Forgiveness is the greatest gift

One can give to another,

More valuable a treasure

Than any other.

For it can not be bought nor sold,

It can only be freely bestowed.

Lawsuits can not obtain it,

Money, can not buy it

But when given freely,

It restores the giver’s soul.

If you have ought against your brother,

Go to him and make amends

If he refuses you three times,

It becomes his sin.

If you refuse him,

Your soul is doomed,

Yours will be the sin,

Once he is in the tomb.

Don’t wait, make your amends,

Your life will be happier not living in sin.

You will have your family’s love

And your brother’s too,

Another star in your crown above

Give the gift that gives back to you…


Author's Notes/Comments: 

For my sons.

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poetvg's picture

good work
on this one ;*)

jgupta's picture

Brothers become petty with ego blocking their understandings. The one who ask pardon is in reality the winner.