There is Sesame Street on the TV.

                   Why is this happening to me.

                  There is Sesame, see, but it is not

                           the same.

                     Sesame Street pinball,

                          high on a wall.


                       I look out at the window pane.

                          You can go insane.

                        The glass, so slow time does pass.

                         Time does pass so sllow.

                           Is there anywhere to go?



                            Outside there are just buildings.

                           Once I asked for a bed by the window.,

                          Nurse said no.


                      There are bright cartoons on the walls,

                    Sick, they make me all.

                      Division 14.

                      Not a lot to be seen.


                     All night, doctors and nurses with

                  their lights of white.

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