Lady Fickle is Bridget Jones’s Bible

Lady Fickle


It is dedicated to all the girls who do not always manage to live up to their expectations. They are a little overweight, off-color among their girlfriends, insecure and shabby. When they were little girls, they couldn’t wait for the time, when they would be able to do all they want, wear high heels and realize their dreams. They have always dreamt to be elegant, iconic ladies. But some things got in the way. Money got in the way, they always do, sooner or later. Dreams gave way to the routine. Frankly, some of us deeply suffer because their life is richer on the inside. They know they deserve some things like a lovely soul mate, dream job and may be to write a bestseller. Everything is ahead of them; they just don’t know where to start. So, they never do…Instead of becoming an icon they live like tiny little frogs, who admire the women-icons from their bog.


How to turn a frog into a princess?

Know that the princess lives within you; she just deserves to be taken care of and respected. And sometimes you have to set spurs of dreams to the unicorn she is riding. Feed her

DIY artistic objects
soft erotica
autobiographies of successful people
interviews with colorful personalities
inspiring literary excerpts
basically self-development in every aspect.


Note how her personality changes with practice. Note how she will gather enthusiasm and inspiration. See her become more and more expressive and adorable. What this website is meant to be is the tool, may be the environment in which every woman becomes someone who makes her inner child happy. Her own feelings, sweetness and grace. Her smiles, kisses and sighs.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Years later

First time

Years later

Went beyond the kiss left wondering 

Found waterfalls 



First time

Years later

Our skin heaving 

Our bodies breathing 

He's deep

She's screaming 











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absence – elvis has left the building

i wake up and think about the sleepers coinage and know that i have to get some more to “live” in their world.. what can i say, i like toys..

and so i reach into the closet for their prison uniform.. the noose goes on so smooth and i look in the mirror…. damn prison never looked so sexy.. sharp angles and flows of febric said as a sign to others that i was a predator among the sleepers.. a shark.. a suit..


and i stepped out into the sun.. thinking about this time away from their world.. dipping in it from time to time searching for you.. i thought of my hands that still remembered well the noose that is the sign of a world which keeps us apart..


but i do it for you.. i master their world and rise above it.. their sleepers coinage helps me buy the time and means to search for you.. to find you.. to reach you.. so i wear instead a suit of armor.. protecting my lovers heart from their jealous eyes… and wading through their words and doubts and plans and limits as i search for you.. to fly away beyond their grasp hand in hand..


but the pain of putting back on that armor.. (heavy and stiff compared to a layer of your smooth skin across mine..) without your touch was almost too much to bear.. so i am sorry for my absence..

just thought id let you know that feelings are always there coming from me to you without even a word.. for we have met and in the flow of life and thought that criss crosses this world we will meet again somewhere and so i wish you well thoughts on that journey..

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Personified within me...


Dubiously I feel the warmth of your presence
Ignited the wooziness within me
Makes my knees fragile to feel you near
To hear you whisper in my ear
My passion begins to bleed
Running through my veins
Is the very quintessence of you

Trampled is my body
As goose bumps repeal me
As your flesh covers me
Caresses every inch of me
Juices begin to flow
Secretions of love
Are escaping from within

Touched by the everglades
Our romance is glistening
Trapped within our embrace
Intoxicated in honey-suckled essence
Covered in rose pedals
Relaxed in passion
Exhausted by the thought of you
Standing here before me
Unleashing reins of serenity

Passion eludes my flesh
As you suck on my neck
Kissing my nipples
As your tongue ring dances
Up and down
Across my flesh
Passion excites me with every stroke
Every pop of your tongue
Releases my ego
Bask lashing this ass
Brutha please
Hold on tight
Cause I'm about to take flight

As my body shivers
To your rhythmic love groove
So hot
So tempted
Ready to climax
The pleasure is unbearable
Please dont stop
Just give me more
As I allow you to explore
The very essence of my honey pot
Yes, thats it
thats my mutha fuccing spot

As i looking into the mirror
Who is that i see
Oh dam it's the freaky Bitch with in me
Hit it harder
As you are
Transforming me
Satisfying my inner mystery
I never want to awake
From this eluding dream

(c) 2012 cassandra Evolutionsofpoetry covington

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Lust for Love

Wet tongues melt into sparked fire,
all the while cold sheets shift from warm blooded bodies.
Desire slides in and all around,
accompanied by grips of touch.
Again and over again,
hot lips masquerade up and around the familiar bliss.
Intoxicated lust stumbles into dissolved passion,
soaking the messied slumber.
Deeper into the unending abyss,
the euphoric dance swirls with every hypnotized intention.
Breaths are heavy with pleasure,
as the whims of open fantasy come to life.
Beads of sweat drop to sizzle
what's already on fire.
Uncovered bedsheets fall to the floor,
leaving more room to play.
Movement creating a dance leaves
the everlast of longing to take a stand.
Supple breasts soak the thirsty mouth
as those curious hands explore the definition of body.
Wrapped legs hold close
to continue the inviting possession.
What's not to hold but its lunar twin;
captivating universal release.
All over stimulating sensation,
enhance the highs of ecstasy.
Goosebumps chase one another
as highlights embrace settled fixation.
Resting afloat, once drowning in your pool,
releasing exhales of bottled erotica never known to exist.

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