contaminated quicksand while trying to decipher and understand each corrupted command.

The livid lies suffocate salvation as the truth tragically begins to unfold,

Eliminating the competition merely for America to possess more of that sweet, black gold.

...Searching through the question marks, quickly corrupting the countries in the Middle East and refusing to aid in their reconstruction,

Bombing away the blaspheme as we quietly kill with our weapons of mass oil production...

Warriors face their fatality just so a selfish society of ungrateful employees can continue to wipe their asses with a 100 dollar bill,

The gas stations pump blood that has been shed from the dead, disposable heroes as we pay our life savings just for our thief tanks to fill.

The heart of the United States pumps red oil, verifying that even the cost of freedom carries a powerful price,

The world is our poisonous pizza pie and we showcase a sadistic smile as we devour each and every delicious slice.

We trespass into the exculpated opponent's sacred home parading the polluted streets of sorrow and shame,

Hunting for more whipping boys to blame as we continue to play this grotesque game while earning recognition for our infamous fame.

The bombs fall from the sinful sky and create a fire with a flame so cruel and so cold,

Eradicating our only allies and inviting new enemies as we exchange bloodshed for more liquid gold.

...Searching through our souls, silently screaming as we surrender to Satan's sinful seduction,

We will never find what we're hopelessly looking for, because we are the only ones hiding weapons of mass oil production...

We drown in our own supremacy as the innocent shed an ocean of tears and cause a frigid flood,

Red oil spills out of the wounded heart of America as we continue to kill for more black blood.

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