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Elephants murdered

for ivory piano keys,

 cats for

violin strings

goats for drumskins

(for that matter,

chickens for drumsticks.)

Is music more beautiful when

the instrument is nonviolent?

Is a flame more smokeless

when the candle's not made of lard?





"I don't give opinions. I let my characters
do that." -Stephen King-

"Description unlike judgment
bypasses the opposition of the reader".
-Meher Baba-

"Asking questions rather than
monologue engages the audience'  mind".
- Mr Cline-

"Beauty is framed in space."
-Anne Morrow Lindbergh-



some are paraphrased




God doesn't claim that artists plagiarize

when they paint fanned peacock eyes

nor accuse of infrigement of copyright

those who His meditation whispers down write.

Nor indict as forgers those who paint His sunset skyart

But God disapproves of those who patent his rainforest plants.




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The cat is glaring at me

My mini tiger wants his breakfast

but he will just have to wait

if you heard him youd be aghast

at the noises he does make


Looking at me all a vexed

cos out of bed i am

he know that in this context

his bowl will be filled with ham


Or one of the other flavours

stated on the packets

gobbled down to fast to savor

lions appetite on a budget


Don't be so antsy my little one

am waiting for the clock

food is here and will come

breaking this deadlock.

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I Really Hate Cats!!!!

She talks about her cats

a million times;

over and over again

she talks about her Cats!!!!


And I try to pay attention,

but I just don't give a damn

about some random ass cats,


Thinking how crazy this bitch is,

I begn to question my own sanity

for entertaining her mess,



Author's Notes/Comments: 
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Rehousing cats

Rehousing cats

By jfarrell



The big clumps of fur falling off my eldest cat,

Tell me, loud and clear, that I ain’t coping;

Now I’m back at work, I’m not here,

To give the third meal a day (lunch) and clean their litter trays.


I’m not looking after them as well as I should,

So, I know it’s the responsible thing to do;

My youngest, Ollie, ginger, got taken in by a sweet old lady;

Chade, all black, going to what sounds like a hellhole.


I fear he won’t live long, living in yard with 20 other cats;

But, beggars can’t be choosers;

And they’re just cats!



At 49, they’re the only family I’m ever gonna have;

My mum can die, I wouldn’t spit on her;

I talk to my sister 10 minutes on her birthday, 10 on mine;

My cats are the only living thing I felt close to. Ever.


My only real life source of acceptance,

Of being loved, being needed,

Being part of something more, other, than me;

And I’m not even a ‘cat’ person.


I’ve just given Chade what I think is a death sentence;

Maybe I’m tired; maybe “it’s just Monday”;

Maybe it’s the sudden rent arrears, or not enough hours…

But Chade leaving, and where he’s going to


Is what makes me cry tonight.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

seriously hate being me

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Like Cats and Dogs

Gabriela Jaime A01192597

Jose Luis Valencia A00820392


It is the year 2687 and humans have been eradicated from the face of the earth, their excessive pollution and continuous wars has taken care of them. At the end of The Old World, the human species lacked compassion towards their brothers and sisters, which was another reason that led them to extinction. Just some instants before the last human heart stopped beating, they observed what their unconsciousness and apathy had led to. Before them laid a destroyed world; one without a trace of drinkable water, no uncontaminated vegetables and cows have been long gone before that. Half of the flora in the history of humanity is either extinct or has mutated to this point. A few months have gone by since the last human heart stopped beating, and the animals that had gone into hiding are starting to come out of their safe place. Now, on the planet formerly known as earth, there is nothing left but animals and nature. It is a new beginning for whatever flora and fauna is left.

After the extinction of humans, animals started to speak in a long-forgotten language which allowed everyone to understand each other. After a few months went by all animals were able to understand each other. Cats and dogs took it upon themselves to make sure that the planet was well taken care of, after all they were the closest animals to humans and they were the ones who had a better idea of what society should be like. Cats and dogs took it upon them to organize The New World, but some animals didn’t believe in them, because history has shown cats and dogs rarely get along. So they questioned cats and dogs’ ability to run a functional society.

A meeting was held and all the animals were to express their opinions on what cats and dogs wanted to do with society. Horses, birds, foxes, and all of the animals that were left showed up in the remains of what used to be the Great Bear Rainforest.

“The session is about to begin, please be kind enough and take your places at once.” Said a german shepard, with an authority characteristic to its bark.

“Who is he?” Said a mighty persian cat.

“He’s the leader of the dogs, his calls himself Prometheus.” Said a skinny little egyptian Sphynx

“Can the leader of the cats stand up.” Demanded Prometheus.

A white fluffy British shorthair, with eyes so golden they competed with the sun, came forward.

“My name is Brahma leader of the cats” Said the British shorthair.

“Could I have a moment with you alone Mr. Brahma.”

“Sure thing, let's go to a more secluded place.”

Prometheus and Brahma walked to a secluded place, behind some trees where they couldn’t be seen by the crowd, and left everybody else in what was left of the Great Bear Rainforest. Time went by and the two leaders seemed to be taking their time. The crowd began to whisper things among themselves. Both cats and dogs were worried but they kept calm, until the cry of an animal was heard.

“He probably just ate him and he’s just waiting for everybody to leave so he can walk out freely.” said someone among the crowd.

The cats became more and more suspicious about what was going on on the “secluded place.” They  truly began to worry about their leader. An hour went by and one of the cats began to plot against the dogs in case Brahma did not came back. Nothing seemed to be happening so the cats began their sneaky little plan. As they whispered and began to outline their attack, they noticed that dogs were ready to counterattack. A cat picked up a fight with a dog in hopes of creating mayhem and distraction for his brothers to set in motion their plan. And just as the battle was about to get real, both leaders came out, without even so much as a scratch.

“My brothers and sisters,” Said Prometheus “This is what destroyed the human race.”

“If we are to build a new world —a new society– that runs with peace and harmony, we need to become bigger persons than they were.” Said Brahma.

And so Brahma and Prometheus stated the Postulates of The New Era, in which it clearly said animals weren’t to abandon their common language, for they must be able to understand their brothers and sisters —regardless of their fur. If conflict were to arise, no physical action will be taken, and in case any of their siblings were to break these, then the universe was going to collapse. Or so said the “prophecy” Brahma and Prometheus told to scare everyone in the world.

Years went by and animals lived in perfect harmony until one day Prometheus and Brahma had a disagreement, and like humans, they fought like cats and dogs, unable to resolve their problems, which further lead to the collapse of The New Era. And with it came the end of the Universe.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Moral: The best way to resolve a problem is by discussing it peacefully. Violence creates violence. Be tranquil, compassionate and kind.  

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My Brothers cats Crew

My brother’s cats crew

Silent like a tree, invisible like a ghost, calm as the water as it flows down the river and she doesn’t have a care in the world. That’s Ninja my brother’s cat. Funny how these two creatures first became friends, my brother used to hate cats but suddenly this little kitten stumbled in to the house to become the boss of my brother, as females can sometimes do. Ninja feels more like a sister than the pet of the house. It feels as if she has been a part of the family the whole time, I think that’s why my bother decided to adopt her. Like I said, Ninja does not care in the world, literally nothing. That loyal, large, lazy cat only moves to eat, but if it’s not of the Whiskas brand she doesn’t bother to eat.

To be honest, I really think Ninja is taking full advantage of my brother. The lady only cares for the food and shelter; she is using him like the Pharaoh used his slave’s years ago. And if being a slave of a cat is not enough, Ninja brought three kittens into my brother’s life, which means the house is now full of some interesting characters.

The little white one becomes the HULK from time to time; always looking for something to destroy, something to bite or someone to annoy. Except he always targets the little one, the caring one, the one that it is always looking for and sharing affection.

Like a ninja sneaking around the house, slipping around every corner and hiding in the shadows of the furniture. A creature that only cares about food and nothing else, the little beast that never stops trying to demolish everything around him, that one, goes by the name of “Mounstro”;

El “Niño” that is the normal one, the one that I personally enjoy the most. He’s selfless, he appears when I need him to and disappears when he knows I need some distance.

Somehow each one of those little animals brings much happiness to the house. Everyone loves them even though they all are pretty weird “pets”. Each one brings a different personality to the family which naturally adds excitement and drama which keeps us all on our toes. Since those little fellas have been around, we find comfort amongst the craziness of a cat filled house.

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A Question

Is the Question-Mark Tail

Of the Cat

The Source

Of His Curiousity

Or the Consequence?

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The Hoarding Song

Funny by Me

The Hoarding Song

Yes, I'm a Hoarder-and my life ain't complete..

   without boxes to the ceiling, and cat poop on my feet...

I wondered just the other day

what is that putrid smell?

I only counted 19 must be Jezebel!


Oh, I'm a Hoarder-and the only space I have

is a tiny little clean spot on my cat stained mattress pad...

And I sleep pretty good at night,

and mostly through the day...

strangely my only plight? 

They wanna throw my stuff away!


When Christmas time comes once again, 

I'll feel safe and happy here...

And once Jezebel stops stinkin'

come get yer presents, Dear!

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Cat Behavior ( 6 word story)

Danny boy

bit Mommy

Bad Kitty.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This really happened to my mother. She had two trips to the doctor and a tetnus shot.

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