tension and pressures of life




Life’s so sickening when odds are against;

Makes me revolt when it’s worst;

Excitement in no time turns into sadness; and I

Look for my reckoning when chips are down.


The darkness that devours my life of gay

Overshadows and casts its gloom of grey;

Blindfolds me and puts me on hold!

Is quite painful when I find no way.


Options are many, but too far flung

Good or bad I damn care!

All that I opt is, what’s that is natural,

As it takes me to the world of ecstasy!


Give me the mind which can just think;

Think and enjoy the way I dream;

Show me ‘The One’ who can take me

To the world of fantasies!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The writer likes to get rid of stress, tension and pressures of life so as to be in his world of fantasies enjoying perfect happiness