Band Lyrics

Track #15: Believe

Verse 1:

Believe in yourself.

Believe in love

Because the right one

Will make it known that

You’re truly “us”

In each other.



The right one will have you

Feel it in your bones that you’re truly “us”

Whenever you are together.

Just believe on what is real.

Skip the drama.


Verse 2:

Believe in yourself.

Believe in love

Because the right one will treat you

Like you’re truly “us” in each other.



Take a look inside:

Believe in yourself.

Take care of yourself.

The right one will surely find you

Whenever you are truly lonely.

Even in a sea of people,

The right one will have you believe in love.

Just believe on what is real

Because life is worth living for.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

About believing in love even after you feel like you don't deserve it because you are broken.

my ode to the humble bycicle

Riding a bicycle you are free

To enjoy the road; liberty

You can use footpaths too

Back alleys help you

To cover more ground

Cycling is well sound


Even in the pouring rain

Something very gratifying

No problems parking up

Funny how always in luck

You might get a bit wet too

Might need a radiator or two


But cheaper than turning key

Cycling costs you no money

After an initial investment

Down a boot sale, a tenner

Cycle to hearts content

Unless your wheel is bent


Takes you back also too

Earlier years, cycling youth

Seems ground covered now

That’s if your body allows

You might not be

As fit as me

I’m as fit as a preverbal flea


Cycles though are a joy

Should be something to enjoy

Even in hail and rain

Tho miss snowy days

Better with more gears

And a lack of any fear


Hi viz jacket, lights too

Both will really help you

British roads are narrow

Some trips end in sorrow

Even cycling champions

Get knocked off bikes

Like the best of us


The moral of this rhyme

I really do advise

Cycling for getting around

And for keeping healthy

Sound as a pound

Keep those kneed bending

And keep on peddling

For fuel efficient days

And for keeping

Chiropractors away

So have a peachy day

nothing left to say

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Thank you, Lord, for blessing me

Thank you, Lord for blessing me
with a beautiful gift in our family tree
This baby will be healthy and happy
and beautiful and fancy
Adding the good frills of being a new mother
filled with such delight and magnificent wonder
Lord, fill me with excitement and love for another
happiness in carrying a new sister or brother
Our little surprise
a blessing in disguise
To have happened this way
is more than I can convey
God's almighty touch
and Will is so much
I wonder what He must have been thinking
for he knows All and is probably winking
down on us who are so futile
far too small to fathom this miracle
Lord, Jesus for you are the pinnacle
Thank you, Father, for blessing me
with a beautiful gift in our family tree

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