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I have lived the life of son, brother, husband, Dad, Musician and now a soul on his own to view, explore, absorb and find just where in my imagination I can take myself to help myself better understand why this realm was choosen for me.
I believe in love, I know it exists, fore it has given me some of my best memories, and my worst pains imaginable.

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Sometimes I forget it's there. It use to feed me life. It likes to hide. Enjoys the sun in the summertime. Unlike my eye's it doesn't cry. It'll be there till the end of my time. @

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You can find me on a cliffside near water meditating, writing, listening to music.... or....
FB- Curtis James
....or somewhere in the clouds.

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"My friends say I'm jaded, I prefer the term jagged, broken, yet sharp" ~me
MUSIC! Entertained on stage for 12 years. Met so many well known beautiful souls in the process. Some even many of you would know. I've written some 800 songs, countless poems, love to write short stories, and what I like to call Cranium Crap (my scattered thoughts), I love spending time with my Kids, snowboarding, swiming, helping others, playing my guitar and my piano, being in love, the sun, the moon, clouds, animals and being spiritual without screaming religion in your face!


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