Monthly Archive for September 2004

Title Type Pen Name Comments Categories Date
Son Poem 41tulips Sep 1st
Underground Lust Poem adam03cc Sep 1st
Wonder if your Wondering Poem adam03cc Sep 1st
!!! إســــتفتــاح !!! Poem asaihati Sep 1st
SHE HAS MY RESPECT, MY HEART Poem TeagueLChesed Sep 1st
~~~***~~~Help me~~~***~~~ Poem daishonta 2 Sep 1st
~~~***Jealousy***~~~ Poem daishonta Sep 1st
Gone Poem daishonta 1 Sep 1st
I cant take it no more (i need you) Poem brokenalive Betrayal Sep 1st
Pure Bliss Poem cherry_blossom 1 Sep 1st
Never Enough Poem cherry_blossom Sep 1st
Ignorance IS Bliss Poem cherry_blossom Sep 1st
Dream Language Poem cuddledumplin Sep 1st
Like an Old Automobile Poem cuddledumplin Sep 1st
Memories Have to Suffice Poem cuddledumplin Sep 1st
Black Hole Words Poem cuddledumplin Sep 1st
Little Fire Poem deadpoet986 Sep 1st
Blind Spark Poem deadpoet986 Sep 1st
Replace Poem deadpoet986 Sep 1st
Comma Cry Poem deadpoet986 Sep 1st
Anti-toxin Poem deadpoet986 Sep 1st
End Poem ers Depression Sep 1st
Live, Love, Burn, Die Poem ers Sep 1st
Lip Gloss and Black - Atreyu - Suicide Notes and Butterfly Kisses Poem ers Sep 1st
Breaking the Habit - Linkin Park - Meteora Poem ers Sep 1st
In search of Jenny! Poem faizanusmani Sep 1st
Lately Poem grahf Sep 1st
Iba Ka eh! {song} Poem jackie_lyn 1 Sep 1st
Eto Ako Poem jackie_lyn 1 Sep 1st
Gabay Ng Buhay Poem jackie_lyn 1 Sep 1st
Dahil Sayo Poem jackie_lyn 1 Sep 1st
Hangga't Kaya Ko Poem jackie_lyn 1 Sep 1st
Torn Apart By Three... Poem jackie_lyn 1 Sep 1st
Ang Isinisigaw ng Puso Poem jackie_lyn 1 Sep 1st
Sumpaan... Poem jackie_lyn 1 Sep 1st
Bakit Nga Ba? Poem jackie_lyn 1 Sep 1st
I was thinking of you, Lord Poem jesusmyjoy Sep 1st
Spearhead Shakespeare Poem jgupta Sep 1st
Another Sleepless Night Poem joelcarter_86 Sep 1st
I only want to see you Poem kayspoems Sep 1st
Slow Day Poem kayspoems Sep 1st
My Brooding Personality Poem kayspoems Sep 1st
Going on Without Me Poem kayspoems Sep 1st
black boots Poem kayspoems 1 Acceptance Sep 1st
all she wanted Poem kayspoems Sep 1st
Walk on By Poem maddiejace Sep 1st
Life's Game Poem maddiejace Life/Living Sep 1st
عذراً حبيبة أحرفى Poem mr_m Beauty Sep 1st
neverland Poem T3kT3hGrrl 1 Abstract Sep 1st
Love Indestructible Poem nomes2riches Sep 1st
the vastness of it all Poem nomes2riches Sep 1st
Daddy's Little Girl Poem nomes2riches Sep 1st
A soldier's life Poem nomes2riches Sep 1st
My Nubian Jewel Poem quadxbard Beauty Sep 1st
love songs Poem rashmiitz Sep 1st
one hundred years Poem robert_smith Sep 1st
a short term effect Poem robert_smith 1 Sep 1st
the hanging garden Poem robert_smith Sep 1st
siamese twins Poem robert_smith Sep 1st
the figurehead Poem robert_smith Sep 1st
a strange day Poem robert_smith 1 Sep 1st
cold Poem robert_smith Sep 1st
pornography Poem robert_smith 1 Sep 1st
wrong number Poem robert_smith Sep 1st
Dissolve Poem kick.ass.lass 1 Sep 1st
Enlightenment Poem Sivus confusion Sep 1st
MY GRANDMOTHER Poem teresa_r 1 Sep 1st
TOOK MY INNOCENCE AWAY Poem teresa_r 3 Sep 1st
I Sit Here Thinking Of You Poem underlovelyeyes 2 Sep 1st
Hidden Love Poem badlife 2 romance Sep 2nd
this is now Poem brokenalive Sep 2nd
what is a poem Poem brokenalive Sep 2nd
she's Poem brokenalive Sep 2nd
out of my head Poem brokenalive Sep 2nd
Homecoming Poem cherry_blossom Sep 2nd
Prelude To Prom Night Poem cherry_blossom Sep 2nd
Prom Night Poem cherry_blossom Sep 2nd
Deon Poem Suicidalleming Sep 2nd
Nana Poem Suicidalleming Sep 2nd
Converting Poem deadpoet986 Sep 2nd
Pain Poem MzMidnite Suicide Sep 2nd
Expectations Poem dyingpoetkr Pain/Sorrow Sep 2nd
Unholy Confessions - Avenged Sevenfold - Waking The Fallen Poem ers Sep 2nd
Rain To The Sound Of Panic - Himsa - Courting Tragedy And Disaster Poem ers Sep 2nd
Facades on Photo Poem gottgehirn Sep 2nd
What We Do Poem imager Sep 2nd
All thats Left Poem imager Memories Sep 2nd
Do you think of Me? Poem imager Sep 2nd
This Is What You Don't Hear About Poem joelcarter_86 1 Anger NonViolent Sep 2nd
These Tears Poem joelcarter_86 Devastation Sep 2nd
Poetic Tragedy Poem joelcarter_86 Song Lyrics Sep 2nd
Room Temperature Pressure Point Poem merkaba11 Sep 2nd
Ten Years Poem mysterypoet Sep 2nd
The Game Of Love Poem mysterypoet Sep 2nd
Confessions Poem mysterypoet Sep 2nd
Losing Love Poem mysterypoet Sep 2nd
Put On Hold Poem mysterypoet Sep 2nd
The Question Poem mysterypoet Sep 2nd
Hero * Poem ontheverge 1 love Sep 2nd
Dancing Poem orszulaks Sep 2nd
Fire Rekindled Poem orszulaks Sep 2nd
MENTAL TRAVELING Poem palewingedpoetess Sep 2nd
UTMOST ABJECT HORROR Poem palewingedpoetess Sep 2nd
THE DEEPEST DARK Poem palewingedpoetess Sep 2nd
SOMETHING DEDICATED TO THE POET IN ME Poem palewingedpoetess Sep 2nd
Strategy Poem pgeihm Sep 2nd
Just Lies and Secrets Poem poetictragedy000 Sep 2nd
It's Just Me Poem poetictragedy000 Sep 2nd
Mal Intent Poem ravenne Dark Sep 2nd
So Right Poem starlite_angel Sep 2nd
قد أُكْمِل Poem tariqasrawi 2 Sep 2nd
Drowning Ruth Poem tina_lynne Sep 2nd
In The End For Those In Christ Poem trumpet7 1 inspiration Sep 2nd
Withdrawn Poem tylerp 2 Existence Sep 2nd
Your Grace Poem tylerp 1 Spirituality Sep 2nd
Never Poem tylerp love Sep 2nd
~ Crayons For You ~ Poem unrulyspring 1 Sep 2nd
Where is God? Poem AshleyFreckles 1 Awakening Sep 3rd
i'll love you Poem brokenalive Sep 3rd
Untitled -- 9.2.2004 Poem catherine Sep 3rd
Collapsable Terms Poem cherry_blossom Sep 3rd
I Fell For My Angel Poem cherry_blossom Sep 3rd
The Power of Choice Poem elham Sep 3rd
BE MY REALITY Poem emmenay 1 Missing You Sep 3rd
I dont know why Poem ers Suicide Sep 3rd
At One Old Tombstone In Kentucky, 2 Poem Starward 2 Faith Sep 3rd
silent words Poem jessy88 Sep 3rd
Way-words Poem jgupta Sep 3rd
This Silence Poem joelcarter_86 Anger NonViolent Sep 3rd
Amazing Poem kayspoems 1 Sep 3rd
Letter to the Grave Poem maddiejace Anger NonViolent Sep 3rd
In Peace Poem mar 5 choices Sep 3rd
Kicking me out. Poem mar 1 Acceptance Sep 3rd
9/04-Everytime Poem marvynjordyn Sep 3rd
Why Do I love Thee Poem nykee Sep 3rd
Best of Friends Poem nykee 1 Sep 3rd
A FOOT NOTE TO US Poem palewingedpoetess 1 Sep 3rd
Departure Poem soulless Sep 3rd
These Days Poem tula confusion Sep 3rd
Rejuvination Poem tylerp Abstract Sep 3rd
Autumn In Ontario Poem tylerp Peace Sep 3rd
I Poem tylerp Abstract Sep 3rd
The Phone Rings Poem underlovelyeyes love Sep 3rd
I'll Always Love You Poem underlovelyeyes Lost love Sep 3rd
If I Loved You Poem unrulyspring 1 Sep 3rd
Amy Poem wishful_thinking Sep 3rd
Magnetic Love Poem amywilkie 1 Lost love Sep 4th
Simpleness Poem amywilkie Nature/Environment Sep 4th
D Poem amywilkie Sep 4th
Words Poem amywilkie 2 Other Sep 4th
LETTER FOR THE FIRE Poem ltsaunders Other Sep 4th
Prayers For You Poem aspiringangel 1 Sep 4th
Sunset Of The Heart Poem aspiringangel 3 Being Loved Sep 4th
Burn Poem cherry_blossom 1 Sep 4th
What I See Poem cherry_blossom Sep 4th
Alive Again Poem cherry_blossom 1 Sep 4th
Beyond Black Drapes Poem cuddledumplin 1 Sep 4th
Empty Poem eduffy Sep 4th
Sunshine On My Face Poem eduffy Sep 4th
I think i am Poem fat_sweaty_bob Sep 4th
Am I going crazy Poem fighter4life 2 lesbian love Sep 4th
Thank you for keeping me alive (a thank you note for "my love") Poem fighter4life 1 Being Loved Sep 4th
You can't run Poem fighter4life 1 Immaturity Sep 4th
Dusty Memories Poem indigoxchild Sep 4th
You owed me something Poem indigoxchild Sep 4th
/Me Poem indigoxchild Sep 4th
Screaming on the inside Poem indigoxchild Sep 4th
/I am you Poem indigoxchild Sep 4th
Do you think of me? Poem indigoxchild Sep 4th
Alone and Cold Poem indigoxchild Sep 4th
Don’t cry for me Poem indigoxchild Sep 4th
/Double Suicide Poem indigoxchild Sep 4th
For this I crave Poem indigoxchild Sep 4th
Killing Me Poem indigoxchild 1 Sep 4th
Fading Away Poem indigoxchild Sep 4th
Fantasy Poem indigoxchild Sep 4th
Human Nature Poem indigoxchild Sep 4th
I look, I see Poem indigoxchild Sep 4th
I’ll be your drug Poem indigoxchild Sep 4th
Lonely Poem indigoxchild 1 Sep 4th
Open your eyes Poem indigoxchild Sep 4th
/Suicidal jet pilot Poem indigoxchild Sep 4th
"Too Many Times" Poem jade_moon Sep 4th
I wanna make it up Poem jecantz 1 regret Sep 4th
Leave me Alone (Just Like You) Poem jecantz 1 Anger NonViolent Sep 4th
Playing God Poem joelcarter_86 Anger NonViolent Sep 4th
.15.. silhouette of goodness Poem johnlvs2run 2 love Sep 4th
reeves Poem juliothegreat Sep 4th
Type Poem maddiejace Sep 4th
Family Poem silentdreamer1988 1 family Sep 4th
Headache Poem silentdreamer1988 Pain/Sorrow Sep 4th
Married to the Pain Poem silentdreamer1988 Pain/Sorrow Sep 4th
cold steel Poem master_of_shred 2 Song Lyrics Sep 4th
*the world went away today, come back tomorrow Poem mystik134 Sep 4th
*what would you do Poem mystik134 Sep 4th
Shot Down Poem mysterypoet 1 Sep 4th
Worst Enemy Poem mysterypoet Sep 4th
Better Poem mysterypoet Sep 4th
I Wish You Knew Poem mysterypoet Sep 4th
One Day Poem mysterypoet Sep 4th
Paths Poem mysterypoet Sep 4th
FROM A RIVER CLEAR Poem palewingedpoetess 1 Sep 4th
* Ajamil * Poem poetvg 1 Sep 4th
Ranganathan Song by Ben Murphy Poem singmoriah Sep 4th
What Will The Pagans Say? Poem trumpet7 inspiration Sep 4th
Adotti (Adopt) Poem tylerp Sep 4th
Lonely Life Poem tylerp Sep 4th
Pain Poem tylerp Pain/Sorrow Sep 4th
You Poem tylerp 1 love Sep 4th
The Race Poem tylerp Sep 4th
Harvest Haiku Poem tylerp Haiku Sep 4th
I admire from a distance Poem tylerp 1 love Sep 4th
Misty Poem unrulyspring Sep 4th
Well I Have Poem wishful_thinking Sep 4th
Alone too long Poem adam03cc Sep 5th
my poetry Poem aphantom 1 Sep 5th
Australian Sport Poem atspro Sports Sep 5th
Hate You, Love You Poem butiefuldisgrace 1 Sep 5th
Sorry, Princess Poem cherry_blossom Sep 5th
I'm Trying Poem cherry_blossom Sep 5th
Harvest Moon Poem cherry_blossom 1 Sep 5th
Healing Poem cherry_blossom Sep 5th
I Did Nothing Poem cuddledumplin Sep 5th
A Musical Carpenter Poem cuddledumplin 1 Sep 5th
The Day Will Come Poem cuddledumplin 1 Sep 5th
Pretty New Things Poem cuddledumplin Sep 5th
Your Smile Warms Me Poem cuddledumplin 1 Sep 5th
Dry Leaf Poem cuddledumplin Sep 5th
Pain Into Beauty Poem cuddledumplin Sep 5th
In a Dark Time Poem cuddledumplin Sep 5th
Ponder Poem cuddledumplin Sep 5th
Uncovering Wallflowers Poem cuddledumplin 1 Sep 5th
Bloodless Massacre Poem cuddledumplin Sep 5th
Only Me Poem dyingpoetkr Life/Living Sep 5th
Astronaut Poem fat_sweaty_bob Sep 5th
Slowly killing herself in a hidden suicide Poem fighter4life 6 choices Sep 5th
can i call? Poem jessy88 Sep 5th
Precognition Poem joelcarter_86 Compassion Sep 5th
BitterSweet Poem juliothegreat Sep 5th
SHE (3) Poem mermaid Sep 5th
leader :: destroyer Poem moltarlava Sep 5th
Making Me Choose Poem mysterypoet Sep 5th
Please Remember Poem mysterypoet Sep 5th
Addicted Poem mysterypoet Sep 5th
Broken Angel Poem mysterypoet Sep 5th
Lost Poem mysterypoet Sep 5th
Fallen Angel Poem mysterypoet Sep 5th
SHELVING (about my first ever written poem) Poem palewingedpoetess Sep 5th
A SCORE TO SETTLE Poem palewingedpoetess Sep 5th
THE WAY AND THE LIFE Poem palewingedpoetess Sep 5th