Monthly Archive for January 2012

Title Type Pen Name Comments Categories Date
Betty Charlene Parrott Poem Betty_charlene 4 Jan 1st
TROUBLED WALLS Poem heatherburns35 1 troubled walls Jan 1st
IT'S ALMOST CHRISTMAS Poem heatherburns35 1 it's almost christmas Jan 1st
New Years Poem iamJay0h Girlfriend, love, new years, poem Jan 1st
Goodbye Poem iamJay0h breakup, love, poem Jan 1st
with you Poem osiriss- 1 Jan 1st
Auld Lang Syne Poem brenda 1 Jan 1st
The zoo Poem bipurnatara ;poetry Jan 1st
Your eyes Poem nighthawk21 1 Jan 1st
Venky says Poem vvbhatus General Jan 1st
'11 Simple Love for a Son Poem Joel Jan 1st
exchanging souls Poem osiriss- 4 Jan 1st
A New Year Poem avoice 1 #Feeling alone #Sadness #Emptiness #New Year's Eve #New year Jan 1st
In This Together Poem LittleLennonGurl Jan 1st
Blasé Day Poem SSmoothie 4 Jan 1st
Resolutions Poem Beavis 4 Jan 1st
Dream Poem LittleLennonGurl Jan 1st
I dream Of A Day Poem LittleLennonGurl Jan 1st
EPHEMERAL LIGHT Poem anazachia1 Jan 1st
A Thing Poem SSmoothie 8 Jan 1st
Bleached Poem 3M2R New Year Poetry Jan 1st
CINDY'S BIRTHDAY POEM Poem palewingedpoetess 2 Jan 1st
I am too in-love with you to walk away Poem running_with_rabbits 2 Jan 1st
It is what it is Poem running_with_rabbits 2 Jan 1st
Tear me out Poem 1 Jan 1st
Falling In Reverse Poem FindingLife Jan 1st
The lenses nestled in my cells Poem coffeewithleona... Jan 2nd
Home Poem rob2586 2 Jan 2nd
I have to try Poem running_with_rabbits Jan 2nd
Days of my life Poem iamJay0h 1 inspiration, struggle Jan 2nd
war room Poem osiriss- 1 Jan 2nd
The Wanderer Poem FuriousIce 1 Jan 2nd
A Heavy Heart Poem FuriousIce Jan 2nd
SOLITARY DREAMER Poem Solitary_Dreamer 2 Jan 2nd
what Poem osiriss- 2 Jan 2nd
P.O.Q Poem SSmoothie 5 Spite snot picking Jan 2nd
little ant of inspiration Poem osiriss- 1 Jan 2nd
For the life of me I have no clue how to rationalize that* Poem running_with_rabbits 2 Jan 2nd
If I had a time machine Poem running_with_rabbits 2 Jan 2nd
Still Open & Fresh Poem Silver__lining Jan 2nd
What if I Were Poem Silver__lining 1 Jan 2nd
A Normal Day in My Life Poem Silver__lining Jan 2nd
Why I Always Sleep Poem Silver__lining Jan 2nd
Spoken for Itself Poem Silver__lining Jan 2nd
lies you spoke Poem strawberrieme Jan 2nd
Just Any Two Words Poem Silver__lining Jan 2nd
Sunday Poem Sivus Jan 2nd
Sleeping With Our Backs Touching Poem Silver__lining Jan 2nd
she is cold as ice Poem 9inety 3 Jan 2nd
SOLITUDES CHILD Poem Solitary_Dreamer Jan 2nd
MY ATTEMPTED SUICIDE Poem Solitary_Dreamer 3 Jan 2nd
Living Water, Part II Poem Adam아담 4 Christianity, healing, Holy Spirit, love Jan 2nd
If the Switchboard Insists Poem 1 Jan 2nd
Been Long While Poem kick.ass.lass 2 Jan 2nd
your eyes Poem osiriss- 1 Jan 2nd
Careless Shrugs. Poem CarelessnessMe Relatable Jan 2nd
Despise me Poem TheVeiZ anger, Dark, Evil Jan 2nd
the silence Poem osiriss- 1 Jan 2nd
work-a-? Poem osiriss- 1 Jan 2nd
your wrist Poem osiriss- 2 Jan 2nd
force Poem osiriss- Jan 2nd
what did you say Poem osiriss- Jan 2nd
Murder Poem BloodShotLies Jan 2nd
Ambition by Wale and Avantgarde (Remake) Poem Avantgarde Jan 2nd
Glittering Generalities Poem BloodShotLies Jan 2nd
Looking Back Poem Justin_Blank nostalgia, regrets Jan 2nd
Times Are Tense Poem Justin_Blank Jan 2nd
Don’t ever promise more than you can deliver, but always deliver more than you can promise.... Poem ValentineBuchannan 2 Jan 2nd
Glisten Poem anflanagan 1 Jan 2nd
Halo Jesus Poem charlax7 religion Jan 2nd
Why Is It? Poem swaymelikethesea 2 Life questions Jan 2nd
The Snake Poem Shadow_season 2 Ascension, death, God, Life Jan 2nd
looking away Poem osiriss- Jan 2nd
RawDog. Prose CaspertheUnfriendly 18 You tell me. Jan 2nd
The Weather in Manhatten Poem Jan 3rd
Birds of Dimension Poem 7 Space, time Jan 3rd
Old Time Rock and Roll.. Poem workm Jan 3rd
Goodbye Poem Bella92129 Jan 3rd
Colors Poem Fitzgerald 5 Jan 3rd
Obscenity Poem BloodShotLies 2 Jan 3rd
Obedience Poem BloodShotLies 1 Jan 3rd
Persecution Complex Poem BloodShotLies Jan 3rd
the best way Poem osiriss- 1 Jan 3rd
Banging On All Cylinders Poem 5 Jan 3rd
Angel Eyes Poem Alfi3Bi5kit201B break up, deception, love Jan 3rd
Waiting For a Break in Traffic Poem Alfi3Bi5kit201B 1 fight, random, rap Jan 3rd
What Big Eyes Poem 5 Jan 3rd
a dad's point o view Poem liltigg10 Jan 3rd
fly up to heaven Poem liltigg10 Jan 3rd
he called her from a thousand miles away Poem liltigg10 Jan 3rd
my 3 angels Poem liltigg10 Jan 3rd
the tears i cry Poem liltigg10 Jan 3rd
i held you for the first time Poem liltigg10 Jan 3rd
i hold on to the pain Poem liltigg10 Jan 3rd
i saw you the other day Poem liltigg10 Jan 3rd
garden of stone Poem liltigg10 1 Jan 3rd
Happy 2nd birthday in heaven Tristian dear. Poem liltigg10 Jan 3rd
Live Poem anflanagan 2 Jan 3rd
I stare of in the distance, to a crimson sky, Poem liltigg10 Jan 3rd
maybe i could have loved you better Poem liltigg10 Jan 3rd
...: Life :... Poem confusedangel Jan 3rd
~...:Relief:...~ Poem confusedangel Jan 3rd
Porcelain Prayers Poem 1 Jan 3rd
Degentleman. Poem CaspertheUnfriendly 4 Fuck off. Jan 3rd
Reason for Treason Poem Silver__lining Jan 3rd
Whats Left in This Town? Poem Silver__lining Jan 3rd
Never Again Poem Silver__lining Jan 3rd
Glass Bastards Poem Jan 3rd
A Resolution, A Last minute Fix. Poem ADAPT Jan 3rd
THE UTTERLY PROFANE Poem palewingedpoetess Jan 3rd
On Display Poem jestersjester 1 love, relationships Jan 3rd
Blueprint of Her Divine Design Poem GSNJSMJ Love lust beauty beautiful women Jan 3rd
عبيد Poem poet Jan 3rd
عصفور جبان Poem poet Jan 3rd
I think that you should date Eli* Poem running_with_rabbits Jan 3rd
ANGEL Poem theloudervoice 2 Jan 3rd
I don't know what I feel anymore Poem running_with_rabbits Jan 3rd
I'm sorry* Poem running_with_rabbits Jan 3rd
One writes to cope and reads to understand Poem running_with_rabbits Jan 3rd
Deer IS your favourite thing to hunt Poem running_with_rabbits Jan 3rd
.I am an Electron Poem confusedangel Jan 3rd
.Exposed Roots Poem confusedangel Jan 3rd
How do I respect you after that? Poem running_with_rabbits Jan 3rd
.Masks or the Moon? I prefer being tounge-tied Poem confusedangel 3 Jan 3rd
"Chase" Poem confusedangel 2 Jan 3rd
Black Bagged Poem BloodShotLies 3 Jan 3rd
Fierce Poem SSmoothie 7 Jan 3rd
Brown Eyes Poem tattooedangel192007 6 Jan 3rd
Got it! Poem SSmoothie 4 Jan 3rd
GIRL Poem chris Jan 3rd
the UGLY Poem BloodShotLies Jan 3rd
When we meet, we will see. What becomes of you and me? Poem Elfy 2 Jan 3rd
PRISON Poem chris 1 Jan 3rd
My Star Poem dogs4life_77 Jan 3rd
Her Truest Love Poem lyrycsyntyme Jan 3rd
perfect Poem sky_falls Popularity Jan 3rd
Aprils Poem Poem CaptainShambles friends spring quick composotion Jan 3rd
Imperfection is beauty... Poem jestersjester 1 Jan 3rd
TuNiNG OuT Poem BloodShotLies 5 Jan 3rd
I just dont know Poem avoice Jan 3rd
links to the laws --- learn them Prose osiriss- 1 Jan 3rd
defamation of character Prose osiriss- 1 Jan 3rd
This time... Poem ThatCaptainguy 5 Jan 4th
Becky Townley (The Woman as sharp as a blade) Poem CaptainShambles 2 friends compliments girls swords simile Jan 4th
The Coffin Poem FuriousIce Jan 4th
Communication Poem BloodShotLies Jan 4th
Winter's Breath Poem FuriousIce 2 Jan 4th
addiction Poem strawberrryjenn 2 Jan 4th
SO TRUE Poem palewingedpoetess 2 Jan 4th
Free Write Poem jestersjester Jan 4th
Corruption Poem iamJay0h inspiration Jan 4th
My Husband Poem elizamynelly 1 Happy Anniversary Jan 4th
The Year of Sincerity Poem Sivus Hope, Life, love, new, optimism Jan 4th
T'was the Day After Christmas Poem aznplumpixie Christmas work Jan 4th
Dream or Reality Poem Caynatnhirdaex anger, Depression, Dream or Reality, Life Jan 4th
Hold on Poem Nyx 2 Jan 4th
Forgotten Journey Poem Sadistic-Zazen Forgotten Jan 4th
Suicide Pt 1 Poem Sadistic-Zazen 1 death suicide knife life Jan 4th
Suicide Pt 2 Poem Sadistic-Zazen Cut knife death suicide blood Jan 4th
A Hollow Death Poem Sadistic-Zazen Murder Jan 4th
Wish Upon Death Poem Sadistic-Zazen death Jan 4th
Endlessly Poem Sadistic-Zazen 1 downfall Jan 4th
Slipping Poem Sadistic-Zazen Jan 4th
If Only Poem Sadistic-Zazen Jan 4th
Love's Death Poem Sadistic-Zazen Jan 4th
modus operandi Poem osiriss- 1 Jan 4th
numb Poem osiriss- 1 Jan 4th
You say you wanted a solution; you just wanted to be missed* Poem running_with_rabbits Jan 4th
A KID Poem chris Jan 4th
Where have you been all my life? * Poem running_with_rabbits Jan 4th
Does she? Poem running_with_rabbits Jan 4th
I have to get out of this city Poem running_with_rabbits Jan 4th
If you were a fly on the wall, right now, I’d swat you Poem running_with_rabbits Jan 4th
RUSH HOUR Poem chris Jan 4th
January Promise Poem Vixen 4 New Year Poetry Jan 4th
FIRST LOVE Poem chris 1 Jan 4th
Foreskin Poem BloodShotLies Jan 4th
Skin Poem BloodShotLies 2 Jan 4th
TEDDY BEAR Poem chris Jan 4th
Whats the deal Poem wolfcryr_13 Jan 4th
SHE STILL LOVES ME Poem chris Jan 4th
Is This Suicide? Poem cathycavalcante Jan 4th
Love Poem wolfcryr_13 1 Jan 4th
let's buy a ticket Poem osiriss- Jan 4th
Random thoughts Poem wolfcryr_13 Jan 4th
Random thoughts 2 Poem wolfcryr_13 Jan 4th
Random thoughts 3 Poem wolfcryr_13 Jan 4th
SKEEBALL Poem chris Jan 4th
Your Mistake Poem wolfcryr_13 Jan 4th
My thoughts 1 Poem wolfcryr_13 Jan 4th
ways Poem wolfcryr_13 Jan 4th
2012! Poem thisisme789 2 New year Jan 4th
BOSTON NOT FUN Poem chris Jan 4th
MY CHILDHOOD IS OVER Poem chris Jan 4th
practice makes perfect Poem 9inety 5 Jan 4th
TRAIN STATION Poem chris Jan 4th
WHALE WATCH Poem chris 1 Jan 4th
I WANT TO SEE IT SNOW Poem chris Jan 4th
SEX Poem chris Jan 4th
your own meanig of love Poem sky_falls 2 Opinion Jan 4th
Thank you, Lord, for blessing me Poem elizamynelly a beautiful miracle, baby, happy, healthy, pregnant Jan 4th
Worth The Wait Poem creativehue10 Jan 4th
I am cold Poem 9inety 3 Jan 4th
Darkness Poem Sadistic-Zazen Jan 4th
Opened Eyes Poem Sadistic-Zazen Jan 4th
Suicide Pt 3 Poem Sadistic-Zazen suicide murder Jan 4th
WHIRL WIND Poem heatherburns35 2 whirl wind Jan 4th
The thought of you Poem wolfcryr_13 Jan 4th
...: Stomach Flu :... Poem confusedangel 1 Jan 4th
.Releasing my Thoughts Poem confusedangel Jan 4th
The Noose and the Necktie Poem 4 Jan 4th
My Girl Poem Cateyemania 3 Haley Hall Jan 4th
THE RIVER Poem chris Jan 5th
WHERE IS CHRISTMAS? Poem chris Jan 5th
A BREEZE---SENRYU Poem heatherburns35 breezes Jan 5th
THE MOON----SENRYU Poem heatherburns35 the moon Jan 5th
SEA OF LIFE--SENRYU Poem heatherburns35 sea of life Jan 5th
Party at Poseidons Poem Jan 5th
Living Eulogy Poem Nyx Jan 5th
GRANDMA'S POEM Poem chris Jan 5th
JUST AROUND THE BEND Poem chris Jan 5th
2 times Poem osiriss- 3 Jan 5th
Ending Time Poem Sadistic-Zazen Jan 5th
Drug Poem R.C.Carver 1 anger, awake, cocaine, crack, create, death, drink, drug, false, happy, hurt, meth, night, Pain, sleep, Suicide, Thoughts, user, using, weak Jan 5th
Temporary Poem R.C.Carver broken, cry, hurt, last, minutes, moments, Pain, past, replaced, seconds, Temporary Jan 5th
My Dear Dead Brother Poem R.C.Carver Brother, cry, crying, dead, die, dying, hurt, love, rest in peace, sad Jan 5th
No matter what, I promise. Poem Elfy 1 Jan 5th
Two lovers that were torn Poem yuukichan01 getting wise, love, Pain, sorrow Jan 5th
Broken Poem dancergirlrox broken, Hope, lost, love, truth Jan 5th
Socks Poem singmoriah Jan 5th
Joyce Poem Sivus family, happy, mom, mother, Suicide Jan 5th
When it hurts Poem R.C.Carver Jan 5th
I once did and never will again Poem R.C.Carver Jan 5th
What You've Done To Me Poem dancergirlrox 4 hurt, love, moving on, relief, sad Jan 5th
Tamam Shud Poem Sivus Jan 5th
You actually are a klutz Poem running_with_rabbits Jan 5th
Emotionally Poem running_with_rabbits Jan 5th
What am I going to do indeed? Poem running_with_rabbits Jan 5th
The one that got away Poem running_with_rabbits Jan 5th
I need to put an ocean between us Poem running_with_rabbits Jan 5th
Lets start with “Bent” by Match Box Twenty and work our way to “Ok I Believe You But my Tommy Gun” by Brand New Poem running_with_rabbits Jan 5th
Don't Read This. For My Pages are Blank. Poem ADAPT Jan 5th
Voice Poem ADAPT Jan 5th
'Fix My Crazy. Poem ADAPT Jan 5th
The Truth Poem lovelymissrai Jan 5th
DENNIS BEACH Poem chris Jan 5th
GRANDMA Poem chris Jan 5th