Time before now doesn’t matter no more
Leaves do not rustle, people are still
Feels like I’m stuck in a world in between
Here and I’m lost in those eyes, past the world I’m gone
How can i move, How do i breathe
When standing in front is..., or so ill believe


I met her on a sunny autumn day
Must’ve seen her a thousand miles away
Was it her face, her smile, or
A subtle glow standing out from the crowd
Smile, maybe one day she’ll be here


Days go on and weeks sail by
Seen a trace of her shadow whisker by
Elusive of my outstretched hands
Don’t know if she saw me, or glanced unaware
Mysteries are here to taunt me
This creature neither here nor there
Tantalizing me into a state of great despair


There was another, now there’s no other who clouds my mind
Foolish thoughts coming from a foolish man
Make a wish to save me from undoing
Entered a vortex that swallowed me whole
Might have retreated but what’s the cause
In I go, for better or worse
Feel my heart beating; I’ve got no more thoughts


I’ll be true, I won’t hurt you
Give me a chance, give me a way
Don’t want this strange feeling to fade away
We'll be one, and we’ll be happy
What a strange picture to set
When I’ve known nothing but a life of regret

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S74RW4RD's picture

This poem has a deceptively

This poem has a deceptively simple surface that conceals a profound emotion within.


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This is lose to my heart, but

This is lose to my heart, but one thing I know, it's better to love from afar than screw up people's lives its just not worth it, there will come a time and a place when the universe sends back all the love you have given, till then in the words of the Chantoozies "if you can't be with the one you love honey, love the one you're with." Great write! I loved it!!! Hugss 

Don't let any one shake your dream stars from your eyes, lest your soul Come away with them! -SS    

"Well, it's love, but not as we know it."

MoonCruxCollision's picture

I thought so too for a great

I thought so too for a great deal of time, but then again if we dont pursue in the case of uncertain feelings, then there may lay regret upon our mind (though i shun the very thought). Someone else will do it for us without the memorys to share by. If indeed to seek the cause and come out shattered, would be better than have done none at all. Lay where we may,  and do what we can

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Great flow.

I gotta say, I've read all your stuff and I really like the flow of this and all your other pieces.  Somewhat similar to my own writing style. It's nice. Keep up the great work.

Verbal Verbatim