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Nickname: Stai (sounds like Stay)
Favorite Color: Green is a nice color, but as a rule, I don't have favorites, I have preferences.
Status: Engaged
Biggest Fears: Failure as a mother, rodents, driving.
Pet Peeve: The sound of people scraping their teeth with a fork and hearing people chew, OMG I could drop dead at those sounds!! Eeeep!

About My Poetry: My poetry is a compilation of years and years of pain from childhood into adulthood. It is my outlet on my emotions. It is not something I care to have critiqued or published or in any way really bothered with. I keep it here so not to lose it. I have many many more poems I've written throughout the years which have never been typed up and shared on a computer. This is, simply put, a holding spot for them and I couldn't really care less what anyone truly thinks as they stumble upon them. Sometimes when someone shows a real interest in getting to know or at least understand 'the real me' i will link them to this and let them go through my poetry...as it really is the only way all but one person can ever truly figure me out.

About My Navel

It's got a scar on it from when I tried to pierce it with an earring stud when I was in 5th grade LOL! It didn't make me as 'cool' as I had hoped at the time! Oh, also an "inny"....and no, it is not pierced now, and probably never will be.

Favorite Stuff (poets, poems, quotes, hobbies, etc.)

Favorite Things:

Color: Green (actually more of a preference)
Food: ham sandwiches are awesome!
Drink: Mt. Dew or Sunkist...soda in general (yeah it's bad for me...but i loves it)!
Animal: The only animals i like are cats
Fruit: Peach

Fave Poets: Shakespeare (obviously!), Edgar Allen Poe, Robert Frost, Robert Service, Emily Dickinson, Lewis Carroll

Favorite poem: "The Raven" by Edgar Allen Poe


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