Monthly Archive for September 2013

Title Type Pen Name Comments Categories Date
Unrequited Love Poem Katherine Love sadness pain unrequited anger despair hope Sep 1st
Embezzled Meal Poem kyoksil Sep 1st
I Need Your Love Poem KingofWords #beauty #love #free verse #abstract Sep 1st
ভ্রুণ স্বগতোক্তি Poem shawon1982 Sep 1st
A Perfect Day Poem Katherine Great Day Relax Enjoy Simple Sep 1st
NOTICEABLE SILENCE Poem palewingedpoetess 3 Sep 1st
Run Poem Muin 2 Sep 1st
A Little Girl with Flowers in Hand Poem KingofWords #death #peace #grief #life #pain #scars #love #beauty Sep 1st
BLURRED VISION Poem joy Inspirational Sep 1st
An Ode to Boyde Farm Poem a.griffiths57 1 birth of swans Sep 1st
Swan Sonnett Poem a.griffiths57 6 Gracefull Sep 1st
You're Worth It Poem JustinJamaal 2 Sep 1st
Reckless Abandon Poem LadyRaine Sep 1st
sour and sweet Poem redpyramid9000 Sep 1st
Don't Say It. Poem sweetwater Sep 1st
All i want is a kitty Poem DeathlyAngel Sep 1st
Burning down the Void Poem Le'Vasseur 1 Sep 1st
An Empty Train of Dreams Poem tragiti Sep 1st
Footnote: College Memory Poem S74rw4rd Sep 1st
Never more Poem Anonymous #alone#lost#scared# Sep 1st
The one who cared Poem Anonymous #heartbroken #love #hurt Sep 1st
Lovers Leap Prose a.griffiths57 3 #beauty #love #free verse #abstract Sep 1st
Child Of Goth Prose Katherine Gothic Misunderstood reject society conformity Sep 1st
Chapters of An Unwritten Book; The Life of... Poem SoulKritiC #life Sep 2nd
Fire Line Poem pinkdot7 Sep 2nd
Deep Asleep Poem pinkdot7 Sep 2nd
My broken heart won't heal. Poem boardergirl #death #depression #grief #love Sep 2nd
The Letter Poem SoulKritiC #love #nolove #lovers #nolovers Sep 2nd
Eramos Tres Poem SoulKritiC #amistades Sep 2nd
Soul’s H.O.W.L- Poem SoulKritiC #world #lies Sep 2nd
isopropyl alcohol Poem ADAPT Sep 2nd
The White Lies of Happiness Poem noelleon 1 Sep 2nd
Tell Me How Does War Bring Peace Poem LittleLennonGurl Sep 2nd
Resist Poem DeathlyAngel Sep 2nd
Tears Poem bishu 1 Sep 2nd
Country Love Song Poem RoC 1 Sep 2nd
We Can Choose To Be Free Or To Be Sheep Poem LittleLennonGurl Sep 2nd
New Generation Same Divided Nation Poem LittleLennonGurl Sep 2nd
Meaningless Poem SSmoothie 6 Sep 2nd
This Just Won't Do Poem LittleLennonGurl Sep 2nd
WE ADORE YOU ‘COZ, YOU ARE YOU! (Musing on Teachers’ Day - 5th September) Poem pbenarumairaj 3 Teachers' service to mankind Sep 2nd
When Pyrocumulus in the Western Lands Bloom Poem owlcrkbrg 2 Sep 2nd
When Love Becomes a Crusade ! Poem williamsji crusade, love Sep 2nd
A CASHTASTROPHE Poem palewingedpoetess Sep 2nd
HGTV Poem joy home improvement Sep 2nd
Body of a Black Women but Skin of a White Women Poem RomeonJuliet113 1 Sep 2nd
ILY Poem DeathlyAngel Sep 2nd
Away Poem Miiranda31 1 love Sep 2nd
Sanctuary Poem Aishira Sep 2nd
Visualize Poem Miiranda31 Sep 2nd
Hide and Game Over Poem tragiti Sep 2nd
How to Determine the Winner of the Game Prose beliefshifter 1 Sep 2nd
Where Are We Really Headed? Poem ashaumyan future, Humanity, Orwell, Paradise, political correctness, utopia Sep 3rd
Held Back Poem TheShadowKnows 1 Sep 3rd
In my underwear Poem Tink Sep 3rd
Bench Poem RainerBukowski 5 Sep 3rd
Every Step Poem SomethingSpecial Decisions, Journey, Life Sep 3rd
Mr. Perfect... Could it be Poem babe1233 Sep 3rd
Just You and Me Poem SomethingSpecial Sep 3rd
Just Another Relapse Poem SomethingSpecial Sep 3rd
One Night Poem SomethingSpecial Sep 3rd
I Can't Feel Anymore Poem SomethingSpecial Sep 3rd
Pattern Poem missburgz Sep 3rd
Sleepless Nights Poem SomethingSpecial Sep 3rd
I Miss You Much When It Rains Poem KingofWords #imissyou Sep 3rd
Love For All.. Poem workm Sep 3rd
Being With You Poem workm Sep 3rd
Four Year Old Boy Poem dhicks01 Sep 3rd
Stellar Poem the_feeble_mind... Sep 3rd
Flowers Poem a.griffiths57 5 Everyday calm soothing smooth present Sep 3rd
Attached Surfing Poem a.griffiths57 2 Need to know Sep 3rd
machine-gun love Poem SSmoothie 1 Sep 3rd
VOLTE-FACE Poem pbenarumairaj 2 Man finds no time to amend his mistakes 'coz he realizes his wrong doings only after everything is lost. Sep 3rd
Do you see? Poem Unseen.warfare 1 Sep 3rd
Fly Poem KingofWords 2 dragonfly Sep 3rd
20/20 Hindsight Poem RockofShades Sep 3rd
the echo of this thunder Poem 9inety 2 Sep 3rd
I call her Luna Poem 9inety Sep 3rd
Soul Sisters, Soul Brothers Poem LittleLennonGurl Sep 3rd
In a Pit at Wit's End Poem Sivus Depression, Misanthropy, misery, Self-Loathing, trapped Sep 3rd
The Beach Poem Scorpionking Sep 3rd
HOSPITAL DRIVE THRU Poem joy 1 funny Sep 3rd
Famous Poem LovingLovelace 1 Sep 3rd
Shivers in the Night Poem brianalynn love, Passion, romance Sep 4th
Teach The World To Read Beyond The Cover Poem LittleLennonGurl Sep 4th
lost all my poems Poem martal_arts 2 Sep 4th
Too Late Poem DeathlyAngel Sep 4th
The wind crys out your name Poem word_man 2 Sep 4th
ImPartialeteness Poem SSmoothie 3 Sep 4th
Knave Poem bishu 2 Sep 4th
F.U.N Poem Auzzy7023 1 Old Family Sep 4th
Dogmatic Love Poem Plagues # addiction # love # passion Sep 4th
Communication is key Poem running_with_rabbits 2 Sep 4th
Banshee Poem 9inety 1 Sep 4th
Life that I am Worthy Of. Poem Nicole.J.Burgess 1 #BreakUp #Relationships #Love #boy #boys #sad #depressed #feelings happiness moving on acceptance Sep 4th
Two Sides of Existence Poem Nicole.J.Burgess 1 #Dark #Gloomy #Bleak Sep 4th
boats, beers and babes Poem Irockpoker 1 Sep 4th
Pray your soul to keep Poem millyardo love Sep 4th
Sometimes Poem Brother57 confused, happy, love, mixed feelings, Pain, sad Sep 4th
SYRIA TODAY SCARRED, TWISTED AND MANGLED Poem palewingedpoetess 2 Sep 4th
Who am I ? Poem tanjid.armaan 2 Sep 4th
Who Am I? Poem AziVsH 8 Identity and Internal Conflict Sep 4th
Deluge of Subtraction (I Have No Idea Why I Write) Prose Sivus Analysis, introspection, Journal, self, Thoughts Sep 4th
I Know Who She Is Now Poem Envy Sep 5th
Per The High Priest Poem trumpet7 Sep 5th
All Men Need To Know Poem trumpet7 Sep 5th
Faithfulness To The Lord Poem trumpet7 Sep 5th
It Wasnt Mine To Began With Poem DeadRoses 2 #alone #depression #sad #lonely #pain #tears #Lord #waiting Sep 5th
Don't Stop Kneeling Poem Keepongoing 6 Sep 5th
Destination Change Poem kyoksil Sep 5th
Dawn after night Poem Ephialtes 1 #confusion #frustration #try #scared #alone #life #struggle #fear #gettingthroughit #wondering #hope Sep 5th
Full of Life(@!24@) Poem Mdelvalle5199 Sep 5th
Angels Poem Le'Vasseur Sep 5th
Hungry Mook Poem Sivus 1 breakfast, Idea, Metaphor, story, weird Sep 5th
Years later Poem brianalynn erotica, fantasy, lovers, Passion, sex Sep 5th
Guilty Pleasures Poem Bleu-Beat 2 #sex #pleasure Sep 5th
Born Poem bishu Sep 5th
I Woke up in Heaven Poem amywilkie Sep 5th
911 doesn't help, but your eyes distract me from my failing health Poem BayKaraMarie #health #death #sad #hopeless #hopeful #love #moods #anger #confusion #secrets #doctors Sep 5th
A PALE PICASSO IN LETTERS Poem palewingedpoetess Sep 5th
Astral Projection Poem Miss.Jenna 4 Sep 5th
Mystery of the Depths Poem bishu 1 Sep 5th
Last straw Poem Katherine Society Work Money Sep 5th
Uncomfortably numb Poem SSmoothie Sep 5th
A life of words Poem Katherine 1 Conversations speech thoughts Sep 5th
Saw Sue in the Papers Poem a.griffiths57 2 Admiration for charity fund raisers. Sep 5th
ALL FOR LOVE Poem 9inety LORD BYRON Sep 5th
I hauled out the old computer, looks like wireless card is there, will have to hunt down the antenna* Poem running_with_rabbits Sep 5th
What do you want? Poem running_with_rabbits 4 Sep 5th
Wish in one poem shit in the other…. Poem running_with_rabbits 8 Sep 5th
I Love You Because… Poem KingofWords 4 #beauty #love #free verse #abstract Sep 5th
eye of the storm Poem 9inety Sep 5th
Tolerated Poem Madhatter007 Sep 5th
Wedding Blues Poem Madhatter007 Sep 5th
Rabies Poem Endlesscenter 2 Sep 5th
Utility Poem Sivus love, Lust, romance, sex, women Sep 5th
Sometimes I wish we all had Down syndrome Poem running_with_rabbits 8 Sep 5th
LET THE TEACHERS TEACH Poem joy 2 teaching Sep 5th
End Poem jessie2376 2 Sep 5th
Rock Bottom Poem Keepongoing 3 Sep 5th
Turned snow into rain Poem DarkLight 4 Sep 5th
Good Bye Kiss Prose roryboliver@gma... Sep 5th
A BURDEN'S HEAVING Poem palewingedpoetess Sep 6th
PICTURES OF MY SWEETHEART Poem palewingedpoetess Sep 6th
ODE TO MY POETIC CRUSH Poem palewingedpoetess 3 Sep 6th
Losing Senses Poem Madhatter007 Sep 6th
Nearing the End Poem Madhatter007 Sep 6th
To Dream Poem Madhatter007 Sep 6th
No Offense Poem Madhatter007 Sep 6th
I'll never be.... Poem DeathlyAngel Sep 6th
The List Poem Madhatter007 Sep 6th
Where to Start Poem Madhatter007 Sep 6th
It Will Win Poem noelleon Sep 6th
4 Years Poem November 4 Sep 6th
Sacrifice to Date Poem Madhatter007 Sep 6th
Mr. Perfect! Poem babe1233 1 Sep 6th
Guys Like Me Poem Madhatter007 Sep 6th
Fallen Poem Madhatter007 Sep 6th
Laughter Is The Best Medicine Poem Keepongoing 3 Sep 6th
Suffocation at it's Finest Poem The_Carpenter couples, cute, forever alone, loner, love, perfect, puke, relationship, single, suffocation, yuck Sep 6th
What is Love? Poem The_Carpenter 3 best friend crush, butterflies, crush, Fireworks, happy, love, pure bliss, relationships, What Is Love Sep 6th
When Will We Care Poem LittleLennonGurl Sep 6th
A mi lado Poem Mdelvalle5199 Sep 6th
For My Mother Poem life_used_to_be... 4 Sep 6th
Shadows Poem bishu Sep 6th
Orbit Poem bishu Sep 6th
Makeover Poem bishu 6 Sep 6th
HITTING THE RIGHT CHORD! Poem pbenarumairaj 3 lightning and thunder!, Natures music in the form of rain Sep 6th
Ma Luv 4 U Follows No Grammar Poem KingofWords 2 Luv Sep 6th
The Madman, and there you are Poem WhatIAmOrWillBe Sep 6th
Instant Love Poem JustinJamaal 1 Sep 6th
I take love for granted Poem running_with_rabbits 12 Sep 6th
S comes before Mart when spelling smart for a reason Poem running_with_rabbits 8 Sep 6th
He's Your Boogie Man Poem ramonathompsont Sep 6th
Come Full Circle Poem qt_poet Sep 6th
Best Friends Poem Keepongoing 2 Sep 6th
Black Magic Poem ramonathompsont Sep 6th
GRANDPARENTS DAY Poem joy family Sep 6th
Alone With Freddy Kruger! Poem ramonathompsont Sep 6th
Shadow Puppet Poem qt_poet Sep 6th
The Joker Poem Muin 2 Sep 6th
And it's the little things Poem WhatIAmOrWillBe 2 Sep 6th
Life After Poem metaphorist Sep 7th
The Consequences of Kindness Poem metaphorist Sep 7th
Alone Forever Poem metaphorist 1 Sep 7th
How Poem DeadRoses Loveless pain Sep 7th
If I Had A Wish Poem coolsoy Inspirational, Peace, POETRY, Spoken Word Poem, War Sep 7th
If I Had A Wish Poem coolsoy Sep 7th
If I Had A Wish Poem coolsoy Sep 7th
If I Had A Wish Poem coolsoy Sep 7th
If I Had A Wish Poem coolsoy Sep 7th
If I Had A Wish Poem coolsoy Sep 7th
Don't want to blink Poem WhatIAmOrWillBe 1 Sep 7th
broken as this clock of mine Poem WhatIAmOrWillBe 2 Sep 7th
Cliché; Poem MrGone2morrow 1 cliché love ambition content Sep 7th
Limboesque Poem SSmoothie 5 Sep 7th
Wake The Fuck Up World! Poem WhatIAmOrWillBe 2 content with being you, credit, dreams, Happiness, learn your way, money, society, true callings, under the radar Sep 7th
Warning... Too much info shared and confessed in this one... LOL what am I thinking Poem WhatIAmOrWillBe 1 Sep 7th
Taken from a conversation Poem WhatIAmOrWillBe and new friendships, inspired by an online persona, shared love of poetry, unique views on the world Sep 7th
THE SALT TO MY WORLD Poem Layem love Sep 7th
A LIFE SHARED Poem joy Inspirational Sep 7th
Farm Life Poem Keepongoing 1 Sep 7th
It's only going to hurt forever. Poem INKSTAIN 1 Sep 7th
Nature's Fury Poem Katherine 1 Sep 7th
Shattered emotions. Poem boardergirl Sep 7th
True love Poem Keepongoing Sep 7th
Aggression Poem lupus 3 Sep 7th
Rippling With You Poem TheCure242 3 Sep 7th
I Dream Poem absolutekos Sep 7th
Burning Love Poem absolutekos Sep 7th
Undefinable Love Poem absolutekos Sep 7th
Stay Forgotten Prose Brother57 afraid, confused, forget, Forgotten, lost, Nightmare, past, TOO LATE Sep 7th
Cruel world but ill never ever leave Poem Dolo Sep 8th
Some Promises need to be broken Poem SSmoothie 4 Sep 8th
And we danced... Poem ADAPT 2 Sep 8th
Accountable To God Poem trumpet7 Sep 8th
Dreams aren't reality. Poem hannahbojorquez 2 #can't sleep #dreams #alone #sad #pain #hurt Sep 8th
Preparing Minds Poem trumpet7 Sep 8th
I just don't know anymore Poem delewis1987 lyrics, Post-postmodernism, religon Sep 8th
Must Just Be Mine Poem delewis1987 1 Folk, love lyrics Sep 8th
Ephemerally yours Poem SSmoothie 12 Sep 8th
Follow The Path Your Heart Leads You To Poem LittleLennonGurl Sep 8th
this time of night Poem WhatIAmOrWillBe Sep 8th
Lusted After By The Simple Types Poem WhatIAmOrWillBe Sep 8th
What Kind Of Role Model Are We Really? Poem LittleLennonGurl Sep 8th
Bits and Pieces Poem bishu Sep 8th
Leave Your Mark On The World Poem LittleLennonGurl Sep 8th
Blossom Poem bishu Sep 8th
PAINS Poem Layem mood Sep 8th
Love Thy Neighbor Poem LittleLennonGurl Sep 8th
Where I belong Poem MoonCruxCollision 4 # addiction # love # passion, belong, swashbuckle, too long Sep 8th
Fears and such Poem PensiveStranger 1 Sep 8th
Of Mountains and Men Poem PensiveStranger 2 Sep 8th
OH MY GOD Poem joy 1 Faith, God, religion Sep 8th
YESTERDAY Poem mack619 Falklands, POETRY, War Sep 8th
This is How I Am! Poem KingofWords #life #sad #angry #dad #depression #rhyme #story #real #direct #long #deepthought #cool #expression #childhood #overcoming #pain #reality Sep 8th
Lovers Embrace Poem a.griffiths57 13 Love and sweet things Sep 8th
Fall Poem Transmission Sep 8th
Face Down Poem Transmission 1 Sep 8th
Too much happiness Poem ADAPT Sep 8th
Gossamer Poem Transmission Sep 8th
Worries Poem honorao Sep 8th
Another Bend Poem trumpet7 Sep 8th
HOSPITAL Poem chris Sep 8th
Oh What a God. Poem Keepongoing Sep 8th
Hypocrisy Poem GodsLark 1 Sep 8th
Dog Poem GodsLark 1 Sep 8th
Sorry Mom Poem GodsLark Sep 8th