Monthly Archive for March 2004

Title Type Pen Name Comments Categories Date
GUILTY BY INNOCENCE Poem ltsaunders Abuse Mar 1st
INJUSTICE! Poem cathycavalcante Anger NonViolent Mar 1st
IF I GOT TO TALK TO SHANIA TWAIN Poem chris Abstract Mar 1st
I realize Poem cnsfreebird3 2 Mar 1st
Gotta bring me back Poem elliot_jordan2003 Mar 1st
the one i love Poem emzy_baby 1 Mar 1st
the best friend in my life Poem emzy_baby 1 Mar 1st
The pain i hold inside Poem emzy_baby 2 Mar 1st
Sweet Revenge Poem hidnrage822 Mar 1st
Abandoned Child Poem hidnrage822 2 Mar 1st
Alice Poem ivy_lights 2 Mar 1st
Galactic Beast Poem juliothegreat Mar 1st
My escape Poem losinghope 1 Mar 1st
Before Poem lurch676 Mar 1st
During Poem lurch676 Mar 1st
After Poem lurch676 Mar 1st
Twill Poem merkaba11 Mar 1st
Altitude Poem merkaba11 Passion Mar 1st
Imposter Igor Poem merkaba11 Mar 1st
beneath the beauty Poem nirvana_owns Mar 1st
the bitterness derived from a painters story Poem paradisealone 1 Mar 1st
Sinful Longings Poem phil_carcione Dark Mar 1st
Release Poem phil_carcione Haiku Mar 1st
Fallen Poem poeticdreamer150 Life/Living Mar 1st
Blinded Poem poeticdreamer150 Betrayal Mar 1st
Looking For A Reason Poem poetjewnita Mar 1st
The One That Got Away - Pt. 2 Poem poetry_freak Breaking Up Mar 1st
"Kubalai" (For Bill,,aka,,Kubalai) 1-18-02 Poem raven_hair Mar 1st
Untitled -- 1.29.2004 Poem saggi 2 Mar 1st
nowhere Poem saggi Mar 1st
dance Poem saggi 1 Mar 1st
Or...Whatever Poem sidhe_whispers Abstract Mar 1st
Paradise Poem sidhe_whispers Abstract Mar 1st
An Orange Night Poem sidhe_whispers Abstract Mar 1st
Christine Poem sidhe_whispers Abstract Mar 1st
I Sit and Wait Poem superdownlifer 1 Abstract Mar 1st
? Poem superdownlifer Abstract Mar 1st
Open Doors Poem superdownlifer Mar 1st
هكذا Poem tariqasrawi Mar 1st
my daily senryu march 01, 2004 Poem tiong_chung_hoo Mar 1st
my daily haiku march 01, 2004 Poem tiong_chung_hoo Mar 1st
my daily poem march 01, 2004 - i dance with the gods and goddesses Poem tiong_chung_hoo Mar 1st
my daily tanka march 01, 2004 Poem tiong_chung_hoo Mar 1st
Reminder Why Poem traxaddict Mar 1st
Mad Cow Marshmallows Poem truths Mar 1st
Need To Talk Poem wishful_thinking Mar 1st
أيمتى بدك ترجعي Poem almouallem Mar 2nd
يا حلو يا أمير Poem almouallem love Mar 2nd
عشتار Poem almouallem love Mar 2nd
ايوه يا سيدي Poem almouallem love Mar 2nd
مش حانساك Poem almouallem love Mar 2nd
Life Poem blindchaos_04 Life/Living Mar 2nd
Him Poem bobbie5 Change/Transition Mar 2nd
Look past the Logic Poem bowiegirls_eye 2 Abstract Mar 2nd
Deep Depression Poem cam 1 Depression Mar 2nd
It Has Begun Once More Poem Syzoth Mar 2nd
The Letter Never Sent Poem crisostimo 1 Abstract Mar 2nd
I'm Gone Poem deethepoet Mar 2nd
Did I lose Again? Poem deethepoet Mar 2nd
betrayed by one you love Poem emzy_baby 2 Betrayal Mar 2nd
Fly through the sky Poem emzy_baby 3 Mar 2nd
'Do what you want i dont care' Poem emzy_baby 2 Mar 2nd
'joe the crow' Poem emzy_baby 1 Children Mar 2nd
'war' Poem emzy_baby 3 War Mar 2nd
Is it just me? Poem gwennalockafer 1 Mar 2nd
Night that Never Ends Poem innocentwhispers Mar 2nd
Can You? Poem jecantz 1 Mar 2nd
A Way Out Poem juliothegreat Mar 2nd
Chain Poem juliothegreat 1 Mar 2nd
The View Poem juliothegreat Mar 2nd
The River Poem juliothegreat 1 Mar 2nd
what matters most to me Poem kiddo_catastrophe 3 Mar 2nd
angle Wings above Poem ladydragus 1 Angels Mar 2nd
Deamon Wings Below Poem ladydragus 1 Being Loved Mar 2nd
A Love True Poem ladyreck Mar 2nd
london took too long to turn on Poem moltarlava Mar 2nd
انه أنا Poem nile_heart Mar 2nd
درب الانين Poem nile_heart Mar 2nd
قمرك دربي Poem nile_heart Mar 2nd
Beaten, Broken and Bruised Poem nomes2riches 1 Song Lyrics Mar 2nd
Does it really need a title? Poem oh_so_odd Mar 2nd
Ladies, How Do We Do? Poem ontheverge 1 Mar 2nd
Suicidal Psycho Poem perception 1 Suicide Mar 2nd
* Jesus Paid It All * Poem poetvg Mar 2nd
* I Wouldn.t Change * Poem poetvg 1 Mar 2nd
Song * My Lord What A Mourning * Poem poetvg Mar 2nd
"Ending the beginning" Poem rayjax12 Mar 2nd
Dancing With Grandpa Poem stustaub 3 death Mar 2nd
Sorrow Poem americanprayer 1 Mar 3rd
Identity Poem blerius Mar 3rd
Restrictions Poem blerius Mar 3rd
Now You're Gone Poem blerius Mar 3rd
Mel Gibson's The Passion of Christ Poem blumentopf 2 religion Mar 3rd
death at her father/1:08 Poem catherine Mar 3rd
he don't love you Poem emzy_baby 3 Mar 3rd
The sun and the moon. Poem emzy_baby 1 Mar 3rd
Natural Disaster Poem eyesreadvacancy 4 Mar 3rd
أتاني Poem fares 1 Mar 3rd
إشراقة Poem fares 1 Mar 3rd
استسلام Poem fares 1 Mar 3rd
Forever Poem HeavensTorment77 1 family Mar 3rd
Your Hand Poem ikarus_falls 2 Mar 3rd
A Death Camp (school paper) Poem iloveminem08 In Memory Mar 3rd
So Much More Poem jamiekinz12 Being Loved Mar 3rd
'04 It's not You, It's Me Poem Joel 1 Mar 3rd
i Poem merkaba11 Abstract Mar 3rd
Mucus Poem merkaba11 Imagery Mar 3rd
Lymphatica Ventricle Poem merkaba11 Imagery Mar 3rd
Starry So Farry Poem merkaba11 Mar 3rd
Somersault Poem merkaba11 Mar 3rd
Sad Romance Poem merkaba11 Mar 3rd
Mansion Magpie Poem merkaba11 Mar 3rd
Guns & Guitars Poem merkaba11 Mar 3rd
Pacifier Poem merkaba11 Mar 3rd
Old Paris Poem merkaba11 Mar 3rd
Starhorse Poem merkaba11 Mar 3rd
Knuckes Poem merkaba11 Mar 3rd
Break Poem nirvana_owns Mar 3rd
Mixture Poem nirvana_owns 1 Mar 3rd
Your Words Are Like Lyrics Poem poeterri 6 Mar 3rd
Stolen Heart Poem poeticangeltears84 2 Awakening Mar 3rd
A Woman's Worth Poem poeticdreamer150 Individuality Mar 3rd
$6.00, a Bag, and Me Poem poeticdreamer150 1 Existence Mar 3rd
A Man's Other Half Poem poeticdreamer150 Human Nature Mar 3rd
To All You Haters Poem poeticdreamer150 Individuality Mar 3rd
A Special Thank You Poem poeticdreamer150 Faith Mar 3rd
Nothing I do Poem rairai Mar 3rd
Hit Or Miss Poem solpemachaco 4 Mar 3rd
Dear Mother II Poem solpemachaco Mar 3rd
Prince Charming Poem solpemachaco Mar 3rd
Confess Poem stonesy Mar 3rd
The Words of Warning Poem sweet_saturn 3 youth Mar 3rd
Just Friends Poem that_one_girl Mar 3rd
Save me from me Poem underlovelyeyes Acceptance Mar 3rd
Prayer for a Journey Poem unrulyspring Mar 3rd
Don't Do This To Me Poem wishful_thinking Mar 3rd
That Moment In Time Poem word_man 1 Beauty Mar 3rd
Star! Poem avengers1965 1 Song Lyrics Mar 4th
feruja folicle fiasco ..... 1March04 Poem avengers1965 Abstract Mar 4th
Sincerity Stanzas........ 30Oct03 Poem avengers1965 Reality Mar 4th
Abandon Steak! ........ 22Feb04 Poem avengers1965 Abstract Mar 4th
talk ...... 2March04 Poem avengers1965 Abstract Mar 4th
guilty as discharged ...... 3March04 Poem avengers1965 Awakening Mar 4th
So Fabulous So Fierce (Freak Out) Poem avengers1965 Beauty Mar 4th
Demintia Paradox As a Self Harming Killer Poem banekisses_sadi... Angst Mar 4th
Romance Poem banekisses_sadi... 1 Being Loved Mar 4th
Breath In My Suffocation Poem banekisses_sadi... Mar 4th
One Of The Guys Poem banekisses_sadi... Bittersweet Mar 4th
Sins Etched In Flesh Poem banekisses_sadi... Mar 4th
Topsy-turvy Poem banekisses_sadi... Mar 4th
SISTER Poem brotherbobby 2 Mar 4th
THE JOURNEY Poem brotherbobby 1 Soul mates Mar 4th
9:18p Poem catherine Mar 4th
Huffing Life Poem chubbsmahone Mar 4th
Blow some words(on the telegraph mochine) Poem chubbsmahone Mar 4th
Confession! Poem cnsfreebird3 1 Mar 4th
Away With Me Poem cynthia Beauty Mar 4th
Sadness Poem cynthia Angst Mar 4th
Blank Sheet Of Paper Poem cynthia Other Mar 4th
Forget Me Not Poem draca death Mar 4th
1.WATCH ME BURN (A Must Read) Poem elliot_jordan2003 2 Mar 4th
Forgiveness Poem hhickson 2 Forgiveness Mar 4th
Stage of Confidence Poem hushbaby Mar 4th
Untitled -- 2.4.2004 Poem ikarus_falls 3 Mar 4th
Stone Poem juliothegreat 1 Mar 4th
Space Poem juliothegreat 1 Mar 4th
Ash Poem juliothegreat 1 Mar 4th
Tag Poem juliothegreat 1 Mar 4th
I'm an alkie(silly song) Poem lilone_is_on_fi... Mar 4th
Hollow Poem mouths_of_babes Suicide Mar 4th
WRHONNI Poem palewingedpoetess friendship Mar 4th
Visions Poem playbunny Abstract Mar 4th
Serene Beauty Poem playbunny Abstract Mar 4th
A yearning Poem playbunny 1 Mar 4th
Breaking Free Poem playbunny 1 Abstract Mar 4th
New Embodiment Poem playbunny Abstract Mar 4th
My Black People Poem poeticdreamer150 1 Culture/Society Mar 4th
It's A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood... Poem poetry_freak 1 Awakening Mar 4th
Blindly Poem raminastar 2 Mar 4th
Outside Looking In Poem thapoet Mar 4th
White Enough Poem thapoet 1 Mar 4th
Good Things Come To Those Who Wait Poem thapoet Mar 4th
What's Missing? (Part 2) Poem thapoet Mar 4th
Her World Poem thapoet Mar 4th
I Am What I Am Poem thapoet 1 Mar 4th
A Story To Tell Poem thapoet 1 Mar 4th
Last Night Poem thapoet Mar 4th
Dear God Poem underlovelyeyes 1 Abuse Mar 4th
You aren't me Poem underlovelyeyes Acceptance Mar 4th
Yeah, You Say Poem wishful_thinking Mar 4th
We All Have Covers (World Keeps Turning) Poem wishful_thinking Mar 4th
5438079 Poem word_man 5 Mar 4th
With You Poem reneedrake 2 love Mar 4th
Dreams Are For The Un-Blessed Poem banekisses_sadi... Mar 5th
Unbreakable criticism Poem banekisses_sadi... Mar 5th
Human Dragon (Working Title) Poem banekisses_sadi... Mar 5th
Popular Tears Poem banekisses_sadi... Mar 5th
Letter To Protect Poem banekisses_sadi... Mar 5th
Rodney Dale Poem banekisses_sadi... Mar 5th
Dreaming Our Reality Poem banekisses_sadi... Mar 5th
dreaming of him Poem bebe410 1 Mar 5th
fair exchange part 1 Poem bebe410 Mar 5th
I'm Living For Somebody Else Poem missmichelle Mar 5th
THE WALK Poem brotherbobby 2 Mar 5th
Failure To Comply Poem cathycavalcante Reality Mar 5th
Even Dreams Wax Poetic Poem cathycavalcante dreams Mar 5th
UnKnOwN Poem crimzontearz Mar 5th
BaSiCs Poem crimzontearz Mar 5th
WoUnDs Poem crimzontearz Mar 5th
bLiNdInG MaDnEsS Poem crimzontearz 1 Mar 5th
YeT Poem crimzontearz Mar 5th
ThE ThInG Poem crimzontearz Mar 5th
KiSs Poem crimzontearz 1 Mar 5th
MySeLf Poem crimzontearz Mar 5th
DeRaNgEd Poem crimzontearz Mar 5th
pOrTrAiT Poem crimzontearz Mar 5th
ReD rOsEs Poem crimzontearz Mar 5th
My Poem crimzontearz Mar 5th
i Poem crimzontearz Mar 5th
iNnOcEnCe Poem crimzontearz Mar 5th
NiGhT Poem crimzontearz Mar 5th
KiKi Poem crimzontearz Mar 5th
MaKe Poem crimzontearz Mar 5th
HaLl Of HoRrOrS Poem crimzontearz Mar 5th
TuMbLe Poem crimzontearz Mar 5th
pAiN n EsCaPe Poem crimzontearz Mar 5th
rEaLm Poem crimzontearz Mar 5th
My Dream (Taking you to the Top) Poem deethepoet Mar 5th
Something's Missing Poem deethepoet Mar 5th
Real Men Like Tabasco Sauce Poem SkyeTheBard 1 Comedy/Humor Mar 5th
On My Dying Day Poem draca Mar 5th
No More Pain Poem draca Mar 5th
Mixed Emotions Poem draca 1 Mar 5th
I Miss You- Blink182 Poem draca Mar 5th
My Immortal- Evanescence Poem draca Mar 5th
I want to Poem geneconner2008 Mar 5th
مئزري يا مئزري Poem hasnaouilazhar Poetry/Writing Mar 5th
أنا التلميذ Poem hasnaouilazhar Poetry/Writing Mar 5th
The Holocaust (school paper) Poem iloveminem08 Mar 5th
The "Jean" Dance Poem jenmoves8 Abstract Mar 5th
I'm Missing You Poem lostwonder Lost love Mar 5th
Confused Poem PoeticParable_S... Mar 5th
Skate Poem T3kT3hGrrl 2 Awakening Mar 5th
"A great Lipslide" Poem T3kT3hGrrl Acceptance Mar 5th
I Couldn't Love You More Poem poeterri 5 Mar 5th
Don't Label Me Poem poeticdreamer150 Mar 5th
His Prescence is my Crank Poem poetry_freak 1 confusion Mar 5th
Character Poem unrulyspring Mar 5th
From a Navajo Song Poem unrulyspring Mar 5th
Pain... Poem unrulyspring Mar 5th