Monthly Archive for December 2010

Title Type Pen Name Comments Categories Date
a thought for the ocean Poem iaminacocoon 1 Dec 1st
a brighter Tomorrow Poem humanpulse 1 Dec 1st
Grow Up Poem afewobservations Dec 1st
Sky Poem K-S short Dec 1st
Waiting Poem hannah Dec 1st
Roads And Rivers Poem K-S 1 short Dec 1st
A love poem Poem deathangelsdarkrose Dec 1st
If I Knew Poem AnimalFarm11 love Dec 1st
Whispering Insanity Poem onemanwar insanity, mental illness, voices Dec 1st
Spenserian Sonnet Poem indian_princess 3 English Assignment Dec 1st
we're through Poem amanda_1590 Dec 1st
That's When You Know Poem wishful_thinking Dec 1st
Our World of Emotions Poem 2bpositive Dec 1st
Same Dream Nightly Poem Silver__lining Dec 1st
Triptych Wright's Profile Poem Triptych Char, Profile, story, Triptych, Wolf Dec 1st
Am I dreaming Poem geneconner2008 Dec 1st
He Was No One Poem exkaijadesatiro death, Suicide Dec 2nd
God should be adored Poem randyjohnson Inspirational, religion Dec 2nd
PARTY OF POKER. Poem CrowPieD Dec 2nd
Sitting next to God? Poem randyjohnson Inspirational, religion Dec 2nd
The last thread. Poem EllieFrancesss Dec 2nd
Stay or leave Poem Silver__lining Dec 2nd
DEDICATION / AFZAL SHAUQ DEDICACION / AZAL SHAUQ Poem heatherburns35 dedicacion Dec 2nd
AFZAL / AFZAL Poem heatherburns35 Dec 2nd
COME LET US REASON TOGETHER--LET EE UU. a cuenta Poem heatherburns35 Dec 2nd
That's Enough Knowing Poem wishful_thinking 1 Dec 2nd
Like An Arctic Sea Poem wishful_thinking 1 Dec 2nd
The Future Is Not Sealed Poem vilmazab 3 Dec 2nd
More Powerful Then Fists, Love Poem lyrycsyntyme Dec 2nd
Pathway of Love: Beginnings Poem Aloris Dec 2nd
I Got Lifted Poem Silver__lining Dec 2nd
Outsider Under My Skin Poem Silver__lining Dec 2nd
A good pair of jeans is hard to find Poem running_with_rabbits 5 Dec 2nd
Untitled One hundred and fucked if I know Poem running_with_rabbits Dec 2nd
Holes in empty pockets do little harm Poem running_with_rabbits Dec 2nd
The irony in life Poem running_with_rabbits Dec 2nd
For reasons I cannot explain Poem running_with_rabbits Dec 2nd
I will hate myself no longer! Poem running_with_rabbits Dec 2nd
Out there belongs to Nick, in here belongs to me Poem running_with_rabbits Dec 2nd
Nobody puts baby in a corner Poem running_with_rabbits 1 Dec 2nd
Dreaming to Escape Rules Poem Silver__lining Dec 2nd
Finally A Chance to Catch My Breath Poem Silver__lining Dec 2nd
Hum-monica In My Mind Poem Silver__lining Dec 2nd
My Love Is Your Eternity Poem 2bpositive Dec 2nd
Daydream on a dreary afternoon Poem josephus 1 Dec 2nd
I owe you nothing Poem running_with_rabbits Dec 2nd
Orgullo Isleño Poem orishaman for Puerto Rico Dec 3rd
I Do Poem anflanagan Dec 3rd
See Your Face Again Poem mandy4650 3 Dec 3rd
I Wish I Was There... Poem Avantgarde Dec 3rd
Hoi Polloi Poem Avantgarde 2 Dec 3rd
I Am No Longer Here Poem lyrycsyntyme Dec 3rd
IT WAS HE Poem heatherburns35 great poet Dec 3rd
Schizophrenic Spring Poem Avantgarde 1 Dec 3rd
SWEET PERSUSION--SWET PERSUSION - Poem heatherburns35 Dec 3rd
Eternal Love Words Poem Avantgarde 5 Dec 3rd
WANDERING--ERRANTE - Poem heatherburns35 wandering Dec 3rd
WITHOUT YOU---SIN TI - Poem heatherburns35 Missing You Dec 3rd
THE WIND--EL VIENTO Poem heatherburns35 EL VIENTO Dec 3rd
Love Shaded Black Poem onemanwar broken, Depression, lost, love Dec 3rd
Difficult Poem BackstageMaverick Dec 3rd
As Are Beasts Poem wishful_thinking 1 Dec 3rd
Gutted imposters eat Legos beachside Poem quidseeker longing, love, Nuclear War, romance, solitude Dec 3rd
Sailboat Poem sanctus Dec 3rd
There Was A Time Poem sanctus 3 Dec 3rd
Broken Glass Poem sanctus 2 Dec 3rd
Fail Poem K-S short Dec 3rd
What hurts the most Poem geneconner2008 1 Dec 3rd
My only wish this Christmas Poem geneconner2008 2 Dec 3rd
YOUR LOVE--TU AMOR - Poem heatherburns35 amor - love Dec 3rd
READ ME--LEASE - Poem heatherburns35 Dec 3rd
Boy Ascends Poem Sivus Bliss, Enlightment, Happiness, Triumph, truth Dec 4th
A QUEST FOR PEACE Poem heatherburns35 Peace Dec 4th
You make me wanna... Poem divysia 1 Dec 4th
Afternoon Eye Treatment Poem arindhol dream, emphasis, eye treatment, Memphis Dec 4th
TIME TRAVELERS Poem heatherburns35 keys to life Dec 4th
Separated in the Corridors Poem Sivus Dec 4th
No One To Trust Poem 2bpositive finding love, friendship, Lost love, love, trust Dec 4th
The Beauty and The Liar Poem wishful_thinking Dec 4th
A PRAYER FOR AFZAL SHAUQ Poem heatherburns35 Prayer Dec 4th
As If Anything About You Mattered Poem sanctus 1 Dec 4th
A WIND SWEPT DAY / DEDICATION AFZAL SHAUQ Poem heatherburns35 wind Dec 4th
Not Gone, Just Away. Poem UNIQUE_SOUL 2 Dec 5th
Sweet agony of love Poem silentdreamer1988 Dec 5th
Silent admirer Poem silentdreamer1988 Dec 5th
Rape of the Soul Poem sanctus Dec 5th
ode to a spider Poem necro-zydrate Dec 5th
Today Poem exkaijadesatiro Dec 5th
ridden corners of my mind Poem katie47404 Dec 5th
NUMBERS 11-13-2010 DEDICATION AFZAL SHAUQ Poem heatherburns35 Dedication Dec 5th
AMOUNG THE FLOWERS Poem heatherburns35 fflowers Dec 5th
Just A Dream Poem UNIQUE_SOUL Dec 5th
Stanley Karpierz 8-1-47 ~ 5-10-07 Poem UNIQUE_SOUL Dec 5th
Mates Poem K-S 3 Dec 5th
He's Like a Crappy Roommate Poem Sivus Cats, Pets Dec 5th
No Hesitation Poem lyrycsyntyme Dec 5th
FIRST DATE Poem chris Dec 5th
CHRIS H Poem chris Dec 5th
Twenty Four Seven Poem trumpet7 Dec 5th
don't let go Poem alkaharuno struggle.......... Dec 5th
drops of life Poem alkaharuno 2 friends Dec 5th
I Too Once Bought A Dream Poem UNIQUE_SOUL Dec 5th
Don't commit suicide Poem randyjohnson Inspirational Dec 6th
dream-to make a band Poem alkaharuno faith.. Dec 6th
At The End Of That Afternoon Poem Starward 1 Dec 6th
Hopes and Dreams Poem anflanagan Dec 6th
Love Hakui Poem K-S Dec 6th
'10 Molested Modest Mess Poem Joel 6 Crazy Dec 6th
Of Everything I Now Am Poem wishful_thinking 1 Dec 6th
Pathway of Love: Reminiscence Poem Aloris Dec 6th
A LOVE SPELL Poem heatherburns35 amor - love Dec 6th
Pathway of Love: Fading Dream Poem Aloris Dec 6th
Pathway of Love: Dissonance Poem Aloris Dec 6th
Emotional Parasite Poem Intuitive2u relationships Dec 6th
music Poem alkaharuno Dec 7th
Knock Down Walls Leading to Blue Poem Silver__lining Dec 7th
Moonwalk on Pluto Poem Silver__lining Dec 7th
Greener, Longer Slumber Poem Silver__lining Dec 7th
I Once Had the Spirit Poem Silver__lining Dec 7th
Closed Off By Our Own Arms Poem Silver__lining Dec 7th
one of my friend Poem alkaharuno Dec 7th
Time Poem K-S 1 Dec 7th
قراءة في رواية عجلة النار لكُليزار أنور Poem gulizaranwar Dec 7th
FIRST DATES Poem chris Dec 7th
GAMBLE Poem pikurpoison Dec 7th
Divine Chaos Poem Cindercrush Dec 7th
13 seconds Poem Cindercrush 2 Dec 7th
The Only Reason Why I Still Dwell Poem vilmazab 2 Dec 7th
Dear Toledo Free Press Poem susiemayee Dec 7th
Be What I Once Desired Poem Silver__lining Dec 7th
You Are Going to Notice Me Poem Silver__lining Dec 7th
Crouch & Hide Poem Silver__lining Dec 7th
Pathway of Love: Enmity Poem Aloris Dec 7th
Pathway of Love: Labyrinth Poem Aloris Dec 7th
Pathway of Love: Sustentation Poem Aloris Dec 7th
The Perfect Ass That Begged Poem Sivus 1 hurt, Lost love, whore Dec 7th
Pathway of Love: Completion Poem Aloris Dec 7th
How Can You Not Believe? Poem cathycavalcante Dec 7th
Interesting Poem anexod 1 Dec 7th
UnInteresting Poem anexod Dec 7th
A Prisoner In Your Heart Poem UNIQUE_SOUL Dec 7th
King Psycho Poem Intuitive2u Genius touched by insanity is common Dec 7th
forgotten journal Poem juliothegreat bleh Dec 7th
Prayer For Michael Poem UNIQUE_SOUL Dec 7th
Tell Me One More Time Poem UNIQUE_SOUL Dec 7th
"Balance Me" Poem UNIQUE_SOUL Dec 7th
~Hostage~ Poem UNIQUE_SOUL Dec 7th
CHOICES Poem chris Dec 8th
VIDEO ARCADE Poem chris Dec 8th
WISH I WAS'NT HERE Poem chris Dec 8th
Through Our Valley Poem wishful_thinking Dec 8th
VIDEO GAME ADDICT Poem chris Dec 8th
VIDEO ARCADE Poem chris Dec 8th
A LONG WAY TO GO Poem chris Dec 8th
TOY STORE Poem chris Dec 8th
Kiss Poem phoenixrising Dec 8th
STORM Poem chris Dec 8th
I Struggle To Not Care Poem da_fluffy 2 exhusband, love, struggle Dec 8th
Now, Everything Is Just Throw Away Poem wishful_thinking 1 Dec 8th
Fear Poem Cindercrush 1 Dec 8th
Cold Poem Cindercrush Dec 8th
Silent Pain Poem Cindercrush Dec 8th
I'M WALKING OUT ON YOU Poem chris Dec 8th
I SHOT MY TV Poem chris Dec 8th
LITTLE PURPLE BOOK Poem chris Dec 8th
I Don't Know Poem UNIQUE_SOUL Dec 8th
untitled Poem UNIQUE_SOUL Dec 8th
A Gift From God Poem UNIQUE_SOUL Dec 8th
Oh, Freedom (Is The Girl Across The Street) Poem wishful_thinking Dec 8th
....AND IS THOU NOT AS RARE AS YOUR SHE?* Poem palewingedpoetess Dec 8th
WHAT I REAP........* Poem palewingedpoetess Dec 8th
In the back of my head Poem BrightEyes89 1 depression society delusional Dec 8th
Bread Crumbs Poem wishful_thinking Dec 8th
Sudden Inversion Poem MjrHeadInjury Dec 8th
insomnia #1 Poem iaminacocoon 2 Dec 8th
DON'T STOP Poem chris Dec 8th
I want to Poem geneconner2008 Dec 8th
Always Poem thomasoh love Dec 8th
to make a destiny Poem alkaharuno Dec 8th
moving on Poem shadow88d 1 breakup lost love Dec 8th
Revenge Poem shadow88d Lost love revenge Dec 8th
court of the fair maiden. Poem iaminacocoon 1 Dec 8th
separation Poem alkaharuno Dec 9th
Happy Holidays Poem ravenlove 2 christmas, Depression, Holidays Dec 9th
LIFE AND LOVE Poem emmenay Dec 9th
Something kind of like lost love Poem followinlove relationships, Unrequited Love Dec 9th
Just because it's free doesn't mean I'm not paying for it Poem followinlove Abuse, Disconnection, Doctors Dec 9th
The Sun Set (The Carrier Kit) Poem Sivus 1 drums, Instruments, Music, Playing Music Dec 9th
Entropy Poem tajuta 1 Dec 9th
Key to your heart Poem geneconner2008 Dec 9th
symphonizes Poem katie47404 Dec 9th
A Warrior Poem Cindercrush Dec 9th
purity Poem katie47404 Dec 9th
Protection Poem afewobservations Dec 9th
Time Stops Poem afewobservations Dec 9th
Can't Rhyme Inspiration Poem Go-a-Green-a inspiration, personal, Thoughts, writer's block Dec 9th
قراءة في رواية.. صحراء نيسابور Poem gulizaranwar Dec 10th
أش ليبه دش.. إفضاء سردي Poem gulizaranwar Dec 10th
خارج المكان.. مذكرات أدوارد سعيد Poem gulizaranwar Dec 10th
أورهان باموك.. بين المدينة والسيرة Poem gulizaranwar Dec 10th
النعنع البري.. رواية الأسئلة الصعبة Poem gulizaranwar Dec 10th
HER DRUMMER BOY FOUND AT LAST Poem heatherburns35 2 drum beats Dec 10th
reflection Poem alkaharuno Dec 10th
wanna say Poem alkaharuno Dec 10th
قراءة في مجموعة.. غياب لا مرئي Poem gulizaranwar Dec 10th
Your Daughter's Eyes Poem maddiejace Depression, friendship, love, Pain, shame Dec 10th
The binds of hate Poem BrightEyes89 1 society Dec 10th
Untitled Poem butterflykisses7927 Dec 10th
Out of the Blue Poem butterflykisses7927 Dec 10th
Feelings Poem butterflykisses7927 Dec 10th
Funny Poem butterflykisses7927 Dec 10th
Migration Poem metaphorist 1 Dec 10th
WHAT ARE WE TALKING ABOUT? Poem emmenay Dec 10th
learn something from anime Poem alkaharuno Dec 10th
my best friend Poem alkaharuno buddy Dec 10th
It's Okay Poem vilmazab 2 Dec 10th
Drops Poem shadow88d Broken heart. Lost love. Dec 10th
Pan Lake Poem Sivus Concept, Idea, Tedic Dec 10th
The sky is falling Poem BrightEyes89 crazy depressing Dec 10th
اضاءات سردية Poem alahmed عن كتاب د فاضل عبود Dec 10th
MY GIRAFFE/BANANA PREDICAMENT Poem palewingedpoetess Dec 10th
DAPPLED BLISS * Poem palewingedpoetess Dec 10th
Silver Spoon Poem Shellysweetness Dec 10th
Chosen One Poem Shellysweetness Dec 10th
HiS HEAD WON'T TURN Poem Shellysweetness Dec 10th
FOR POSSUM PRETTY, THAT I AM * Poem palewingedpoetess Dec 10th
THE RAINDROP AND THE ROSE * Poem palewingedpoetess Dec 10th
When Nothing Makes Sense Poem Go-a-Green-a 3 insane, Thoughts, weird, writer's block Dec 10th
المقامة اللامية.. سيرة الطائر المهاجر Poem gulizaranwar Dec 10th
A POOR BILINGUAL CONCLUSION (WELL.... SORT OF)* Poem palewingedpoetess Dec 10th
BEAUTIFUL MAGIC * Poem palewingedpoetess Dec 10th
CAN Poem teresa_r Dec 10th
ACROSS A GLORIOUS STREAM MY PEN DID WONDER # Poem palewingedpoetess Dec 10th
Tossed About Poem trumpet7 Dec 11th
You Poem K-S 1 Dec 11th
Spirals Poem Zephyra 1 Dec 11th
THE INTERNET HIGHWAYMAN Poem palewingedpoetess 2 Dec 11th
find it Poem divysia Dec 11th
Broken Poem aubriemarie 1 Hurt/Love/Pain Dec 11th
I FEEL RICH! Poem Zephyra Dec 11th
Wicked Poem trumpet7 Dec 11th
a single word Poem alkaharuno Dec 11th