Where is God?

Where is god? Why can't I see? I'm praying for you.

Down on my knees. I look up with a grin. He musn't listen to me

Because I have sinned. I tried to be quiet I tired to be pure You  must have looked at me  because today my vision went blur

Maybe your not there Maybe it's true Maybe theyre all right

what others think of you I have soo many questions And so little time But its hard to ask when everyones crying Do you not listen to anyone? Why can't you answer back when we ask of you? Why does it seem like it's already hell that you have put me through? And again these are just questions so give me a clue.

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hey ash~

just got your crique on my poem GOD?.....ash athiest means One who disbelieves or denies the existence of a God, or supreme intelligent Being you nerd. not about the religion! anyways....i respect your opinion about god but....i believe differently so accept that please. and your wrong...i DONT believe in god. i used to but what has he done to help me? NOTHING. i love you with all my heart ash cuz you are my flesh and blood...my family...my cousin...my bestfriend. oh and to answer your question about howd we get here...we were bore within the wombs of our mothers. howd the first person get here? we evolved from a human like being...NOT A MONKEY...but something that no one knows of because we've changed so much that no one with ever probably find the original species. god didnt put us here. we were already here. besides how can something such as "god" create all these things? is he some sort of warlock? if he is a warlock then why does our society think little of witches? everything is connected back to everything. im sorry but these are my beliefs ash...i thought u knew by now. talk to you later.