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Mr. C

Listen with your eyes...feel my strokes with your thoughts let your skin mesh with mine...lets create a passion pool....falling from your chest...to my neck....let the ice do its job...all of the heat sits behind your tight little 
knob.... it took awhile to find it..not a problem at all...listen to me carefully...taking it slow makes the clit throb......pressure begins to build..now that's my fault...i ease back...just waiting for the water to fall...right before it cums... Mr.Curve is who i call.... standing like a statue...big balls and all....i push your legs back...but not too far..i want you too feel all of me..like we are in the backseat of a car...dripping down my balls...the feeling gives me a rush..deep deep deep..is what i give..i'm just counting your nuts...deep deep deep...i'm hitting everything inside...its ok to cuss....deep deep deep...sh!t i'm in the grove now i hope i don't bust....deep deep deep...f$ck it ...new position...i just put you in the buck...your feet are close together like twins from birth,,i wrap my arm around your legs...i love to feel you squirt...slow down you say..naw baby let me finish giving you this work..right before your about to explode..i pull out first...then i go down and suck the tip of your pearl...no energy left..pleasure for sure...who made this mess..nobody but the tongue and MR. Curve

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Fair Maid


Hey! lovely maid.  Where does the wild flower grow?

"All around sir"; Even at your feet, as am I".

"Sir" offered no acknowledgement of her dainty bow.

These wild flowers are so beguiling to my eye.

Stay awhile sweet maiden, I seek a sacred bloom.

What type of flower is that?

Rare and sacred, it's scent of an equisite perfume, made to dispel the gloom.

The flower is as red as blood on each petal a white heart.

It sounds wonderfull, as lovers might need seclusion.

To praise the bloom and compare their love before they part.

Reassuringly they exchanged loving glances, so full of inclusion.

Quickly before discovered, to a grove of trees they dart.

Their kisses so sweet , so hot and empassionate

Entwined in a locked and loving embrace.

With blood so red and in rediness for complete affectionate.

The lovers looked in bliss;  of tears there was no trace.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Instant love and passion, so tempting too.

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Drummer Boy

The resounding beat of soldiers feet

Occupied your rhythmic soul

   As your drums do now

In the midst of tyrannical rule

   My innocence you probed

Nations starve, legions fell

While war rages just outside our window

Our own revolution begins

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                                                    The dark moon has gone, even Ravens singing my rhyme,

                                                           And angels and demons from both worlds

                                                         Needs your smile, to make my poem sublime . 

                                            Dark skies are gone, dew kissing the blooms of heather,

                                                 Heaven has came down and the fate has hold us together, 

                                                       Now doesn’t matter how much days will die, years will fly,

                                                                  How much time will make you cry,

                                               Even god stops watching your world from your own eye ,

                                               I will make you my blissful Isabella, I will be your backup,

                                             Coz for you, I could be your Edward, I could be your Jacob.

                                                      I am your wish fairy, wish while shooting stars for you,

                                          May be I am endowed with soft hands, to take care of you,

                                               Coz  Satans of all valleys  knows  how much I adore you,

                                           Wondering wat would you do without me,what would I do without you.

                                                   I still remember the last time I made you cry and left you alone,

                                                 I still feel the guilt, like my burning hand on a blazing throne,

                                                            Nevertheless I have moan, nevertheless I have shown.

                                               Days are getting shorter, I have become insomniac of day light,

                                                  Coz  Dreams keep watching my memories Whole night,                               

                                                   Reminding me of all our tantrums and all our crazy fight,

                                                 And how everything settles down when we sit in twilight.

                                    All the places we went, all the time we spent, and all the hangouts with you,

                                                         Makes me wonder, why the time stops still, 

                                                             And why the charm works only with you,

                                                             This makes my vow I will never forget you,  

                                                        Coz all I know, it wouldn’t be the same without you.

                                                 Time is money  , Life is a such a lump of treasure,

                                                          Universe will get shorten, Eternity may not last ever,

                                                              Sun may not burn, moon will not shine either,

                                                        But I promise I will be with you FOREVER.







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Do be my lover.

I your admirer;

Your love I require.

As my heart is a flutter.

With vision's of your caresses.

I swoon with your kisses.

Without you, life is loveless!!

A beat my heart misses;

Whenever I cast you a glance.

My soul just needs to dance.

Cupid's bow feels like a lance.

May our love never go askance.

This enduring and endearing love.

Which must be blessed by heaven above.

Between us this everlasting dove:

Of love and peace, evolve.

Take my hand, heart and mind.

To our mutual love and kind.

With our bliss, each other we'll find.

And with love shall be bind.

Author's Notes/Comments: 



Happy Valentine's day to everyone in love.

Why do You Love Me So Much?

At times I wonder,

Why you love me so much,

And ask myself I,

In search for an answer.


What has stolen your heart?

Is it my innocence?

Or the stupidity,

Perhaps my vain art.


Don’t ever tell me the answer,

The thought invites a feeling sweet and dear.  

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Is This Love

Is this love ?

Is Love getting 15 minuets earlier than you usually do 

Or is love getting on the same bus just to see you 

is love thinking about you 24/7

or is love something you earn from the heavens 

my eyes wonder but my heart is always with you 

sometimes i think of a future between us two

this sounds corny but its true

Asiah I am in love with you 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I dont know if this is a poem but its my first try, This poem was created cause i was madly inlove with this girl i met on the bus i tried communicating with her but she didnt like me. its a bit creppy but this should be a reminder to myself when i grow up that i was a total loser. All the best A.A

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Then When

they stand in wait 

as if doom is lingering

they do not breathe

for breaths are at a cost

they long to be told

there is no shame to begin

and though spring harkens

flowers bloom

dew drops moisten

every petal in sight

hearts once broken

never quite know when 


if breezes were softer

if winds calmer

if the sun shone 

just right in the 

morning and even

even stars

tarried with them

even then

they would only stare

and wonder

and abruptly hold hands

startled by some distant thunder

but that moment would pass

only a memory of a touch

might last

and then, even then

they would not know

what to say or do 

or how to retract that act

of being momentarily 

so close


it is the life they chose

to always only guess

at what is, what could be

what it all might have been

even then

they will forever wait

simply to begin


such are the states 

of hearts in pieces

to no end

can there be amends

to no end

any inkling 

to actually begin.





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