Halo Jesus

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Halo Jesus
Halo Jesus
Halo Jesus how are Jew ? Hope Jew are okay and How is your Son the Jesus Son we heard he had some problems there in Rome ? His medical chart is off the wall. Astronomical SIgn is Pisces right that Fish thing ? Scales uneven we believe it was wrong of them ROman Gods to do this to him we are looking for Justice the ROme of old City LIES in Ruins now. Catacomb should not have been used for housing here is a Startling finding parchments we translated this today it was written in the Hebrew scrawled this is what it means to us : Halo Jesus has been dead for several years now they still come the Roman Soldiers come even inside the Catacombs no one is safe now. They kill us on sight claiming the Halo Jesus is not the Messianic Savior the Messiah which was prophecied in the Bible you are using now should it be the Kings James version get a better translation ed.note.ed. Eye went to the house of the FIsh on the Door and there was no one home. Hungry eye am dying in the catacomb. We have lingering doubts as to be being saved now. It must be something God is doing at a later time. Perhaps the Apostles were right to move around so much of the time. ed.note.ed this Prophecy of the Future was found in the Urn near the bones of this now Famous CHristian must have starved to Death hiding from the Roman SOldeirs in the Catacombs. Here is what WE think it says : The end of Time takes Time to come the Red Moon and the third of the day darkened refers to the age of SOL the sun decaying more rapidly will explain the time passing before Jesus actually arrives no it will not be in 2013 or even in my lifetime is almost over penning this in the Dell now the battery is almost gone must get this hidden before eye pass on will try for the House of the Fish on last time eye need to plug in the one prong plug .............Halo Jesus

Author's Notes/Comments: 

this is not a paroday
meant this good naturedley
not a slam against ANY religious
mabe a paroday of the news
how discoveries keep getting found

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