Blood...will never ravage my lands and steal my freedom!

Only evil minds using espionage, hiding the plot...

Making money off of human lives....


Mankind needs to be

on the same level.

Every country needs enough money.


Money isn't the answer to the trick!

It's peace and love and arithmetic. 

We've been blinded by these man-made rules for hundreds of years...

waiting in fear.

Now thousands of years of minds being bred for death,

fighting and killing for what they believe in...

Won't be changed in one night.

Can you hear the echoes from the afterlife??


Mankind needs to be

on the same level.

Every country needs enough money...

Lets end this war...

Once and for all.

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The political leaders and the richest men, funding both sides of the war, so who  will win? Them, 

the ones controlling us like pawns, while the wars of the world are raging on.

So what do they gain since they already have it all? They watch as the population gauge quickly

falls. Sneak poison in our foods and disease in our water supply. Soon we'll start dying and not even

know how or why? There is no reason, just corruption and madness. Just another day in the life of a 

fascist. Brainwashing by the media, entertainment and TV screens. Making money off the poor mens blood 

while the rich never bleed. We sing songs of heartfelt compassion and unconditional love. While greedy,

evil men hate all of the above. Hell they even hate below, to the right and to the left. They even hate

themselves, that's why they create this mess. Misery loves company and they have none. Just money, fame

fortune, but at least they're slaves to no one. It must be nice being rich and free. Everytime we rest our head

they have another trick up their sleeve. Did you watch the news? Did you see the new death toll?

Do they have you where they want you? Total control. Don't rely on your government for everything.

Because then what would you have without them? Nothing. That's what they want, total domination.

Kings and Queens of ONE bullshit sovereign nation. Blood soaked hands hidden with lies and secrets.

Begging the masses to "Please believe us". Well we caught them more than once, lying to us and hiding

the truth. "All for one and one for all" is what they say, but there's no proof. Just pretend elections

for their fun and amusement. They know who's going to win, that's why they do it. Just another laugh 

in a book of evil fun. For they do control the bookmark, when the day is done. Plot, hidden. Antagonist, them.

Protagonist, us. Take the power back, IN GOD WE TRUST. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I suppose this should have been a "prose".

Sorry about that.

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Must Just Be Mine

You asked me then, if i rembered you when 

it wouldnt be long, till id see you again

i made off with the win, and left you to sin

where you spend all you are, on what has not been


for nothing but, the madest of times

so i sing to you now, the saddest of rhymes

that maybe you, must just be mine


I cant remeber a day, theres so many away

i dont remeber our kids, who sat as they played

who will never be swayed, when their fates are all weighed

to survive what has made, all our souls to have paid


for nothing but, the madest of times

I stand up in all wow, at the fiercest of signs

that maybe you, must just be mine


for in there is no answer for the right,

way to use all of your might, 

but you take it to your restless fight,

till i'm standing in the night,

illuminated by the light,

that shines on oh so bright

when you are looking in your rear-view sight


for nothing but, the madest of times

im in a bow as the church bell chimes

that maybe you, must just be mine

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Random Kentucky

Random Kentucky
By Beau Reynolds

Pick pennies and I drown again, surf on the edge of a violin.
Peaceful practicalities which never come true, I miss that life that I once knew.
Born innocent and die wise, I was never told the secrets left to hide.
Broken limbs and woodpecker jubilees, I woke this morning to a cold breeze.
Take me back to the land smooth and true, where the drinks were strong and grass is blue.
I tell you that freedom is around the bin, if you only knew what freedom really meant.
A passage of time will appear when you will question yourself and all your fears.
Preach the faith so it be told, we always wanted something more to behold.
I left speechless if you can believe that to be true, I bid you farewell, The Random Dude.

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