Monthly Archive for April 2013

Title Type Pen Name Comments Categories Date
Addicted Poem AquarianMale 6 Apr 1st
AMERCANS Poem asperugo 3 Apr 1st
The lonely vulture Poem Isadora Apr 1st
Fleas Have Feelings Too Poem Hyperbolical_fop Cats, confused, feelings, love, tricky Apr 1st
Plenty to waste Poem Unseen.warfare Apr 1st
Sin has no hold on me Poem MarvinthePoet Apr 1st
Siren Songs of Constraint Poem circleofstars 3 Apr 1st
The final decent Poem Anonymous 2 Apr 1st
Mind observation....Devastation Poem Anonymous 2 Apr 1st
SHOW ME ‘THE ONE’ Poem pbenarumairaj Stress, tension and pressures of life, the writer wants to get rid off Apr 1st
Enough Poem sweetpea71986 Apr 1st
For A Mothers Birthday Poem sweetpea71986 Apr 1st
thankfulness to my parents Poem sweetpea71986 Apr 1st
‘IMMORTAL’ I WANNA BE Poem pbenarumairaj Uncompromising love Apr 1st
Tonight Poem Phantom_Of_A_Ni... Apr 1st
Good Luck! Poem poeticsoul10 Apr 1st
Why Him? Poem poeticsoul10 Apr 1st
My Love Poem poeticsoul10 Apr 1st
Like a Flame Poem MrGone2morrow Poem Poetry Apr 1st
My mind is going crazy... Poem poeticsoul10 Apr 1st
Perfect Place Poem poeticsoul10 Apr 1st
When you love someone Poem poeticsoul10 Apr 1st
"My King" Poem ClyricJLawstory Apr 1st
A FINAL JOURNAL ENTRY Poem berriesandblood 1 Apr 1st
Songs of life Poem Daniel_Simp #feelings #love #thoughts #freestyle #poem, Care, Foresight, free, hearts, Life Apr 1st
The Little Blue Bird Poem VictorGzzRios fable Apr 1st
The Little Blue Bird Poem MaeeGalicia Apr 1st
without a trace Poem 9inety 5 Apr 1st
Disappearing Poem Kikaykit Apr 1st
On Conscious Walls Poem Sivus Lost love, love, Memories Apr 1st
Are they for Real? Poem Kikaykit Apr 1st
Lady in High Heels Poem Kikaykit 7 Apr 1st
ill Poem sy75 Apr 1st
The Founding Poem vdaccarett Apr 1st
Civil Art Poem TreeWithWings Apr 1st
oooo i say Poem sy75 1 Apr 1st
Beside me Poem dawurst hope love relationships Apr 1st
blank Poem sy75 Apr 1st
In time... Prose ValentineBuchannan 1 Apr 1st
The selfish snake Prose Paugomez Apr 1st
The Invisible-Picasso-Painting Spider Poem HCE 1 death, Farmhouse, invisible, Painting, Picasso, spider Apr 2nd
Keep Your Eyes Open & Hearts Kind Poem Silver__lining Apr 2nd
Time:Bomb Poem Silver__lining Apr 2nd
Still Roll The Same, Why Miss The Dame? Poem Silver__lining Apr 2nd
free from you Poem sweetpea71986 Apr 2nd
Waiting On Karma Poem Silver__lining Apr 2nd
Still Full of Empty Faces Poem Silver__lining Apr 2nd
Somewhere Doing Your Thing Poem Silver__lining Apr 2nd
Silence From Violence Poem Silver__lining Apr 2nd
Truth Still Remains Poem Silver__lining Apr 2nd
Domicile Dialogue Poem Sivus HOME Apr 2nd
You really Taught Me To Let Go Of Ever Loving You Poem sweetpea71986 Apr 2nd
Unconditional Love / Moving On Poem sweetpea71986 Apr 2nd
Reborn Poem Sadistic-Zazen Apr 2nd
PITFALLS Poem pbenarumairaj Man's shortcomings on earth and how Sun and Moon decide to leave it to God to set parity Apr 2nd
The Beginning of the End Poem GabyRosales Apr 2nd
im so tired of being hurt all the time Poem sweetpea71986 Apr 2nd
The selfish snake Poem Cristela Apr 2nd
you lied to me Poem sweetpea71986 Apr 2nd
my grandma R.I.P Poem sweetpea71986 Apr 2nd
Reject The Thought Poem LittleLennonGurl Apr 2nd
I feel Poem brokenhope33 Apr 2nd
a kite.. Poem brokenhope33 Apr 2nd
Seamless anullment. Poem brokenhope33 Apr 2nd
clay. Poem brokenhope33 Apr 2nd
@ Poem brokenhope33 Apr 2nd
duality Poem brokenhope33 Apr 2nd
needed. Poem brokenhope33 Apr 2nd
quiver.. Poem brokenhope33 Apr 2nd
Grenades of Forever Poem brokenhope33 Apr 2nd
Bullshitocracy. Poem brokenhope33 Apr 2nd
Consume. Poem brokenhope33 Apr 2nd
Riddle in a Rhyme. Poem brokenhope33 Apr 2nd
Web of Words Poem brokenhope33 Apr 2nd
wordsss Poem brokenhope33 1 Apr 2nd
sand Poem brokenhope33 Apr 2nd
Kony 2012 Poem redacediamond Apr 2nd
cracked mask Poem deviprakrti awareness, hiding, Identity, loss, love, mask, Pain, Reality, romance, Shock, tears Apr 2nd
crash Poem deviprakrti Apr 2nd
crimson Poem deviprakrti Apr 2nd
crossword puzzle Poem deviprakrti Apr 2nd
dance Poem deviprakrti 1 Apr 2nd
distant shores Poem deviprakrti Apr 2nd
elvis has left the building Poem deviprakrti Apr 2nd
enigma Poem deviprakrti 1 Apr 2nd
fathom Poem deviprakrti Apr 2nd
fathom Poem deviprakrti Apr 2nd
five Poem deviprakrti Apr 2nd
flows (the door of night) Poem deviprakrti Apr 2nd
freedom Poem deviprakrti 3 Apr 2nd
freeze frame Poem deviprakrti 2 Apr 2nd
gaze Poem deviprakrti Apr 2nd
glossary Poem deviprakrti Apr 2nd
glossary two - sleepers Poem deviprakrti Apr 2nd
gunpowder Poem deviprakrti Apr 2nd
hats Poem deviprakrti Apr 2nd
heart Poem deviprakrti Apr 2nd
hey, still there? Poem deviprakrti Apr 2nd
hip hop Poem deviprakrti Apr 2nd
house of cards Poem deviprakrti Apr 2nd
i see u Poem deviprakrti Apr 2nd
infidelity Poem deviprakrti Apr 2nd
interlude Poem deviprakrti Apr 2nd
lam trang Poem deviprakrti Apr 2nd
litter Poem deviprakrti Apr 2nd
"We The Unnoticed Equilibrium, The Introspective" Poem WhatIAmOrWillBe 1 Apr 2nd
lover and loved Poem deviprakrti Apr 2nd
meditation Poem deviprakrti Apr 2nd
mercurious ego Poem deviprakrti Apr 2nd
missed illaneous Poem deviprakrti Apr 2nd
moments Poem deviprakrti Apr 2nd
moments to be Poem deviprakrti Apr 2nd
momentum Poem deviprakrti Apr 2nd
moody Poem deviprakrti Apr 2nd
mumbled Poem deviprakrti Apr 2nd
music Poem deviprakrti Apr 2nd
mysteries Poem deviprakrti Apr 2nd
nails Poem deviprakrti Apr 2nd
newborn Poem deviprakrti Apr 2nd
ni to ichi ryu Poem deviprakrti Apr 2nd
oh, easy street Poem deviprakrti Apr 2nd
pan Poem deviprakrti Apr 2nd
pandora's box Poem deviprakrti Apr 2nd
pretty clouds Poem deviprakrti Apr 2nd
as good as it gets Poem 9inety 6 Apr 2nd
untitled, unfinished Poem deepblue Apr 2nd
Happiness Poem Dark_Scorpion emotions, Feeling, Thoughts Apr 2nd
a suicide note Poem sparks Apr 2nd
rain dropped Poem deviprakrti 1 Alien, arrival, clouds, love, urban, wind Apr 2nd
Hope Poem MoonCruxCollision 4 breathe, Hope, love, poem Apr 2nd
at what cost Poem sy75 Apr 2nd
our moon Poem sy75 Apr 2nd
Solemn, Midday Narrator Prose Sivus Apr 2nd
Shadows Born of Death Poem Nimair 4 #anger, #change, #hate #anger #society #I Dont Care, #madness, #pain, #revenge Apr 3rd
brave face Poem sy75 1 Apr 3rd
REM Poem mrpoofs 2 Apr 3rd
Split Poem Nimair 3 #anger, #blood, #fault, #hate, #love, #self harm, #stop Apr 3rd
"The greedy little monkey" -Fable Poem marianagr Apr 3rd
Image in the mirror Poem nighthawk21 1 Apr 3rd
I Am Ever Grateful Poem MarvinthePoet God religion Apr 3rd
lieverd Poem bedroom_galaxy Apr 3rd
The Majestic Decision Poem Graciela A fable that I created Apr 3rd
The Majestic Decision Poem AnaletyCg Apr 3rd
fable Poem rodrigogarza400... Apr 3rd
The Incredulous Dinosaurs Poem ezaval fable Apr 3rd
Sweet euphoria Poem BlackRainbow0fHope 2 ash, clouds, Colors, crucifixion, Escape, Eternity, Euphoria, future, heart, Metanoia, past, present, Quality, rain, rainbow, storm, Suffering, sun, time, today, tomorrow, yearning Apr 3rd
Love Outset Poem Louisiana Apr 3rd
The Incredulous Dinosaurs Poem mayrateran09 Apr 3rd
The tiger and the lion Poem sabina fable Apr 3rd
Pouring out Poem cherishfaith pouring out Apr 3rd
Lifewater Poem mrpoofs 4 Apr 3rd
Effervescent Thoughts Poem pbenarumairaj The very thought of love triggers the writer's mind endlessly Apr 3rd
Think Outside The Box Poem LittleLennonGurl Apr 3rd
Lament (an overdo elegy) Poem Faded_shades 3 Apr 3rd
losing friends Poem louren182 friends Apr 3rd
senselessness Poem punkpoet Apr 3rd
Bookseller's Ode Poem Atramentous Apr 3rd
y2. 2-3. Untitled Poem Atramentous Apr 3rd
Memorial Poem Atramentous Apr 3rd
Free Pass Poem Atramentous Apr 3rd
Never Feel Alone Poem Dark_Scorpion Life, love, romance Apr 3rd
Paid in Full Poem Atramentous Apr 3rd
A note to my "father" Poem grandtez316 2 #life #sad #angry #dad #depression #rhyme #story #real #direct #long #deepthought #cool #expression #childhood #overcoming #pain #reality Apr 3rd
Paper House Poem Atramentous Apr 3rd
Ultimate Card Game Poem allets 2 Apr 3rd
Fool Poem Atramentous Apr 3rd
2-128. Untitled Poem Atramentous Apr 3rd
z2. 2-10. Untitled Poem Atramentous Apr 3rd
z2. 2-14. Untitled Poem Atramentous Apr 3rd
z2. 2-18. Untitled Poem Atramentous Apr 3rd
z2. 2-19. Untitled Poem Atramentous Apr 3rd
z2. 2-23. Untitled Poem Atramentous Apr 3rd
The Tower Poem Atramentous Apr 3rd
z1. 1-22. Untitled Poem Atramentous Apr 3rd
Life, Trees and Seasons Poem Atramentous Apr 3rd
z2. 2-30. Untitled Poem Atramentous Apr 3rd
z2. 2-40. Untitled Poem Atramentous Apr 3rd
Distance Poem Atramentous Apr 3rd
Air Conditioning Poem Atramentous Apr 3rd
Bar Poem airtorion 1 Bar drink jazz Apr 3rd
y2. 2-49. Untitled Poem Atramentous Apr 3rd
z2. 2-53. Untitled Poem Atramentous Apr 3rd
Salty Water Poem Atramentous Apr 3rd
Waterwalker Poem Atramentous Apr 3rd
z2. 2-55. Untitled Poem Atramentous Apr 3rd
z1. 1-68. Untitled Poem Atramentous Apr 3rd
z2. 2-59. Untitled Poem Atramentous Apr 3rd
Two Tigers Poem Dianambj 1 Apr 3rd
The beginning of the end Poem jorgelp94 Apr 3rd
y2. 2-68. Untitled Poem Atramentous Apr 3rd
Cry Poem Atramentous Apr 3rd
z2. 2-73. Untitled Poem Atramentous Apr 3rd
Away Poem Atramentous Apr 3rd
z2. 2-74. Untitled Poem Atramentous Apr 3rd
Time Line Poem Atramentous Apr 3rd
List Poem Atramentous Apr 3rd
October 9, 1999 Poem Atramentous Apr 3rd
z2. 2-104. Untitled Poem Atramentous Apr 3rd
Forever More Poem Atramentous Apr 3rd
y1. 1-109. Untitled Poem Atramentous Apr 3rd
z2. 2-111. Untitled Poem Atramentous Apr 3rd
y2. 2-127. Untitled Poem Atramentous Apr 3rd
All In All Poem Atramentous Apr 3rd
Secrets Poem Atramentous Apr 3rd
More Than Nothing Poem Atramentous Apr 3rd
So It Would Seem Poem Atramentous Apr 3rd
z1. 1-193. Untitled Poem Atramentous Apr 3rd
Birds and the bees Poem crosscounty97 work in progress Apr 3rd
I want to Poem crosscounty97 1 i can Apr 3rd
yum Poem crosscounty97 2 yummy food Apr 3rd
A Wild Card Cut The Brakes Poem Silver__lining Apr 3rd
Whoever You Are Poem Silver__lining Apr 3rd
Miss Ya Dog Poem Silver__lining Apr 3rd
If I Do, Do You? Poem Silver__lining Apr 3rd
Jawless Poem Silver__lining Apr 3rd
Honesty & Knowing It's There Poem Silver__lining Apr 3rd
You Trust What You Hear & I Say Nothing Poem Silver__lining Apr 3rd Sorry Poem Silver__lining Apr 3rd
When It Rains, Stay Dry Poem Silver__lining Apr 3rd
I Fear Poem Silver__lining Apr 3rd
held safe Poem sy75 2 Apr 3rd
being false to my self Poem squawk 3 being aware, false, life's stress Apr 3rd
love thy neighbour Poem sy75 Apr 3rd
Forever Alone Poem ComplikaitedKait #Alone #onlychild #nofriends #alone #alone #forever Apr 3rd
I Won't Leave You Prose FlakyPorcupine 2 Apr 3rd
Good Prose joshomac Apr 3rd
DAPHNE (Let Her Be A Mystery) Prose emmenay Daphne John Of Indelible Memory., My biographical novel about my schoolmate, my First & Everlasting Love Apr 3rd
WALLS Poem sy75 Apr 4th
Oh ,the ageing pain! Poem SafelyReturned Apr 4th
Happy Belated Birthday (from the Dear Siraaj Series) Poem ultimprv Apr 4th
Hello and Goodnight Poem amywilkie 2 Apr 4th
The Ghost of Eva Poem ultimprv Apr 4th
Insecure (Unfinished) Poem Cateyemania Apr 4th
One Not Thought Of Poem Silver__lining Apr 4th
Time Makes You Poem Silver__lining Apr 4th
Please Don't Kill My Flow Poem Silver__lining Apr 4th
The Pain, The One Poem Silver__lining Apr 4th
If Only One More Time Poem Silver__lining Apr 4th
Am I Living True? Poem Silver__lining Apr 4th
Balloon Poem raeleyn 3 Apr 4th
Clean Love & Poison Blood Poem raeleyn Apr 4th
had to be done Poem sy75 4 Apr 4th
Where Angles Fear to Tread Poem NightPollen Apr 4th
never wanted to say goodbye (grandpa i'll always remember you) Poem sweetpea71986 Apr 4th
Give Up Poem pbenarumairaj Aging and unfulfilled dreams make the writer 'give up' Apr 4th
soak away Poem sy75 Apr 4th
I'm Wishing U Were Here (I love u Grandma) Poem sweetpea71986 Apr 4th
contempt in court Poem sy75 Apr 4th
When Sarah Swallows The Moon Whole She Glows Poem PeterChristophe... 8 Apr 4th
My Road To Ruin Poem PeterChristophe... 6 Apr 4th