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Soul’s H.O.W.L-


A product of El Salvador’s Civil War in

Central America,which did not commence

in 1980; history lies.

Generation X survivor, some say

Generation Y—Z is for zealous people bible

bumping on the corner of Shaw and 

Blackstone on any given day with signs that

read, “Jesus Saves,” saves what, who, and

where? on the other hand

“Honk if you love Jesus,” Who is Yeezus?

Kanye West? I give them the bird!

Lost dreams, runaway sleep, forgotten nights

awake dawn breaks prematurely—gay men

and women return to their closets…straight,

bi, curious, or a A-sexual loving freely, dying

young, disease infected, some are raped and


I have seen political figures coming out of

motel rooms with prostitutes, some look like

dudes…favors for favors, tricks by tricks—

and a lady in red I have yet to meet; Moloch

will bring closer, together for a one night stand.

Kurt Cobain said it best, “Everyone is gay.”

Media controls your thoughts, television is

your tunnel vision limited to sights to see for

the sore eye, where the truth hides; I choose to

write instead. Create my own distinction

between good and evil by choosing the lesser

of two evils, undefined dogma…

I come in pieces of an artistic form not your

norm, never slept in a dorm, I take that back, I

recall one night, but that was a long time ago, so

never mind…all apologies!

Rumors of war are no longer rumors—Kuwait,

Iraq, Afghanistan, now Syria; in contention Iran

and North Korea where Dennis Rodman is a

popular iconic figure, “Nigga’ isn’t even in politics,”

best blocker in the NBA though…

Not Ballin Anymore!

I use too read the newspaper daily; however

Fresno’s Bee-hind with the latest news one day late,

and the LA Times crooked cops equals a whole

bunch of bullshit; I still read the obituaries, keeping

tab on my enemies deaths; here and there someone

use to know passes away.


When possess I speak in holy tongues; Spanish and

English, and this H.O.W.L will not be twenty minutes

long, no offense to Allen—History Of Worldly Lies!  

copyrights2013 #soulkritic

copyrights2013 #soulkritic  

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